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Comment: Re:Aliens vs. Religion (Score 1) 117

Not Catholicism. Wouldn't make a lick of difference. In fact, Catholics acknowledge the possibility. Didn't Pope Francis just say he'd baptize any aliens? You're making a classic mistake: confusing science and theology. The existence of ETs is a scientific question; not a theological one. There is no conflict unless you're an American evangelical.

Comment: Re:Stupid comparison (Score 1) 108

by Chess_the_cat (#48928411) Attached to: The American App Economy Is Now "Bigger Than Hollywood"
How is the comparison valid? Well it's right in the sub: "The iOS App Store distributed $10 billion to developers in 2014, which, Deidu points out, is just about as much as Hollywood earned off U.S. box office revenues the same year." To make a comparison only one element has to be common to each element. In this case it's the amount of money that was earned. It's a perfectly valid comparison.

Comment: Re:Now using TOR after WH threats to invade homes (Score 2) 274

by Chess_the_cat (#48913383) Attached to: EFF Unveils Plan For Ending Mass Surveillance
"How do you get probable cause when everything up to the actual act is planned and discussed over the internet." The same way the cops did it before the Internet existed. Look, the police didn't listen to every single phone call between 1920 and 1995 to try to find crimes that were being planned on the phone. They didn't even listen in to every conversation in every pool hall and dive bar trying to find people planning crimes. What you do is you work off tips from the public, you solve crimes that have already been committed, and you get out on the street and patrol and know your neighborhood and create an environment that isn't conducive to crime. You seem to think that the job of the police is to prevent every crime from ever being committed. This isn't Minority Report son. We can't stop them all before they happen. Personally, I'd rather have a few crimes occur and not live in a surveillance state thanks.

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