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Comment Re:what about OS's or small footprint? (Score 1) 437

Bjarne Stroustrup has always maintained that the ability to do systems programming is an essential feature of C++. It was designed that you should be able to write very resource-constrained, performant code when necessary.

Not too long ago he wrote a very good essay on the benefits of languages like C++ for infrastructure programming, and how it can save memory (and electrical power, even).

Comment Re:s/April/August (Score 1) 50

Why would they post updates on the Kickstarter page? They have their own website.

The current patch notes and development status can be found here. The FPS mode was never cancelled. Again, there's plenty of legitimate reasons to criticize RSI (like, for instance, why it seems every patch requires downloading ~27GB of data) without making crap up.

Comment "Hate Speech" has no definition (Score 5, Insightful) 467

Hate speech is when you *know* how hurtful your words are **and that's the entire point of why you say them.**

By your definition, insults are hate speech.

Hate speech is like pornography/obscenity: No one can define it, and it's usually strangely close to "Stuff I don't like."

Comment Re:She has a point. (Score 1) 628

So what? Just like it's not the role of the school to fix your attitudes towards sexuality it's not the role of the CS class to "fix" theirs.

No one brought 'sexuality' into the classroom. It's a picture of a face.

And it's very disingenuous to say it's just a picture of a face, kids aren't morons, someone will figure out the source and spread the news.

Then that's their problem. It's still just a picture of a face.

And even as just a face it's very obviously a sexualized picture.

I'm being trolled here, aren't I?

What are you, some sort of weird face fetishist?

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