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Comment: Ah good, the most important point addressed (Score 4, Interesting) 118

by GameboyRMH (#47758927) Attached to: Climate Scientist Pioneer Talks About the Furture of Geoengineering

It does nothing to address global warming's ugly twin brother, ocean acidification. And by presenting the world's public with an apparent techno-fix, it could deflate the movement to reduce carbon emissions.

"For me, my main concern is that we would start doing solar geoengineering while we're still building things with smokestacks and tailpipes," he tells me. "And in that framing, I think the solar geoengineering is just facilitating continued greenhouse gas emissions."

Very well, as long as you know. No point having a nicer climate for a little while as we set the stage for an oceanic mass extinction.

Comment: Re:In other news... (Score 2) 189

Energy costs make up a small part of a family's budget compared to health care, education, etc etc.

Really? Last study I saw on this done by the frasier institute here in canada put energy costs right up around 46% of where yearly expenses go. I'd go hunt for it but far too lazy at the moment.

Comment: Re:There's something to it (Score 2) 255

by ColdWetDog (#47753239) Attached to: The Evolution of Diet

I'm very sorry but your approach does not lend itself to a book (or better yet, a series of books), supplements, a prime time guest appearance on Oprah, glossy magazine advertisements, special (and expensive) foods or really any other aspect of modern merchandising.

Please re work your proposal and come back to us when you've figured out how to make money off of it.

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