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Comment: Not the solution we're looking for (Score 1) 296

I don't support the corps in this matter at all but I don't support or trust the government either. The Internet doesn't need 300 pages of FCC regulations slapped onto it even if they're meant to "protect" the consumer. There must be a happy medium. The EFF is wary as well. They put it quite bluntly: "The FCC's role must be firmly bounded."

Comment: Re:Congratulations (Score 3, Insightful) 590

by Chess_the_cat (#49126505) Attached to: Republicans Back Down, FCC To Enforce Net Neutrality Rules
Net Neutrality is not a policy despite your attempt to make it one by capitalizing it. And what they're proposing is a set of regulations; not the absence of all regulation. The FCC has already introduced the regs; they comprise 300 pages of new rules. That is certainly not how the Internet was run "from Day 1."

Comment: Re:Urine! (Score -1, Troll) 224

by Chess_the_cat (#49113709) Attached to: 100 Years of Chemical Weapons
Bullshit. So you hear your detcom call "GAS GAS GAS" and your response is 'Just hold up a sec'. Drop trou. Pull out rag. Overcome stage fright. Shit there's gas. Gotta piss NOW. It's not happening. Grab canteen. Gas everywhere. Take long swig of water. Ah. Gas filling lungs. Take long piss on handkerchief. Dead due to gas inhalation. Grab handkerchief. Hold over face. You died 30 seconds ago.

Comment: Re:Isn't the difference (Score 1) 252

by Chess_the_cat (#49098851) Attached to: No Tech Bubble Here, Says CNN: "This Time It's Different."
Today I decided I finally had enough of Google's spying and changed my default search engine to DuckDuckGo. It took about 5 seconds. Yeah, it will take some getting used to having different results and all but I feel incredibly free after having made the switch. If I change my email from Gmail then I will have completely severed myself from Google. So how solid, really, is Google's position? It's an ad company. An increasingly evil ad company. I've got one leg out of their cage and only need to pull out my other leg.

Comment: Re:Detection window? (Score 2) 576

Life is pretty rare in the Universe Source? I'd be shocked if we didn't find life in the oceans of Jupiter's moons, if we ever bothered to go there.

Direct observation. Anything other than evidence based science is just you daydreaming. Besides, even if life was found elsewhere in this solar system that wouldn't be enough to change the general premise that life is pretty rare in the Universe. When all is said and done, as of 2015, life has only been observed on one planet, in one system, in one galaxy in the entirety of the Universe. You can't even point to evidence of past civilizations. But I guess it's only been 14 billion years give or take. Give them some time. They'll show. In all honesty though, if life was as common as you assert then shouldn't we see colonies and ships by now? It'd only take 1 civilization to decide to colonize our galaxy. Mathematically, they could have done it in 50 million years without FTL travel. So where are they?

Comment: Re:This is supposed to be a good thing? (Score -1) 142

by Chess_the_cat (#49077475) Attached to: Breakthrough In Face Recognition Software
Well, putting 'terrorist' in quotes isn't helpful. I think it's pretty well understood that there *are* terrorists and a lot of them and they're walking among us. But I do agree that that's no reason to track every John Q Public and store the information. It's the storing and processing that bothers me. If the government is just watching the crowd and identifying people because they're searching for them then I'm okay with that. If they start building a database that tracks me over a lifetime then I have a problem.

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