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Comment Re: Just in time!! (Score 1) 37

Well, with various games installed that I used to play but don't at the moment it can quickly get up there. WoW is some 30 GB, so is Fallout 4, might still have Wildstar installed for another 20 ... It adds up these days. The point is that a list of what you're about to delete before deleting 100 GB would be really, really nice.

Comment Re:getting the measure of it (Score 1) 79

If the brain's ability to keep track of time is based on neural activity (I can't help but compare it a bit to ancient computer games that used the CPU clock to determine speed ...), that could be linked to the way time seems to slow down if you find yourself in a suddenly dangerous situation, with the brain going into a momentary overdrive to find a solution before it's too late.

Comment Re:Think? (Score 1) 522

Consider the size of games being released these days. 20 GB+. I think Fallout 4 clocks in close to 30 GB off the top of my head.

2006, ten years ago, saw the release of Oblivion - same company, same genre, a pretty good comparison. That is a 5.6 GB download off of Steam according to .

Let's see. Rounding off we have approximately a 550% size increase in similar games over the past ten years. Not that far from your 625% goal, is it?

Comment Re:FBI: trust us, we would never abuse power (Score 1) 301

I can see one simple situation where that wouldn't be the case.

If the site had a verification process that was already in place, so new files wouldn't show up immediately but would be vetted by moderators, that could stay up, allowing file after file of evidence to be submitted - and the submitters would only start to get worried when the usual turnaround time was exceeded.

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