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Comment: Fuckers! (Score 1, Funny) 58

by MightyMartian (#49165617) Attached to: World's First Lagoon Power Plants Unveiled In UK

Any energy source that does not burn fossil fuels is for pinko commies, and the people designing and building them should immediately be taken out and shot! We must only use oil, coal and natural gas, and we should have a law that allows for summary execution of anyone who brings up wind, solar, AGW, or science. After all, we know God fucking hates greenies and wants us to kill all of them!

Fuck everyone who believes spewing CO2 into the atmosphere isn't a good, nay, incredibly great and healthy thing! We should kill all the climatologists right fucking now!!!!!

I'd say more, but I'm at risk of drowning in my own spittle.

Comment: Re:Life has caught up to our dreams. (Score 1) 181

by MightyMartian (#49165477) Attached to: Spock and the Legacy of Star Trek

Which doesn't explain why there is little or no chemistry between the actors, why an Englishman was cast as a character of Indian descent, why the cinematography makes it look like they were filmed by a twelve year old with a ten year old digital camera, and why, in general, the plots of both movies, where they are comprehensible at all, are daft and simplistic.

I watched all three completed Star Trek Continues series, and have to say, despite what are considerably smaller budgets, and by and large unknown actors, have done what Abrams and the big studios, with huge resources, have not, and that is to actually capture the spirit of Star Trek.

Comment: Re:What's lacking is a plot and characters (Score 1) 181

by MightyMartian (#49164853) Attached to: Spock and the Legacy of Star Trek

The super-duper Transporter is definitely the reboot franchise's midichloreans.

Frankly, I can't even be sure what the plot of the first movie was. There was this big fucking ship that screwed up the space-time continuum, so Kirk was a mean brat who turned out alright, except for cheating on the Kobiashi Maru test, which now earns him a big spanking, as opposed to the commendation in the other time line. And then blowing up Vulcan, Nimoy's Spock telling Kirk that the pointy-eared prick who has been trying to fuck him over is really his bestest buddy, and then big battle scenes and Enterprise wins. Yay!

Comment: Re:Live (Score 1) 181

by MightyMartian (#49164761) Attached to: Spock and the Legacy of Star Trek

My impression of both films was a mindless action film with a Star Trek pastiche shoved on top. Just a lot of incredibly short shots, pointless dialog that served only to push the ponderous plots on, and very little beyond a skim of "Trekiness" that would suggest I was watching Star Trek.

My wife and I finally got down to watching fanfic Star Trek Continues series. Now THAT'S Star Trek. I wish someone would give these guys the tens of millions of dollars it took to make Abram's abortions. They could bring in Karl Urban, because the McCoys they've had so far are iffy (who would have known Bones would have been the hardest character to find a new actor for).

Comment: Re:I don't think Obama is really paying attention (Score 1) 390

So, here you are, twisting and turning, trying to avoid the actual commented-on issue, which asserts that Obama has the power to "take away" Islamist street cred, or bestow it. Limit your comments to whether that's actually true, or not. Which Muslim, in which country, is going to be thinking one moment that ISIS adherents are strictly faithful Muslims fighting the good fight against evil things like women who want to read and write, and then based on something Obama says, change their mind and decide that position (and thus ISIS) is no longer actually Islamic? What kind of person do you think holds ISIS as being defender of the faith but who also holds Obama as someone they should listen to as an authority on what is, or is not, authentically Muslim? Can you point to a single person, anywhere, who holds both positions?

Comment: Re:Dear ISIS: (Score 2) 390

You've just made them even happier with their choices. You fundamentally misunderstand what makes them tick. They want you to hate them. They're banking on it. They need you to hate them, and they're willing to do things like roast people alive in order to make you hate them even more.

Comment: Re:I don't think Obama is really paying attention (Score 1, Interesting) 390

Or he is smarter and more strategic than you are. By refusing to acknowledge ISIS as 'real' Islam he takes away ISIS primary claim to legitimacy and hands that legitimacy to the moderate Muslims (ie Jordan) that will join in the fight against ISIS.

Do you really think that an organization of many thousands of people which slaughters other Muslims for being insufficiently Muslim will give a rat's ass whether or not a politician in the US considers them to be sufficiently Muslim? Obama can no more "take away" their embrace of fundamental Islam than he can turned to by millions of other Muslims as an authority on whether they are legitimately following the Koran. What nonsense, to even suggest such a thing.

People like the Jordanians will demonstrate their "legitimacy" through their own actions, not through having the president of the United States proclaiming their particular adherence to their own cherry-picked passages in the Koran as being the "right" one. Would you consider Obama to be also a strategic genius for weighing in on which groups in Israel or Brooklyn or Poland are legitimately Jewish? Please.

Comment: Re:Perception (Score 1) 402

by ScentCone (#49156915) Attached to: Is That Dress White and Gold Or Blue and Black?
He's not talking about the ACTUAL dress, he's talking about the photographic portrayal of a dress is the crappily exposed and presented JPG that everyone is looking at. The dress, as recorded in the JPG, is a barely-blue-tinted light grey, and the black elements have a demonstrably uneven RGB that makes them look gold (because that data represents a color low on blue ... which is to say, it's a golden hue).

Comment: Re:Just damn (Score 2) 406

by MightyMartian (#49149815) Attached to: Leonard Nimoy Dies At 83

Oh, I know. He was well rewarded for playing Spock. I think we all knew this was coming for a while; he had largely retired from public appearances, and then the reports a few days ago that he had been admitted to the hospital.

I plan on celebrating his life and his unique and significant contributions by watching a collection of my favorite ST:TOS episodes;

- Amok Time (who doesn't want to watch horny Vulcans fight to the death)
- City On The Edge Of Forever (more a Kirk episode, but Spock plays a pretty damned important role)
- Doomsday Machine (great scene where Spock removes Decker from command)
- Mirror, Mirror(evil Spock is just so fucking cool, and who doesn't enjoy watching Chekhov writhe in pain)
- A Taste of Armageddon (great episode that shows how Star Trek could go after tough issues in novel ways, and also the first real introduction to Vulcan mind powers)
- The Tholian Web (has a great scene between Spock and McCoy)
- And I'll top it off with The Wrath of Khan

Machines certainly can solve problems, store information, correlate, and play games -- but not with pleasure. -- Leo Rosten