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Comment: Re:This is logistically impossible. (Score 2) 138

by LWATCDR (#48933659) Attached to: Former NATO Nuclear Bunker Now an 'Airless' Unmanned Data Center

They do but then they take a big expensive ship find the cable and bring it to the surface to fix it.
The real issue is not if it is possible because it is possible. The big question is if it is worth it?
Removing all the 02 mean no fires and reduced corrosion.
It also means more cost for fixing thing that go wrong.
The simplest way to do this would be to flood the bunker with Argon since it heavier than O2 and N2 it should displace the O2 but again the question would be why?

Comment: Re:"Let me ask you.... (Score 1) 77

by LWATCDR (#48928039) Attached to: Comcast Pays Overdue Fees, Offers Freebies For TWC Merger Approval

Simple answer is you take them to court for not paying but do it now while the merger is in the works.
I really hope that this merger fails like the TMobile AT&T merger did but since the current president does not need to get reelected I have little hope.
He is hoping his legacy will be opening Cuba.

Comment: Re:Stronger regs ? Try a better radar (Score 1) 234

by LWATCDR (#48922415) Attached to: White House Drone Incident Exposes Key Security Gap

Wrong. Metal is not the only thing that returns RF.

To Jam maybe but a jamming is not "frying" and a jammed drone does not really help a lot because it is just out of control at that point.
You also have the issue of size so unless you want a massive radar set on top of the white house you are not going to fry anything and it would be bad to start with.
Even if you had a perfect detection system then what? The interception is the problem. Not even hitting it but not hurting anyone that is standing around.

Comment: Re:Stronger regs ? Try a better radar (Score 1) 234

by LWATCDR (#48920091) Attached to: White House Drone Incident Exposes Key Security Gap

Simple. A radio controlled quad copter would have about the same RCS as a bird and fly at about the same speed. To burn out the electronics you would put just about everyone around the Whitehouse in danger of being hurt. If it was a weaponized rc quadcopter you could blow it up over innocent people if it had not crossed the fence.
In other words too many false positives as far as the frying the electronics too much risk of collateral damage. The amount of power to fry a quadcopter would be high enough to do some real harm to people.

Comment: Re:That'll stop the terrorists! (Score 1) 234

by cayenne8 (#48916733) Attached to: White House Drone Incident Exposes Key Security Gap

Trust me, Chuck Schumer knows exactly what he's doing. He never passes up an opportunity to restrict freedom.


These leaders that are supposed to be representing the peoples' will, seem to be so disconnected from what we the people want.

I think a larger problem is these asshats making this a lifetime career.

I know it stands a snowballs chance in hell, but we desperately need term limits to keep fresh blood more representative of the citizenry going through up there on a regular basis. These govt jobs were NOT meant to be lifetime careers.

Maybe more of a chance of governmental representatives thinking more of the rights of the people over the ever growing power of the govt to restrict the commoners' rights.

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