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Comment Re:Important to note (Score 1) 414

I am not in any FBI databases and only have misdemeanor victimless crimes on my record. I have written a couple things and I know more algo fundamentals and such than most people I meet who have programming jobs (mostly front-end people though), but I don't really know where to start finding a job. I don't imagine it would be easier if I was an illegal immigrant.

Comment Re:Increase productivity?? (Score 1) 414

The amounts that are reported in the article are EXTREMELY small. I don't think they would be perceptible at all. One tenth of an LSD dose is not an exact amount (I don't know what they consider a dose). Point 2 of a gram of shrooms would be imperceptible. A dose for a first time user is about 2 grams for a mild trip. This seems like more of a placebo effect.

Comment Re:Important to note (Score 1) 414

Maybe not minority street gangs. LSD and ecstasy were the drugs of choice in the early aughts within the rave scene. I have seen one prominent dealer gunned down in the parking lot of a venue for a backpack full of either/or, and plenty of violence jockeying for the position of local dealer at the venues. Profit margins are HUGE because the cost to make either is minimal if you have the lab. An individual hit is pennies to produce and sells for up to 20$.

Comment Re:Important to note (Score 2) 414

I have done over a year total in jail (Georgia, USA), mainly for marijuana possession (also not reporting to probation), less than an ounce, no intent to distribute. This was mostly due to having to use the crappy public defender, which are usually working more closely with the prosecutor and the judge rather than the defendant. I was falsely arrested in Santa Monica, CA for "possession of burglar tools", an electric lockpick I had made myself. I spent a few nights in jail and the public defender gave me a plea deal where I could get out and "only" get a year of probation. I found out later that in CA, you can (should) only be arrested for lockpicks if you are in the commission of a crime or have a record of burglary. I was in a deserted "chess" park by the beach and was also illegally searched. They claimed they had the right to search since I was being "arrested" for being in the park after dark, but it turns out that is only an infraction punishable by a ticket. A couple years going solo on the streets and criminals are only a vague, abstract threat that has yet to be realized. Cops are a daily threat to my existence.

Comment Re:Governments = Evil. (Score 2) 109

I find it absurd that this sophomoric understanding of how society works could be upvoted to +5 "insightful". It reminds me of the promotion of "anarchism" by skateboard punks who really have no idea how that would play out on a large scale, they just don't want to be told what to do.

Government is an evil structure by its very definition...

This quote is stupid enough to discount the entire post, but I will bite.

...as it is set up to provide the collective with violent means of dominating an individual.

OR does the government establish an agreed upon set of laws that we all are supposed to follow. You know, kind of like threatening highway bandits with punishment or putting people in jail for fraud.
People try to consolidate power, so sometimes governments/corporations/people act in ways that benefit themselves more than the world at large. Maybe current practices are in need of change, but government is not inherently evil unless mankind is inherently evil.

Comment Re:This (Score 1) 229

What about the freedom of the baby? When do we draw the distinction between a zygote as "part of a woman's body" and its own entity? Personally, I don't put much stock in conscious experience being the only aspect of life worthy of defense. Even as an atheist/skeptic, I lean towards "life begins at conception". I don't think a law should prohibit abortions, but they should be presented as an abysmal last resort.

Comment Re:Gambling (Score 1) 95

You are assuming a "house" is involved. You seem to have reduced the idea of gambling to playing specific games at a casino. If you have a game like roulette, with 36 slots all with equal chance of the ball rolling into, and someone asked if you would like to wager 1$ that you could guess the slot with a payoff of 40$ if you guess correctly, then this is still 'gambling' (a game of chance played for money).

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