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Comment Re:I know (Score 1) 172 172

Annoyance #2, actually dealbreaker, is how they've made the OS almost broken if you don't use a Microsoft account login. This means that your computer's login is the same password as your email address, and is out of your control. Microsoft or anyone pressuring them can get into your (their) computer since they control the password. It is way to easy for SOHO users looking for time-wasters in the Microsoft store to convert the local account into their own user login and lock out everybody including admin. The email address of the logon is proudly displayed on the logon screen to unauthenticated users, with no way to turn this off.

Stop spouting non-sense. This is totally false. I've been running Windows 10 since November on my work laptop and since January on my home desktop. You only need to use a Microsoft account to get access to the App Store. This access is easier if you use the Microsoft account as your Windows User account so you don't have to log in every time you use the App Store, but Windows 10 will happily let you use regular old Windows User accounts.

Comment Re:"Ur" (Score 4, Informative) 194 194

Are you being stupid on purpose or what?

"Ur" is a fairly common way to represent an origin or prototypical item of a set, as in a "ur-language" would be the mother tongue from which other languages spring. It seem to be being used in this context to mean more "all-encompassing", or a back to roots type thing, but the meaning still applies.

Why am I responding to an AC troll....

Comment Re:Pitiful (Score 1) 230 230

It's already on the InterWebs and just a matter of time before it's everywhere.

Except that it's not on the torrents yet:

The only people we know for sure who have the movie are Sony (who aren't releasing it) and the hackers (who definitely aren't releasing it)

Comment Re:gotta be Bennett (Score 5, Insightful) 162 162

Seriously. I don't normally complain about the crap that gets posted from the same sources over and over that's just trash, but these Bennett posts are awful garbage. This is not your personal blog! No one cares what you think!

And this idea is stupid as well. It looks like he thought "Hey, lots of sites have moderation systems, why not twitter" and then realized that it, like all moderation systems, would have some problems. How does that rate a whole discussion?

Is there a chrome extension that blocks slashdot stories with "Bennett Haselton" yet?

Comment Re:What a shame (Score 4, Insightful) 189 189

Duhh. Neither does the artist make any money.

So? The copy doesn't mean that downloader would have ever given any money to the artist if that was the only way to obtain the file, they might (probably) would have just gotten something else for free instead (or be willing to pay a lower, but not offered in the marketplace, rate). That's why we have all these new methods of paying artists like donations (pay what you want), kickstarter (like for the latest Zach Braff movie), indiegogo, etc. (as well as the traditional methods like t-shirts and swag and concerts, seeing the movie in the theater for the theater experience)

These are inherently ephemeral goods; there is no real world resource loss. Whether they get paid once or a billion times, the amount of work has not changed. Even if they never get paid, like plenty of artists who work their whole lives at their craft and never even make rent money.

If you can't make money doing what you are doing, then do something else.

Comment Re:What a shame (Score 5, Interesting) 189 189

Well, you are still taking the copy without paying for it. That copy still carries a value even when the plain act of copying does not involve any manufacturing costs. I can't believe how tough concept this often is for slashdotters.

I can't believe you still don't get it. Taking that copy causes NO loss of resources to the artist, the resources being used are by the sharer and the downloader. The artist didn't lose anything.

That the artist didn't get paid for that copy is irrelevant. That's just a failure in their business model. I can't charge you for every time you download and read this comment, even if I wanted to.

The thing you keep missing is that the artist (or record company, or estate or whatever) DOES NOT deserve to get paid for every single copy of their song, forever and ever. If you aren't making enough money doing what you are doing, then do something else.

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