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Comment: Re:I would rather see 1000 terrorists go free... (Score 2) 562

by thesupraman (#48842517) Attached to: Obama: Gov't Shouldn't Be Hampered By Encrypted Communications

Good thing your Daughter does what she is told by authority, it should make life MUCH easier for the following type of cops:


Of course, you are good with that, right?
After all, they represent AUTHORITY.
Personally, I would rather teach children what is right than to be good little sheep.

Oh, and about that privacy you still have... you DO realise they catch everyone in their nets right, not just 'the bad people'?
Lets hope someone in a position of authority doesnt decide they want to take you down a peg or two..

Comment: Re:Teachers and Nurses? (Score 1) 335

by thesupraman (#48842215) Attached to: Lies, Damn Lies, and Tech Diversity Statistics

The thing you need to remember is that when feminists talk about the 'gender gap' these days what they MEAN to say is the gap is not large enough.

Women have more choices, more opportunities, better health, longer lives, more social stature, and more support than men.

Once you understand that, things become clearer.
Sad, isnt it.

Comment: Answer: (Score 0) 154

Because it is a load of PC navel gazing pseudo-religious bullshit?

Just a guess, but hey.

Could it be any clearer that this is a bunch of 'oh my god the sky is falling!' anti nuclear scaremongers desperately
trying to create a shred of link between unclear power (by FAR the least damaging base load power producer EVER)
and some idea of 'mankinds rape of our our beloved earth mother'?

Other than that particularly transparent attempt at politicalisation, the particular date seems basically stupid, it certainly
marks no major change in behaviour, society structure, technical capability (hint, use of radioactives, or even fission
didnt start then..)... Hell, the invention of the first computer could be considered far more important, or international public
networks, or about 10 dozen other developments that have global impact.

And if they want an accurate date marker, ffs, astronomy is well known as THE method, not BS approximate soil sampling.

Or are they childish enough to think that with modern land development approaches (burying waste, earthworks for construction, etc)
that soil strata are work a shit for any future research?


Comment: Re:How could this all happen? (Score 3, Insightful) 257

by thesupraman (#48826039) Attached to: Belgian Raid Kills 2, Said To Avert "Major Terrorist Attacks"

Could you please let me know which Govt Department I go to in France to apply for the location I am allowed to live in?
I seem to be having trouble finding it - hell - last time I was there I just lived where I damn well wanted to and could afford..
Lucky I wasnt tracked down, I assume the penalty for living in the wrong place ispretty damn severe!

Oh, sorry, you mean you were talking figuratively, not literally? or some BS excuse like that?
Do you realise that the rhetoric you are spouting here is almost EXACTLY from the playbook of pre-soviet communism?
Didnt work out too well then either, for those who believed it.. unless you consider life under stalinist russia, or maoist
china to have worked out well for minorities (and I DO suggest you go and find out what did happen to them..).

In the end there is a certainly small percentge of ALL populations who will take up any excuse to do bad things.
They are (some of) the rapists, the murderers, the arsonists, you get the idea...
These particular ones just grabbed on a different excuse for their actions. Its not the voices in their heads, its not because
society forced them to, its not to compensate for what their parents did to them, its to 'avenge their religion', and its about
as BS as the other reasons - but these kinds of people will always find a reason.

THAT is the important thing to remember. This is no more 'Islam' than the crusaders were 'Christian' (even less so as it is not
state sponsored). It is the scumm of humanity doing what they have always done.

And, unfrotunately, there is no law you can pass, no restructions you can place, no force you can empower to stop it.
the best you can do is EDUCATE PEOPLE, and stop assuming that every nasty little arsehole is actually a wonderful
person who just needs love and support to help them bloom. Some of them are just nasty little arseholes.

Comment: Re:Prepare for more (Score 0) 257

by thesupraman (#48825889) Attached to: Belgian Raid Kills 2, Said To Avert "Major Terrorist Attacks"

So, perhaps then you can explain how the firebombing of dresden worked out so well and got the germans to surrender?


The Japanese didnt capitulate, their leaders decided to because they didnt want that much of their own blood on their hands.
Point to the leaders who will be surrendering in the middle east?

Such efforts have been well studies, and attacking a population results in one thing - giving them stronger resolve.

Bloodshed has never EVER conquered a people, idiot.

Comment: Re:42 minutes (Score 1) 300

by thesupraman (#48742427) Attached to: Why We're Not Going To See Sub-orbital Airliners

Just in case you dont realise, the reason for that have absolutely NOTHING to do with technical or economic issues.

And if you think any similar issues are the main problem with tunneling through the core of the planet, may I suggest looking at a preschool picture of 'the inside of a planet'? you see that red stuff? ......

Comment: Re: Chicago schools (Score 1) 169

Yes, they are. They are being fired, because paranoid parents assume that all male teachers are rapists, and schools are doing nothing to prevent that perception.
(and of course ignoring the amount of female teachers committing rape, both statutory and direct).

Of course that is only part of the problem, the fact is that Male and Female teachers take different approaches, which is why having both is so important.
And the 'educationalists' have a large bias to the Female approach (mostly because most of them are female).

Pull your head out of the closet and have a look at the teacher gender split figures, they are, shall we say, enlightening.

Comment: Re:Chicago schools (Score 2) 169

This, exactly this, and not just in the US, in pretty much every westernised education system.

Add to that of course addressing the HUGE gender imbalance in teaching (where is the effort to get more male teachers? yeah right,
they are being actively removed...)

Schools have become comfortable little fiefdoms with a dirty mixture of self interest, paranoia, and financial incest. The system needs to be stripped open
and scrubbed clean.

Once upon a time we had a media who would do the hard yards to achieve such things. Once..

Comment: Re:Note to capitalists: business model (Score 4, Interesting) 840

ROTFL, written like a good little consumer. The koolaid is strong in this one ;)

There is VERY little debate, it is often no more expensive to make something repairable, and thats not even the professors complain (or a good attempt at a strawman..), their complaint is that consumers are not bothering to even try and fix or have things fixed because they dont know how or that it is possible.

ie: they are well trained little consumers also.

Of course it is good for the companies selling items, but it is pretty damn stupid from ANY other point of view.

Comment: Re:Integrated this, integrated that (Score 1) 840

Actually the amplifier chips are usually easier to source and replace than they used to be, certainly a lot easier to diagnose.
The problem is people dont care, they consider the cost to be low enough they dont bother to try, and unless you try (and inevitably often fail)
you dont build up the skill set to be able to repair things.

In fact I would suggest that over half of modern electronics failures are bad capacitors, or power supply issues - even after the ones that are
purely mechanical (wires, switches, etc).

Comment: Re:Considering how few boys graduate at ALL (Score 4, Interesting) 355

Dont forget the elephant in the corner, which is is OH so fashionable to ignore.

Who is teaching our children?

Really, especially in younger education, go and look at the male/female TEACHER ratio.

Any women claim they are unfairly treated in education? BS. They ARE education now, if they are unfairly treated it is by themselves.

It is boys that are getting hammered, by a even increasing demand of a feminised education system for them to conform to feminine standards.

Want equality? Show me the push for more men in teaching!

Comment: Re: Motive (Score 1) 282

by thesupraman (#48673405) Attached to: Did North Korea Really Attack Sony?

You missed which part was the stunt.

Sony got hacked and very embarrassing emails for leaked.
Sony's spin doctors went in to overdrive.. And devised that threats against a movie that was looking like a loser anyway could help..

And it has.. No one is talking about the emails any more.. The us govt is rushing to support Sony as are the us sheeple.

So basically a successful move by Sony.

Who cares of it causes an international incident... A few execs can get a little more bonus next year!

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