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Comment: Re:Considering how few boys graduate at ALL (Score 3, Interesting) 236

Dont forget the elephant in the corner, which is is OH so fashionable to ignore.

Who is teaching our children?

Really, especially in younger education, go and look at the male/female TEACHER ratio.

Any women claim they are unfairly treated in education? BS. They ARE education now, if they are unfairly treated it is by themselves.

It is boys that are getting hammered, by a even increasing demand of a feminised education system for them to conform to feminine standards.

Want equality? Show me the push for more men in teaching!

Comment: Re: Motive (Score 1) 281

by thesupraman (#48673405) Attached to: Did North Korea Really Attack Sony?

You missed which part was the stunt.

Sony got hacked and very embarrassing emails for leaked.
Sony's spin doctors went in to overdrive.. And devised that threats against a movie that was looking like a loser anyway could help..

And it has.. No one is talking about the emails any more.. The us govt is rushing to support Sony as are the us sheeple.

So basically a successful move by Sony.

Who cares of it causes an international incident... A few execs can get a little more bonus next year!

Comment: No, No it doesnt. (Score 4, Insightful) 224

by thesupraman (#48664865) Attached to: Tech's Gender Gap Started At Stanford

I am sorry, what data does it have?
Oh, you mean it has unsupported assertions that match your desired worldview?

Let me make my own suggestion:
Pre mid 90s, CS was a rather unpopular course, generally filled with people who had a true interest in it, and in quite low numbers.
Therefore it tended to have a moderately (more) balanced gender participation, although that does vary quite strongly depending on location.

During the later 90s, the 'tech boom' made it a much more popular course for a lot of people who through it could be a path to 'success', the
content was watered down, the attendance went through the roof, and more of a male bias was seem.

HOWEVER, what to know where the opposite happened? business courses, MBAs, Laywers, Doctors.
Thats right, women CHOSE to avoid tech because they saw a larger payout in other areas - and women in general are better at long term planning.
Women went for the established, known risk long term payout of those kinds of course (at least as viewed at the time), whereas Men tended to bias more
towards the 'excitement and risk' of tech, with a lower probable payout.

But history meant a few of the tech people ended up making it big - so not its 'unfair' that more women didnt choose that path, and its the mens fault.

Get real, CS, and other tech courses, were most certainly NOT sexy in the early-mid 90s, and women were not excluded - most people who took them
were looked down on by much of the rest of the faculty.

Or, should we perhaps look at the current gener in bio-research, and advanced medical? a HUGE bias to women - who is screaming out about fixing that
equality? yes? please? no one? thought not.

Its just more of the usual - if something does well, women want 'equality' inforced there, but if it doesnt, they are happy to ignore it.
Or should be be trying to fix the gender gap in trades and manual labour areas? more women working in mines and fabrication?

Thought not..

Comment: Re:How crazy (Score 2) 135

by thesupraman (#48577625) Attached to: Bank Security Software EULA Allows Spying On Users

No, it appears that YOU know nothing about IT.
Or more, likely, the shill is strong in this one.

It is a pretty normal and well understood process these days of requesting user permission for a specific upload of information to a vendor (for exmaple 'this program has crashed, can we please send the crash report back for analysis'

Them being allowed to scrape anything they damn well feel from your computer without any direct permission is, as anyone with a functioning brain knows, a HUGE step beyond that.

Comment: Re: When we give money to the schools ... (Score 0) 229

by thesupraman (#48512841) Attached to: FBI Seizes Los Angeles Schools' iPad Documents

So.. Tell me
How is the pay as a teachers union rep these days?

That's quite a good collection of complete rubbish.. But hey what ever you need to rationalize increasing teachers benefits and protections at the cost of children's education.. Right?

You have forgotten that the principle under your theory is looking after all the kids in the school.. They must be underpaid even more! And I just realized! Obama is in charge of the whole population right? My god that man needs a pay rise!

The fact is these days teaching has become more and more secure (bad teachers are not only not removed.. They are almost impossible to even identify any more). Schools are spending more and more on their internal staffing and management and facilities and teaching 'aids' ( most of which are designed to reduce teacher effort rather that increase quality of actual teaching) at the direct cost of actual education.

I truly feel sorry for the last few true teachers holding on in the system as they watch this show motion train wreck destroy what was one a highly respected profession.

Sad.. Bit that's the end game of the paranoid knee jerk media driven frenzy that modern American life has become.

Think of the children.. Start making teachers and schools actually responsible for their Poor performance.

Comment: Re:Anti-feminism is NOT misogyny (Score 1) 299

by thesupraman (#48413713) Attached to: Uber Threatens To Do 'Opposition Research' On Journalists

You need to learn some basic comprehension I am afraid.

An Advocate is someone actively pushing for something.
Not being an advocate in NO way means you are apathetic to something or against something.
You can be a supporter without being an advocate.

However what you have done is demonstrated your actual bias by trying to tar anyone who is not a feminist as being against women, a common dirty trick.

Or do you really believe that you are against everything in this world that you dont actively work to support?
When was the last time you actively worked to support starving africans? homeless people? abused children? abused animals? male rape victims? (yes, they exist) the land rights of Austalian Aborigines?

See how it works? not being an advocate for something does not mean you dont support it.

Comment: Re:Huh? (Score 2) 299

by thesupraman (#48413633) Attached to: Uber Threatens To Do 'Opposition Research' On Journalists

Journalists are also in a position of power and trust, and as they are quite willing to dig in to the 'background' of others and public report it from that position of power, they should be willing to accept the same.

Neither party should enter in to any kind of smear campaign, or falsely report anything, or hopefully sensationalise anything, however there must be balance.

And part of that balance is that journalists should be willing to be held up to the same level of scrutiny as the people they report on.

From what I could tell there was no reported evidence that their private life was going to be investigated, just their background - and that IS entirely valid, in the
same way that it is valid for a journalist to investigate the background of those they report on. It is quite clear here that there are suspicions, quite possibly valid,
that certain people in the media are intentionally targeting a company - it is ENTIRELY valid for the company to put similar effort in to investigating those
journalists to see if there is an underlying reason for the targeting - of course hopefully they will find nothing.

It is rather precious for a journalists to cry foul about having their 'private lives' attacked when they are reporting comments that were made in a private context,
especially when the journalists in question have reported also on a number of details of the CEO in questions private life themselves.

All part of the poisonous angry world of distrust and low morals that is the public face of the US these days, I guess. Deal with it.

Comment: Tech Diversity is not the big problem... (Score 1) 441

by thesupraman (#48319379) Attached to: The Other Side of Diversity In Tech

Increasing diversity in THE TEACHING OF OUR CHILDREN would be pretty damn good also.
Unfortunately, no one seems to care about this.

After many decades of chasing just about any man out of the teaching profession, we are left with a huge bias presented to children at their very most sensitive age.
And we are worried about diversity in Tech? why not ponder the elephant in the corner, instead of the mouse hole.

How do we expect to develop a well balanced and unbiased society when our children are taught, almost without exception, by women?

I am NOT claiming, of course, that women cannot teach well - that is far from the truth.
I AM claiming that having only women teachers IS A BAD THING.

Of course the knee jerk reactions will not flood in - but face it, it is an inexcusable situation.
Where are the big well funded pushed to get more men in teaching? ha! they are being actively excluded.. Many schools now actively
avoid employing men 'as it makes the parents uncomfortable'.

What a sad state of affairs.

Comment: Re:Conversely they spy on Brits for the NSA (Score 5, Interesting) 95

by thesupraman (#48267243) Attached to: Secret Policy Allows GCHQ Bulk Access To NSA Data

I dont think you quite understand...
Why would they use it to craft who wins elections?
They only need it to drop a few hints to the politician of choice at the time, that they know all their secrets, so they better vote X on Y.
You think any career politician is going to stand up to them with that hanging over their heads? Not a chance.

The interesting thing with all of this is how much evidence of criminal activity must they be IGNORING in this data, to keep their capabilities quiet.

They are of course now solidly and effectively above all laws, including international law (thanks to their cooperation).

Have a nice day.

Comment: Re:History is written by the victors (Score 4, Insightful) 495

by thesupraman (#48266471) Attached to: Imagining the Future History of Climate Change

Or JUST POSSIBLY it could be like all the 60s/70s end of the world nuclear Apocalypse fiction..
Or in fact the 70s 80s 'big freeze' Apocalypse fiction.
Or, well, zombie plague fiction, etc, etc.

Its 'insightful' that in their own description of the book they appear to complain about the limits of non-fiction for discussion of 'scientific ideas'
Damn those limitations of, you know, actually having true facts and not just making shit up.

Really, this is one step below gutter science, its embarrassing to the whole debate.

Comment: Re:Is this legal? (Score 1) 700

by thesupraman (#48210231) Attached to: FTDI Reportedly Bricking Devices Using Competitors' Chips.

WHO says they are fake?

It is entirely legal to produce a FTDI USB/API compatible chip - as long as it is not branded with FTDI, or containing FTDI owned design.
Or are you claiming that somehow USB IDs are legally protected? because they are not.

Many of the chips that have been found affected do not carry FTDI branding, they are COMPATIBLE PRODUCTS, not 'Fake Chips'
Some are of course fake chips - that is another matter, however most certainly not all.

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