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by fightermagethief (#48271945) Attached to: New Crash Test Dummies Reflect Rising American Bodyweight

My digestive system has gotten so used to breads, meats, and processed food that many fruits and vegetables don't digest easily. I even developed a banana allergy when I could eat anything as a kid. It kind of slowly crept up, but I wonder if many people would be susceptible to this if they don't consistently get the veggies.

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by fightermagethief (#48271861) Attached to: New Crash Test Dummies Reflect Rising American Bodyweight

This is assuming you have a kitchen equipped to cook whatever you buy. For transients, those who live with others, and the general homeless (who all have to shop around for cheap food) a kitchen may not be available. $1 for a 500 calorie sandwich is about the best deal I can find.

Free hobo pro-tip: If you live in an urban area, walk the block between nice restaurants and expensive hotels. Anyone with a styrofoam clamshell will usually happily give up a nice dinner if you ask politely. Welcome to America!

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Sometimes adults swear, especially when speaking about an important topic that affects the entire world. Some people just won't listen to reason, so you have to yell at them, or punch them in the face, or take the reigns of their culture out of their hands.

Mmm, excuse me, would you mind stopping this whole slavery thing? Here are the reasons it offends me on a personal level...

Doesn't always work, especially when dealing with people that apparently have a huge blind spot in their reasoning.

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You can't give equal respect to all kinds of batshit crazy 'personal perspectives.' Things like the proper way to govern a state, individual rights versus the greater good, these are things that are still up in the air. The topics of these presentations are intentionally inflammatory to another more correct methodology anyway, namely the scientific method.

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I can't believe there isn't a more difficult screening process to become an officer. You just basically have to not be physically handicapped or mentally retarded. Doctors have a lot to prove before they can cut someone up or prescribe medicine. I would say a 4-6 year degree would be appropriate to carry a gun. The only problem is that most people don't want a job with that kind of risk or shitty responsibility, so you get the low men of mediocre society.

How would a society go about implementing the change of requiring much stricter requirements for law enforcement officers?

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If you replaced 'fox news' with almost anything else, your statement might hold water. Fox news is one institution that deserves not a single shred of intellectual respectability. It is the default butt of any joke that has to do with holding cognitive dissonant opinions and flying in the face of all reasonable debate.

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