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Comment Re: Sadly.. (Score 1) 351

Yes.. But that opens another question.

With the current rates of progress.. Will gegl based gimp as a full release with clean 16 bit be available before or after the heat death of the universe?

I suspect it will be a close call either way.

Development more these days has quite clearly moved into 'tinker with what the development god decided is flavor of the year' mode rather than any actual progress plan. Has been like that for a long long time.

Comment Sadly.. (Score 4, Insightful) 351

And Sadly its about 10 years since the developers pretty much stopped listening to the users, and 5 years since development ground to a halt.

Pity really, it was hijacked by a group of people with 'certain ideas' of how everything must be, and no willingness to compromise with the general user base.
After that, less and less developers contribute, the user base shrunk (or at best stopped growing).

3.0 has become a sad joke.

All of which is a great great pity. Compare it with Blender, with a healthy and energetic user and developer base, a continuous flow of real and useful new features, and a rapidly growing and actively using user base.

The day GIMP started trying to force people to save in its own proprietary format (to the great unhappiness of a large portion of its user base) rather than the format the file was OPENED in pretty much marks its death.

Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 3, Informative) 514

Ah, but that would cut in to their *profits!*
The thing to remember here is of course these Salmon will be significantly cheaper to produce.
Will they be qualitatively different? of course! faster grown species are always noticeably different.
Their trick of course is they will market them as the original species, which they now are not. Just require them
to be marketed under a new name...

Oh, and if you think GM labeling will ever get anywhere in the US, good luck with that, it would cut in to profits.
The dream of the GM growers is lower production costs for the same selling prices, nothing more, nothing less.

Comment Re:Five bucks says it's malware (Score 1, Insightful) 135

However what you actually did, rather than create a brand and market a product, was to cheaply troll the internet and get a cheap boost at the cost of lowering things one step further into the cesspool of marketing-no-matter-the-lie.
Tell me, what value do you think you have created here?

I wonder if you feel proud?

Of course you do, you are America. Go America!

Comment Its a great pity.. (Score 0) 162

Once NASA was a driven motivated organisation that excelled at achieving its goals, worked with external entities and well and achieved impressively.
Long has it lived on the reputation it earnt then, however..

Times have long since changed. It has become a bureaucratic slow moving monolith that fights for total control of everything it can get its hands on, participates happily in pork barrel politics, and appears to primarily exist to build its own empire where possible. It is permanently decrying its lack of funding, while playing silly PR games (do we really need the publics input on the best fashion design for spacesuits) and doing exactly NOTHING to address its massive internal inefficiency, bureaucracy and waste.

Of course this is not really surprising - most organisations of that size, when funded as deeply and not always given clear targets will degenerate in this way, however it is sad to see.

It is rather sad of course, because it was such a powerhouse of innovation in its heyday, and IMHO space exploration and research is very important.

I know that some people with howl and gnash their teeth and anyone daring to state the obvious, because they only want to see NASA through the glasses of times past, but that is not a way to move forward.

Comment Re:Lenz's law (Score 4, Insightful) 77

with regard to the inmotion charging..

Not to mention the fact that you better not be carrying anything magnetizable or magnetically erasable while you drive anywhere near these things.
The power density would have to be astronomical - have this really got past back of the envelope analysis?

Even if you assume a vehicle is only using 15HP to maintain itself in steady state cruise, thats a little over 11kW.
Allow for inefficiency in the motors and storage/drive, call it 15kW steady state
Allow for losses in the transmission and reception of the energy over a decent airgap and with a moving target, you are probably looking well over 20kW.
Now, say the charging stations are 5 minutes drive apart, and you spend 30 second over their 'charge grids' (those will be some LONG grids..)
you will now need a power rate of around 200kW to be transfered continuously for 30 seconds to provide enough energy.

Could all the people willing to sit in close proximity to a 200kW field, at speed, for 10% of their driving time please raise their hands?

Even the idea of stationary contactless charging is just foolish - why not simply attach contacts and increase the safety/efficiency massively.

I smell pork, lots and lots of nice fat goverment funded pork. Facts never get in the way of pork..

Comment Reds under the bed? (Score 2) 1

Its pretty damn lucky that Russians dont use the internet, isnt it!
After all, they are apparently not part of 'the west' who enjoy such luxuries - they must be too busy building tractors.

Oh, wait a second, its 2015.. not 1975.

If the US government/military is using 'the internet' for critical operational communications then perhaps THAT is something they need to address, but to think the evil russians feel a strategic advantage in breaking the internet is somewhat laughable. They would be hit as hard as everyone else.

Of course I suspect the endgame here is a bunch of US contractors get a few more BIG pay cheques to investigate this threat to democracy, possibly even build a few $$$$$ 'deep sea repair submersibles' (or are they calling them drones yet? that would be fashionable), and life will move on.

Comment Re:Did they learn anything?? (Score 4, Insightful) 278

What maked you think its about the '1%'? do you think they even care?

Have a look at the teachers, the administrators, the associated unions, the 'think of the children' reactionary crowd, and you soon see that education is pretty much doomed before it begins.

The majority working in education, especially younger grades, now just see it as a meal ticket, and the kids as an annoyance to be avoided as much as possible.
Standardised testing is a threat to their ability to do as little as possible for this paychecks.

The truly sad part of all of this is the teachers (and administrators) who do really care, are being pushed out by this - they get drowned in a system where there is more and more administrative overhead designed to 'measure' everything (and do nothing), which makes is close to impossible to both do a good job and to meet 'requirements'. They tend to either burn out or give up.

What we desperately need is:
A return of a path for good teachers to become administrators - and a removal of 'career' administrators who are just collecting a paycheck.
A strong message to the unions that our childrens schools do NOT exist to give their members a chushy ride, and 'think of the children' cries mixed with 'we can hold them to ransom' threats of action are not acceptible.
A return of GENDER BALANCE in teachers - it is not healthy that 90% of lower school teachers are now female, and male teachers are being actively removed.
A removal of teachers 'tenure', which is just an attcak on the kids, combined with:
Active performance measurement of teachers RESULTS (not self assessed). A teacher who is not performing for her students must not be allowed to continue damaging childrens education!, and note:
THIS is why teachers cannot self-assess their students! The good teachers judge students harshly, to motivate them, but therefore they look bad - poor teachers however are free to judge their students very easily (this is very very widely documented), making the bad teacher look good...
And finally, school costs not DIRECTLY related to education need to be taken to, harshly. Large fancy off-site administration buildings do NOT help kids learn better.

Teachers need respect, and teachers need to EARN respect. Teaching children is a critical role - however we seem to be doing everything possible to damage the profession in return for making teachers lives more comfortable. Imagine if we did the same for pilots or surgeons..

Is it really that difficult?

Comment Re:Fukushima was NOT WORTH IT (Score 1) 313

Nice to see you avoid the obvious proving point of populations LIVING in high radiation levels - just keep avoiding facts why dont you..

But since you asked.
A good starting point to learn about the assumption of linear ionising radiation damage:

But you just keep believing your reds-under-the-bed propoganda view of radiation.. because science stopped in the 50s, really it did.

For bonus points I suggest you keep working hard to stop development/deployment of new generation nuclear power, to maximise the length
of time we keep running old gen reactors, and block any attempts to minimise waste through reprocessing/breeding! yeah, thats the ticket!

Comment Re:Fukushima was WORTH IT (Score 4, Insightful) 313

I beg to differ, no it cannot.

It would, for example, be pretty damn hard to get a nuclear power incident more incompetently managed and 'dirty' as Chernobyl, and I am pretty sure that the human race has not yet been wiped out by it (although the local wildlife population is devastatingly healthy thanks to less people around).

Perhaps you would prefer a mountain of radioactive ash from coal plants?

Comment Re:Fukushima was WORTH IT (Score 4, Informative) 313

You seem to forget that the US dropped NUCLEAR FUCKING BOMBS on two Japanese cities only 70 odd years ago, and both are thriving cities these days.

What goes on for so long is the bs paranoia that is so deeply ingrained that people refuse to look at the scientific facts that low levels of radiation are not lethal, and in fact are quite common naturally.

Or perhaps you suggest we should require people to block up all basements in bedrock due to the natural radon levels?

Not to mention banning bananas

People living in Ramsir, Iran of course must be dead by now, but somehow they have been surviving for centuries,_Mazandaran

But dont let actual facts get in the way of your cold war radiation terror..

Comment Re:LOL .. RICO (Score 5, Interesting) 136

Sorry, but the FUD is strong in this one.

We push close to 1k TPS through a reasonably setup postgres database (large and highly structured) with hardware levels I would say a bit less than oracle would throw at a similar oracle setup, and it is a fast rock. We have zero problems with it.
Throw that kind of load at any system untuned and it will fall over - oracle included.

People often compare postgres benchmarked on someones PC to oracle running on a large unix server - of course oracle will win there, but postgres can scale up pretty damn solidly these days also. Unless you have very specific requirements that require of of the niches postgres does not (yet) address it is great.

Comment Re:You're so negative (Score -1, Troll) 145

Are you kidding?
This is just the continuation of another avenue US funds Israel to the tune of billions to further develop its 'defensive capabilities'.

Thank god that NASA cannot cooperate with the Chinese, who are actually actively working on space systems, because of their HORRIFIC human rights records.
Much much better to work with those lovely fluffy Israelis. What have THEY ever done against human rights?

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