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Comment: Sorry, the UK certainly did not create Israel. (Score 1) 474

No, the US pushed for and funded the illegal immigration into the area (mostly as a move to avoid post-war immigration of European Jews to America).
The British actively fought against it, and were the targets of terrorist attacks in response (see the King David Hotel Bombing, for example).
The US then pressured a desperate Britain to allow things to continue.
In the end Britain, in desperation, turned the problem over to the UN, where the US championed a decision allowing the seeding of modern Israel.
The British still tried to resist this, and were only pushed out under force of arms.

So no, saying the UK created the nation os Israel is, in fact, simple insanity, or more likely an attempt to rewrite history.

Comment: Re:truly an inspiration. (Score 1) 474

And yet, it seems, you have not heard of current day Israel.

Interesting. You apparently have done ALL this research and not even noticed that small thorn in your statistical theory.
' The fact that you don't hear about Jews doesn't mean anything- numerically, they don't exist.'

However, the fact that we DO hear about Jews (Israelis) quite often, and their nearly constant and well documented
human rights violations, means quite a lot, as they are - as you say, a tiny minority. Therefore statistically they
are pretty damn active in this area..

Your statistics regarding percentages are also a lot of tripe sorry, as the ratio of 'true believers' is what matters rather than
the practically useless numbers which tend to lump whole countries in to certain religious groups based on historical

I am not excusing ANY of the groups. Using religion (or pretty much anything else) as an excuse to persecute others is
just plain disgusting.

Comment: Re:Local recycling is dependent on a local market (Score 3, Interesting) 78

by thesupraman (#49542947) Attached to: Africa E-Waste Dump Continues Hyperbole War

People are missing the point my friend.

The reason we are seeing these beatups is because the manufacturers of such consumer items see India, Africa, and China as growth markets as they
develop an increasing middle class, however the norm there is to buy our (usually perfectly functional and/or easy to repair) discarded items, and use those
at a fraction of the cost.

This REDUCES CORPORATE GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES, hence must be squashed at any cost, including outright lies (and I suspect much much more).

E-Waste is a huge lie, what we are seeing here is active recycling. Exactly what we want, but of course the purveyors of new goods hate..

Seriously, the efforts being made by computer equipment manufacturers to block the export of perfectly functional second hand equipment to such countries,
where they will be used and cared for for a long time, is just disgusting (Cisco is a very good example of this.. their older 100mbit equipment is throwaway
in the west, and sells very well in the 3rd world..)

So we are just seeing the usual easily swallowed lies being picked up by the idiocracy of the general populous/media, who it seems cannot critically think
their way out of a paper bag.

Same thing happens all the time with second hand cars (often by a moving target of 'safety standards').

Reuse is by FAR the best form of recycling, and yet our governments are fighting it tooth and nail. Sad.

Comment: Re: These calculations for are so stupid. (Score 1) 621

by thesupraman (#49534973) Attached to: Cheap Gas Fuels Switch From Electric Cars To SUVs

You DO know what a gearbox is, right? and that most cars have them?
Just wondering, since that kind of shows that you dont have a fucking clue... but hey.

BUT, just in case. torque would matter if both vehicles were forced to stay in the same total end to end gearing ratio..
As soon as gearing can be changed to obtain maximum hp, then HP is the only thing that matters for power output.

So no, they are not 'geared for better torque', they produce more torque at lower RPM, which means exactly squat.

And I have both, turbo diesel and petrol, with similar torques (actually higher peak in diesel) and petrol has about 40% more hp.
Its a no contest between them in acceleration. The petrol destroys the diesel.

Comment: Re:No points for second place (Score 4, Funny) 182

by thesupraman (#49534259) Attached to: Chinese Scientists Claim To Have Genetically Modified Human Embryos

Now, from what I can tell, the majority is China followed by India India. I would suspect both are pretty much good with this, and more.

Here is my bet.
In the good ole US of A, this will quietly/'secretly' be used to build beefier quarterbacks and taller execs.
In Asia this will be publicly used to treat congenital diseases.

The US will scream in horror at what Asia is doing.

Have a nice day.

Comment: And what they dont.. (Score 4, Informative) 74

by thesupraman (#49534223) Attached to: Apple Offers Expedited Apple Watch Order Lottery To Developers

However in the real world...

1) I think the word you are looking for is 'fashion' as in people think having an iwatch ion their wrist will somehow make them cool. good luck with that.
2) I can only assume you have not actually looked at the competition on this one.
3) And again, you missed the fact that most of the Android watches last longer? Even Apple dont rate their watch for 24 whole hours.
4) You mean just like android?
5) Um, what? is that in some way an apple only feature? Oh, I see. because apple use THAT name for it it is somehow special. hmmm.
6) Yes, a nice and effective way to reduce battery life even further. Enjoy.

BTW I do like your rationalisation at the end where anything that doesnt quite work properly must not be needed, so you can just bin it ;)

Thank god that outside the Apple walled garden there is some choice - hell, you can even get WATCH shaped watches ;)

Comment: Oh Joy. (Score 5, Insightful) 192

by thesupraman (#49483911) Attached to: The Car That Knows When You'll Get In an Accident Before You Do

And no doubt when the insurance investigators get access to the data as part of the fine-print on your contract, and decide you were not doing exactly what they believe is correct in a given situation, then you will be at fault.

Let alone once the police decide that data is theirs also.

Let the fun times roll.

Comment: Re:One and a half years is plenty for a sports gam (Score 1) 153

Well, unless when they sold the game they STATED CLEARLY that the game was not sold, but was an 18 month lease of service then YES WE DO.
Otherwise it is a violation of the contract established at the time of sale - at a minimum they owe the purchaser a percentage refund based on the possible
time the purchaser could play the game - lets say 10-20 years of hardware compatibility availability? 90% should be fair.

You see, when you sell someone an item, YOU HAVE TO DAMN WELL STAND BEHIND IT!

Imagine if you bought a house and it started falling down after 18 months... perhaps that would also just be ok? after all, the seller got what they wanted..
Or are people who want what they paid for just cheap bastards?
Still, I guess you will get your EA shill money no matter.. but then they dont pay you to be a moron do they, you do it voluntarily.

Comment: Re:NIMBY strikes again (Score 2) 228

by thesupraman (#49434899) Attached to: Amid Controversy, Construction of Telescope In Hawaii Halted

Ah, but you are not thinking through his claim well enough! ;)

A magical spirit that has existed forever somehow decided to make just us, here, and has a bunch of rather
arbitrary rules that we must follow or we go to hell for eternity, or heaven if we follow them (which seem to be somewhat flexible and
changing, as they once included stoning people to death and keeping slaves, but now, not so much..) is OBVIOUS (or pick another
one of the hundreds of belief systems if you like..), but that instead of that, the same life-after-death existence cannot possibly involve
ending up on top of the local big volcano, a place that has been part of the peoples life for all their life?

However perhaps towermac was meaning the type of Creator described in Star Maker (, who
couldnt really care less about our existence, but I have my doubts ;)

Comment: Re:NIMBY strikes again (Score 1) 228

by thesupraman (#49434823) Attached to: Amid Controversy, Construction of Telescope In Hawaii Halted

No, they just havnt been bought off enough yet.

That is how things usually work these days, their concerns will be about deep sacred untouchable things that can never change, until an
offer is made that they decide is enough (usually involving both obvious stuff like new buildings/land for their people, plus some
less obvious ones, usually resulting in a ton of cash for their leaders) and suddenly we will find they can bless the land, and everything
will be ok.

Now that may sound racist/culturist/whatever, but its quite the opposite. If such things are that sacred, then stick to your damn guns!
dont sell it out.. but thats not how it works.. the leaders are always just after the big payout. Very very sad. I am sure we will hear in a while
how they have decided to allow it to happen for the good of the rest of us, and we have decided to generously give them a ton of whatever in

Comment: Re:Don't blame me. (Score 2) 124

by thesupraman (#49350155) Attached to: Australia Passes Mandatory Data Retention Law

Well, I guess your data will be of interest then..

The 'solution' to this is of course organised poisoning of these databases through both randomised access and proxy/encryption use, which if used enough makes the data useless. Unfortunately that takes a lot of people to make it work.. and most people just dont understand the ramifications.

I wonder what it takes to be classified as a 'journalist' (but then I doubt it makes any difference, because how would they know if such rules are followed..)

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