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Comment: the semi-pirate and homemade electric rake (Score 3, Interesting) 118 118

Before I even knew about cracked software, the only way I could use photoshop was to download the trial version from adobe. It lasted for 30 days, at which point I would just set the system time back 30 days. It worked when cs4 was still pretty new, not sure about now.
Had a manual lockpick set that I played around with for years until I happened to see a $3 electric toothbrush at a discount electronics store. I used aviation snips to cut the head of the manual rake off, gripped the rake head in some pliers and pushed them into the semi-melted end of the electric toothbrush. Until it was confiscated by the police, it got me free lodgings in many an abandoned building. There are pictures on my blog under "atlanta squats and haunts".

Comment: Re:Paywall (Score 1) 151 151

How long did you keep doing the bricklaying for though? I have heard the difference between a journeyman and master builder (carpenter/construction) is the fact that a master has seen most of the weird situations that come up only once in a while. No matter how clever and dextrous you are, it would be hard to be lacking in only speed after a week. So I think there might be some parallels you could draw between learning a building trade and programming, but yeah your point still holds.

Comment: Re:Damn you Uber (Score 1) 226 226

the biggest opportunity for uber is to make cars be used a greater portion of the day. this is the benefit for everybody.

That's quite a stretch to make it sound like Uber is providing some kind of environmental benefit. Why is it good to use an already owned vehicle for a greater portion of the day? A taxi would be already be out on the road anyway. And they would just be parked at a sidewalk near a heavy traffic area, not somebody's house.

Comment: Re:It redefined the RTS genre?? (Score 1) 40 40

Yeah, TA was what everyone was already playing when Starcraft came out. I still think Starcraft can't really be touched in the genre though. It has elements of both large-scale macro strategy and small-scale micro-tactics. They couldn't even make it any better with Starcraft 2 like 15 years later.

Comment: Re:Uber is shit (Score 1) 333 333

So are we debating the semantics of "forcing someone" or what? If, compared to an alternative or abstaining, "nothing else will really do" is all it takes to qualify as force, then am I forced to smoke cigarettes? I don't see what you are trying to refute with that.
I will post this as I did elsewhere:
" and for-hire drivers are 20 times more likely to be killed than other workers."
I assume they are averaging all other occupation homicide rates.
Now, after taking a look at the homicide statistics, does a for-hire driver sound like the kind of job that we should encourage people to just pick up at random, with no training or safety precautions, and pay them less than minimum wage? Stupid as shit. But people are mad desperate for cash, so... let the free market reign and Ayn Rand can get a boner in her grave.
When Uber was first coming out, I literally thought it was a joke.

Comment: Re:Uber is shit (Score 1) 333 333

Yes, I am referring to where I grew up, near Atlanta, GA. Georgia laws allow you to carry a loaded firearm in the glove compartment or center console of a vehicle. Regardless of what you are legally allowed to do to defend yourself, here are some OSHA statistics on the homicide rate for "taxi or for hire drivers":
Note: "...more than 20 times more likely to be killed than other workers."

Comment: Re:Boo hoo... (Score 1) 815 815

In South Carolina, the flag was first flown on State grounds as a response to Brown vs Board of Education, protesting the idea of segregation. So they seem to be celebrating intense racism. It was good to hear that the flag will be basically banned from most aspects of society.

Comment: Re:Uber is shit (Score 1) 333 333

I think you would be surprised at the extent professional criminals would go to if you consider that reasonably sophisticated planning. Uber drivers are just as vulnerable as taxi drivers because they are willing to drive into unfamiliar territory and let a stranger get into their car. The value of the car itself is enough of a target, without even taking into account things like kidnapping and human trafficking. These sort of crimes rarely make the front page and rarely do they catch the criminals. Driving a taxi is a notoriously risky profession and a known game to criminals. The thing is, professional taxi drivers are very aware of this and it is rare to meet one who doesn't carry a firearm. Uber has made it easy and appealing for any stay-at-home mom to "become a taxi driver".

Comment: Re:Uber is shit (Score 1) 333 333

...Just to be clear, this is dramatically more than you have to do before you can call a normal taxi...

The point of the first comment is that the danger lies with the DRIVER of the uber vehicle, not the person calling the taxi. The point is that people will think they can easily get a second job as an uber driver without realizing how dangerous it is. It is negligibly just as easy to call a taxi as an uber car. How does logging into an app first make the uber driver any safer? Is there some sort of review process where you can only call uber after you have been vetted by other users, or can just anybody use the app as long as they have a phone?

Okay, so to be clear, you are against taxi licenses?

Not sure where you pulled this from...

The people have spoken; they have said they want to be able to get unlicensed transport.

If the "people speak" is not, and should not be, the requirement for making a public policy. Plus, it's not the people speaking, it's profit to be had.

Why do you want to force them to patronize a corrupt system created by politicians to produce revenue for the state?

No one is forcing anyone to use a transportation service. The idea is that to protect both the driver of the taxi and any patrons of the taxi, you force them to adhere to standards and be informed about what they are doing. Would you want an Uber version of airplanes? That sounds more dangerous, but it probably wouldn't be as stupid as Uber is now.

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