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Comment Re:What kind of gaming PC can you get for $400? (Score 1) 168 168

Anyway, console plus mid range PC is at the cost of high end PC.

The advantage of this is that you can have the console in the room with the large monitor and the mid-range PC in the room with the desk, plus all the other usability advantages of consoles.

I thought many things also required an additional xbox subscription to get updates or do multiplayer.

Only multiplayer requires the Xbox Live Gold subscription on Xbox One. Updates are included in the Xbox Live Silver, available without charge to all owners of unbanned Xbox One consoles. Noninteractive video streaming apps such as Netflix required a Gold subscription on Xbox 360, but this was phased out on Xbox One.

Comment Re:Forward error correction (Score 1) 144 144

ECC inside individual packets? Pointless. Every network standard worth its salt has at least a CRC32 covering the entire frame.

CRC32 is just error detection. It doesn't actually correct errors. Or are you claiming the packets would just get dropped along the way by intermediate routers that check the CRC?

Comment Jitter (Score 2) 144 144

As long as bits are not irrecoverably lost, how is it going to sound any different?

Jitter, the relative timing of when bits arrive. Audiophile tests led to its having been identified as a measurable problem in S/PDIF installations, which led to use of a circular buffer to mitigate jitter. True, S/PDIF is connection-oriented, and networks using Ethernet are packet-switched with such a buffer being implemented in the network stack and in the application. TCP in particular retransmits packets corrupted by noise. But if the retransmitted packet doesn't arrive in time, emptying of the buffer causes an audible interruption. And if the buffer is enlarged to prevent this, this can affect perceived responsiveness in interactive applciations such as music production and video games.

Comment Space to aggregate popular votes (Score 1) 310 310

Aggregating ballots for n candidates across precincts within a region requires O(n) space in plurality, approval, Borda, or other subsets of range voting. It requires O(n^2) space in Condorcet because Condorcet decomposes to a set of pairwise races. But in STV, it requires O(n!) space, as you have to track all possible orderings when transferring votes.

Comment There's no third option "Keep what I have" (Score 1) 249 249

The complaint is that there's no third option for "Quickly install while keeping all existing settings the same as they were". There are only "Switch to all Microsoft services" (mislabeled "Express") and "Time-consuming interview" (correctly labeled "Custom").

Comment Secure Boot may lock PC owners into Windows 10 (Score 1) 249 249

Yeah, but no-one can be forced to use Windows any more. There are far too many alternatives.

Which alternatives do not require buying hardware? OS X requires a Mac, iOS requires an iPhone or iPad, and Android with Google Play requires an Android device manufactured by an OHA member. GNU/Linux requires a PC with supported hardware and whose BIOS or UEFI isn't locked into a Microsoft-only Secure Boot. All x86 and x86-64 PCs that ship with Windows 8 let the PC's owner turn Secure Boot off per Microsoft's Windows logo requirements. But as of Windows 10, Microsoft is leaving Secure Boot lock-in up to the PC manufacturer.

Comment UNIX is certified; *n?x is not (Score 1) 249 249

If a system implementing a useful subset of the Single UNIX Specification hasn't been certified, I'm more likely to call it "*n?x". This shell glob pattern matches Unix, Xenix, Minix, and Linux, among other things. (Xenix became SCO UNIX which became Xinuos OpenServer.)

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