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Comment: Re:"Accidentally" (Score 5, Insightful) 455

by Coffeesloth (#47770337) Attached to: Should police have cameras recording their work at all times?
I agree with you and frankly I think having the camera would be a good thing for the officers. If anything it would prove if they were being reasonable and were attacked first. I think it's easy for any incident to devolve into a "He said/he said" situation so a recording of the incident would make that harder. After all isn't that the reason we have dashboard cams in the police cars now?

Comment: Re:Well... (Score 1) 796

by Coffeesloth (#45846527) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Books Everyone Should Read?
Having read the bible several times I would have to disagree with including it unless you read it in the original language. Too many beliefs have crept in with the translations that corrupt the writings. And if you do include the bible then you should also include the koran and the torah to allow for a broader understanding of religion as a whole. I will agree with most of the rest of your list though... :-)

Comment: I was going to post a Serious reply... (Score 1) 1144

by Coffeesloth (#45062179) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: How Does the US Gov't Budget Crunch Affect You?
But the majority of the ones I see apparently don't care about those affected. As a Disabled American Veteran I am appalled that I gave my time and efforts for people like that.

Yes I'm affected by this, I will survive because I have a good job but I'll be loosing 1/3rd of my monthly income if this continues to the end of the month. Think about all of the disabled Veterans who will be struggling to survive because they rely on that income. The same Veterans that gave of themselves so that you can complain on this forum.

Comment: Re:What exactly is the point of the furlough anymo (Score 1) 1144

by Coffeesloth (#45062101) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: How Does the US Gov't Budget Crunch Affect You?
Are you serious? Do you realize that not everyone will receive back pay during this time?

You honestly see this as a vacation? Tell you what... Why don't you take all of your paychecks during this time period and send them to a charity. Because for non-essential personnel that's pretty much what's happened to them in the past and what will probably happen to them when this is over. Oh, and those same people you see as having a vacation were already not being paid for a few days a week before this whole thing started because of the budget issues.

Comment: Re:Speaking as a non-American... (Score 1) 1144

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Speaking as a non-American you should respectfully shut your mouth. Since you obviously do not know American politics you are not qualified to run your mouth and since you are not a voter you are especially unqualified to speak about our politics. Just like I am unqualified to speak about yours, so I don't.

Comment: Re:Liberal strategy (Score 1) 1144

by Coffeesloth (#45061965) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: How Does the US Gov't Budget Crunch Affect You?
Seriously? Considering that the Republicans are the ones holding the budget hostage exactly how are the Democrats withholding anything? The last time this happened (17 years ago) It was also the Republicans that caused the government to shut down. Perhaps you should do some reading on the Fox News site where "Fox contributor and National Review Online editor-at-large Jonah Goldberg asserted that the GOP is to blame for starting the shutdown."

But I'm sure the liberals are behind that also, aren't they? /sarcasm

Comment: So Wait a minute... (Score 1) 918

by Coffeesloth (#44688631) Attached to: US Forces Ready To Strike Syria If Ordered
The Associated Press writing about a story announced by the Secretary of Defense lists partial troop strength and effective location and announces to the world that we are ready to strike a foreign country. And yet we're in an uproar over memos that did not even come close to doing the same thing?

Comment: Re:You can do it with just latitude / longitude (Score 1) 478

by Coffeesloth (#44302903) Attached to: Describe Any Location On Earth In 3 Words
I agree with you, especially since you can't assign the words yourself and they are too arbitrary to associate with a physical place. As a marketing tool its of extremely limited value. Can you see a business wanting to be known as hot.banana.rug? Seriously, going to the example of "'union.prop.enjoy" and then look over to the London Paddington rail station, there are several dozen names for the station because of the size of the area used to define a location. One location gives you "" and a short distance from that you get "years.bits.oasis". There are probably dozens of "names" in their database all pointing to London Paddington station. I can't see how this is going to be anything but mass confusion...

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by Coffeesloth (#43798383) Attached to: Web of Tax Shelters Saved Apple Billions, Inquiry Finds
I'm not quite sure why your post is "insightful". I carefully read and re-read the one you replied to an no where did I see a hint of "So all government is evil?" Frankly I think you should reconsider your post.

Smash is entirely correct, "If you don't like it get the law changed." It's the way Government works here in the United States.

Comment: Re:Did they break any laws? (Score 1) 716

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I wouldn't make a blanket statement that "it's no longer socially acceptable to pay just what's legal". I think you'll find for the Republican party in general that it's not only socially acceptable, it should be mandated. Warren Buffet has been pretty vocal about how it's not right that he pays less in taxes than his secretary and the response from the Republican controlled Congress has been "you are welcome to pay more", not "Hey you're right, lets fix that".

My thoughts would be Apple isn't contributing enough to the Republicans so they decided to make them a scapegoat.

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