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Comment Re:don't believe his lies (Score 1) 95

It's not that it's difficult, it's just that it requires more time than the heat death of the universe to execute.

Eh...most phones I've seen limit your key to a 4-digit pin. So we're really talking 10,000 combinations, and that's without taking in consideration the non-uniform distribution of pins people choose.

Comment Re:I don't even know what "hyperloop" is any more. (Score 1) 216

In addition to what bws111 wrote:

Re: the MIT capsule: it's nothing like the Hyperloop Alpha concept (hence my post). SpaceX's test track that they're building is designed to handle a wide variety of vehicles, not just the one laid out in the Hyperloop Alpha concept. IMHO the MIT concept is utterly uninspiring. The drag levels are vastly higher, which are going to ruin pretty much every appealing aspect of the concept.

(but no, the tube has no electromagnets, the MIT design involves induced magnetic fields for propulsion)

Comment Re:Asinine (Score 1) 119

Especially when they show so little regard for us.

it's well beyond the point where we should care about them.

That's entirely beside the point.

If the FBI, NSA, DHS, or any other government agency broke the law, that's a problem. It shouldn't be forgiven or forgotten. It should be the subject of debate, lawsuits, impeachment, and ultimately an election ending the career of those responsible. Those are all things that the law allows.

There's an awful lot of anger over the fact that law enforcement has taken the attitude of we'll do whatever we can get away with. So, are they entitled to expect anything different?

The law does not allow you (or any other hacktivist) to go break into the FBI just because you're angry. That's not a good reason, and it's what makes those hackers criminals. They crossed a legal line, and it really doesn't matter that you can understand why they did it. They still broke the law, and now they're putting people in harm's way unnecessarily.

Let's reframe the argument... People in prison are murderers, rapists, thieves, and drug dealers. They're well past the point where we should care about them, so it's fine when facilities aren't maintained and inmates are abused, right? Since they showed so little regard for their victims' well-being, are they entitled to expect anything different? The reasons these people want to be treated humanely are their own problem.

You're advocating a brutal world of vigilantism and rule of force, rather than rule of law. I don't think anybody has claimed that the government agencies are perfectly innocent, but today they are the victims, and should be regarded as such in this context.

Comment Re:Insanity (Score 1) 537

Lucky for you. Terrible weather is pretty much the norm for anywhere around the great lakes(and some parts of the Canadian and US plains) you can have days like this in the winter: 9pm last night, clear as can be. 10pm 3cm of snow on the road with visibility under 25m and unable to see the lines at all. Or in the summer, regular downpour can't see the lines. Don't worry, they'll be repainted around September...

Comment Re:Insanity (Score 1) 537

If you're relying on reflective paint, what about fallen trees, deer, pot holes, other debris and road users not coated in reflective paint? If someone is using the road and relying on the lines to keep them on the route, then they are using the road unsafely.

Apparently you've never driven in Ontario or Michigan. You're lucky if you just get reflective paint, hell in rainy weather you're lucky if you can even see your own lane.

Comment Re:I don't even know what "hyperloop" is any more. (Score 1) 216

Indeed. That's one of the few things that one can say has nothing to do with either the original Hyperloop alpha concept or the new college competition entries. Pneumatic tubes mean that they make use of pressure to push things - that's what the word "pneumatic" means. Pressure being the one thing Hyperloop (all permutations) distinctly lacks.

Comment Dated info. (Score 1, Informative) 17

Comment I don't even know what "hyperloop" is any more. (Score 1) 216

Seriously. I was a big fan of Hyperloop Alpha. But the MIT team that won the "Hyperloop" contest is proposing something nothing like Hyperloop. The test track that SpaceX is building is designed to support a wide range of vehicles, most nothing like that in the Hyperloop Alpha document. So if I say "I like hyperloop", I don't know what exactly it is I'm supporting anymore. What exactly is "Hyperloop" these days?

All I can say is that I really liked the alpha one. The MIT team's maglev thing is Meh^2.

Comment Re:The fun (Score 1) 216

If you're dedicated enough to climb onto a well elevated tube, cut a hole large enough to pour concrete in through inch-thick steel - after sabotaging all of the pressure sensors tbrough the whole length of the tube and feeding them false data - and then using a concrete pump with a very tall boom fill in the tube with concrete, in order to kill people.... then why not just fly planes into skyscrapers like most people? I mean, if you're going to go through that much work.

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