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Comment Re:Probably a lie (Score 1) 163

Addressing your question of free-choice, I do not think that we can accurately describe exactly what choice is. We can determine that sexuality is malleable, not from an isolated incident like the one you described, but the comparison of large groups (general society ratio of homosexuality versus amount of ex-prisoners with an acquired homosexuality).
See sibling post and response on the nature of objective, measurable qualities versus mutable qualities. At least, for some definitions of choice (something we do not have an accurate picture of), homosexuality and other sexually deviant behaviors meet the criteria for "choice." We could attempt to define choice further, but I think that is as far as that argument could go.
If it can be shown that homosexuality is a form of perversion or mental disturbance, then it would behoove you to be concerned with it just as we are concerned with other "sex culture," even if it is just cast as a general social opprobrium so as to diminish the contributing factors, similar to how we consider a prostitute to be of low morals (even if it doesn't "hurt" anyone). Personally, I do not consider prostitution to be a great boon to society and would not want to see a loved one enter in to it. This makes me concerned with the sex life of other consenting adults. Do you think your argument of "if it doesn't concern me and people are willing, it is none of my business" holds up to this kind of scrutiny? There are other laws that we have that would fall into this category as well such as drug use. To take it to a further end of the spectrum, consider drunk driving. Does it directly affect you? Are you concerned with it? If you think it directly affects you, what about driving while tired, elderly, distracted? These are only related to you in ways that are sometimes difficult to see directly, but they have a large effect on society when taken as a whole.

Comment Re:Probably a lie (Score 1) 163

You don't seem to be actually replying to any argument that I made, but just saying that "it isn't a choice." I think what is confusing here is that we do not quite have an accurate model for "choice," unless you would care to enlighten me on the nature of free-will versus biological determinism. I will repeat the above argument, which I have yet to have seen anyone even attempt to refute in any form of discourse. One is born with certain, measurable, objective qualities such as height, weight, sex, race. Sexuality is not one of these measurable qualities. There are circumstantial factors that seem to overwhelmingly contribute towards certain sexual preference, such as prison. Since objective qualities are inherently immutable and sexuality is mutable, it fits at least some criteria for the definition of choice.

Comment Re:Probably a lie (Score 1) 163

It may not prove what he exactly said, but it does prove a similar point. The whole justification that "I was born this way, so that makes it okay" is flawed. You are provably born a boy or a girl or black or white. You are not provably born gay. If it can be learned, then some sort of environmental factors, or whatever free-will is, played a part. I cannot choose to be a girl or black, without some kind of surgery. So being gay is at least partially a choice. Also, the argument that "I was born..." does not hold water or else we would have to excuse all kind of sexual deviant behavior like child-molestation.

I think most people who have a strong opinion one way or another on this issue hold their beliefs for illogical reasons. Most prominent, typically liberal people with strong opinions on this only see the well-to-do and well-adjusted gay people who are also prominent in their fields. What is not seen is the darker side of homosexuality which involves very socially creepy behavior. I have never had women try to expose themselves to me, like some creep from a hackerspace in LA (of course he is a wimpy snowflake and therefore not subject to criticism like a straight white omnivorous male). I have never experienced women attempt to pursue men with the same lack of shame. If you do not show mutual interest in a well-adjusted person, they will back off because they have a healthy sense of self-worth. If you meet a pervert on the street, someone into sex clubs, heavy drugs, and prostitution, there is a huge chance that they are gay or bi also. Child molesters are overwhelmingly man on boy.

Unfortunately, my life experiences have soured me to the idea that homosexuality is just some benign choice like coke or pepsi. It can be fine, and not hurt anybody, but it is usually a sign of deep mental disturbances. Once again, I would stress that there is a bias among many upper-class people who only see the well-adjusted gays.

Thanks for your wishes as to my well-being. I feel that difficult life experiences are a chance to grow stronger. I wouldn't trade my stormy weather for peaceful seas. I would probably grow complacent and be very bored.

Comment Re:Probably a lie (Score 1) 163

"Gayness must be a choice, because prisoners who are raped come out gay." Err, no.

I doubt many people here have been able to witness the phenomena of gay-prison culture, but there is a very large percentage that learn this behavior and come out of prison liking both men and women when they previously only considered women (speaking of men). It is not a matter of "their only option" since they continue with the same actions when there are women at the disposal. These are not necessarily "men who have been raped." Gang members who are not able to defend themselves physically are expected to "become someone's bitch." It is more a matter of who you are able to mentally dominate, and who can dominate you. Poor, street culture is basically a reflection of prison culture since it is sort of a revolving door situation. More often than not, gang members on the street (after being acclimated to the culture as children) learn to prey on other men so as not to "become someone's bitch" themselves. I don't think people who are not exposed to such a culture are choosing their sexual preference for the same sort of reason, or are making a choice to be gay. However, in heavy gang territory, more often than not prisoners who are released become bisexual. I do often sleep outside and am obviously a part of poor, street culture which means you are expected to play the same sort of prison games such as hanging out with your own race, not accepting gifts from people you don't want to "owe favors," being expected to behave a certain way according to your racial-gang, and banging other dudes or getting banged. It is like this in cities across the USA. You are only pulled into it when you have to sleep "on blast" (out in the open).

I am not a criminal and my time in county (luckily, no hardcore prisons) has been for things like drugs, violation of probation, and trespassing. I do not participate in any of the gang stuff, refuse to follow the stupid rules, and would kill or be killed before I became someone's sexual prey (undefeated in shower stall brawls). For this I pay a heavy price and cannot stay in the same place for very long. I just wanted to point this out, because while I believe that most gays are born that way and are not making a choice, it can definitely be a learned behavior. On the street, ex-cons who had been straight their whole life are now trading boy-toys like baseball cards, while still having their wife or "old lady." So, many people do learn to be gay after prison, raped or not.

Comment Re:Err, no - Government does NOT have the right. (Score 2) 232

This is more egregious than seizing the items related to a particular crime/criminal. Civil asset forfeiture can happen when the person is not arrested or convicted of ANY crime. The officer only has to suspect that the goods are related to a crime, such as "a suspicious amount of cash" without any arrest actually being made. They just take your money and you would continue driving down the road, with the only recourse being a long stint in court to get your stuff back.

Comment Re:Schooling, perhaps? (Score 1) 519

Typical of some pro-gun control, far-removed from real life hypocrite ("shoot someone that deserves it") like yourself to not even be able to detect a joke. How would that further my stance, if I was promoting gun ownership, if I threatened to actually shoot you? But you didn't even try to attack that imagined scenario with any logic, instead resorting to stereo-typically divisive insults. Plus the baby-talk just makes you look like you aren't any more creative with your ad-hominem than your average grade-schooler.

Comment Re:So name them already (Score 1) 265

That just seems like passing the buck to the company who "fixed it," assuming they identified the problem correctly.
After I posted this, I actually thought about the problem though. Isn't pretty much every router being scanned by everywhere, always? Does it really matter?
Plus, someone who is determined to portscan is not going to be stopped by blacklisting (they can just vpn),

Comment Re:So name them already (Score 1) 265

I think the submitter is doing the right thing by keeping it anonymous. This would prevent either a false positive, or in the case of a correctly leveled accusation, motivation for someone to game the system by convincing a bunch of people with the capabilities for more severe digital harassment to do their work.

Comment Re:Schooling, perhaps? (Score 2) 519

This seems like a flawed argument, if you are arguing against whether unions should exist or not. The current state of specific teachers unions may be bad, I have no idea, but that is not an argument against a group of tradespeople organizing for better work environments. You maybe make the case (although you don't, since you are just claiming that "your friends" say they are bad) that current union practices suck.

This is like when people say that politics suck. It is not the ideal you are arguing against, but just how effectively it is currently being implemented.

Comment Re:Schooling, perhaps? (Score 5, Informative) 519

I always felt like television was a great way to learn about the world. I grew up on shows like SquareOne, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Mr Wizard. Comedy Central stand-up comedians taught me about fucked up things like religious cults, climate-change and evolution deniers, and race relations. Movies like Ralph Bakshi's Wizards, the Dark Crystal, and Excalibur gave me a sense of imaginative creativity.

Television, alone, put me far ahead of previous generations in my socio-economic group.

Comment Applicable holiday season (Score 1) 207

Well... just stop buying so much crap. Stop feeling bad about not buying your kids a bunch of useless junk that they will get tired of. My sister's kid is 3, almost 4, and the family loves to have a little kid so they can buy what is essentially a pile of plastic waste. I think it's more for the gift-giver, since most kids would be just as happy playing with sticks and digging in the dirt, if there wasn't a "keeping up with the Joneses" mentality. I assume many people on here will be geared towards educational products, but I think it is important to vocalize towards those who do not. And keep in mind that you could probably get the most valuable educational resources for free anyway.

Christmas is a very competitive time of year for the unwashed masses. Poor kids end up feeling left out when it becomes a game of "who got the best gifts." My parents broke their backs and went in debt to buy my sister and I a bunch of crap, just so we wouldn't be thought of as poor kids (of course, I just acted thankful and didn't criticize it as such). On one hand it is a nice sentiment, but on the other hand it's like, just stop buying a bunch of crap toys and shit. I would have appreciated it much more later if all the christmases were foregone for, oh I don't know, a college fund or something.

We are so mired in this commercial crap though, that the US economy would probably collapse for good if people managed to stop wasting money on junk.

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