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Comment Re:Conspiracy! (Score 4, Insightful) 659 659

Both of my two children were born around 31 weeks. The first was in a ICU for 3 weeks, and humidicrib for about 4 weeks.
My second was healthier (wife managed to get steriods to improve the baby's lungs before birth), but was still in hospital for around 5 weeks.
My wife was admitted to hospital during both pregnancies multiple times due to excessive vomiting.

We calculated the total cost to us for both pregnancies - it was around $200. Thankfully we live in Australia were there is a proper health care system.

Comment Re:A real shame (Score 1) 278 278

...(missed adding this)...

The original guy would typically then be denounced, trialled and executed (often using the very same system he had set up).

Great Purges? Almost certainly all driven by Stalin himself (via the system he set up). A very, very nasty man.

Comment Re:A real shame (Score 1) 278 278

It was driven by Stalin - who wanted to destabilise the leadership to cement his position. Several times he would get people to do his dirty work for him (such as run denouncements, trials and executions), then turn on the person doing the work by appointing a new person to take over the very same role.

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