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Comment: Re:narcissistic spectrum personality disorder (Score 1, Insightful) 206

If one is that concerned about having a criminal record one should refrain from committing crimes. All he had to do was write a short post on his blog to call attention to whatever issue it was that was bothering him. Instead he broke into a server room, installed a computer, and illegally downloaded thousands of documents. I think 6 months and a criminal record is about right for that sort of thing.

Comment: Re:Constitional Rights (Score 1) 341

You're joking but I feel that the 2nd Amended does guarantee the people the same weapons to which the government has access. Now of course we can't have John Q Public running around with a thermonuclear device so I believe the solution would be that the government can't have them either.

Comment: Re:I just don't care (Score 1) 232

by Chess_the_cat (#49304233) Attached to: FTC: Google Altered Search Results For Profit
I was under the definite impression that Google did make a promise to deliver the most relevant search results. It's still on their support page:

"When a user enters a query, our machines search the index for matching pages and return the results we believe are the most relevant to the user. Relevancy is determined by over 200 factors, one of which is the PageRank for a given page. PageRank is the measure of the importance of a page based on the incoming links from other pages. In simple terms, each link to a page on your site from another site adds to your site's PageRank. Not all links are equal: Google works hard to improve the user experience by identifying spam links and other practices that negatively impact search results. The best types of links are those that are given based on the quality of your content."

I see nothing in there about cooking the results so that Google can make a few extra bucks.

Comment: Re:Please stop. Just stop (Score 5, Informative) 1081

by Chess_the_cat (#49259013) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century
If a someone released from prison murders again then it's the State that failed to rehabilitate. Civilized countries like Norway have a very low recidivism rate because their justice system isn't about revenge it's about helping people who are mentally disturbed. http://www.nytimes.com/roomfor...

Comment: Capital punishment is so over (Score 2, Insightful) 1081

by Chess_the_cat (#49258983) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century
The USA is the only G7 country that still executes people and they don't care if it's a woman, a juvenile, or someone with autism. The only other countries that execute people with the gusto of the USA are China, Iran, and North Korea. Instead of trying to come up with new methods the US should be phasing out this barbaric practice.

Comment: Works both ways (Score 4, Insightful) 228

New science has shown it won't be as easy as he once thought. But even newer science could mean it's even easier than he dreamed. For example, if Lockheed-Martin delivers on the promise of compact fusion then all of these so called issues are washed away in a river of free energy.

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