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Comment Re: Social media (Score 1) 307

What if you killed a guy that was mugging someone else, but due to circumstances you can't tell the police you did it and claim self defense; perhaps you have previous convictions for violent behavior or something to that effect.

Comment Group work in school (Score 4, Insightful) 307

Gods, how I hated that crap.

If I am going to succeed or fail in school it should NOT be based on the morons the teacher groups me with, but on my own capabilities.

In my memory of my school years, group work inevitably devolved into the rest of the group chatting among themselves while I did the work anyway.

Comment Re:The engineers knew what was happening (Score 3, Insightful) 618

Is it not possible that years after these things were made by two different development groups as the GP suggested, these two groups happened to discuss the work they had done, blinked, and realized how those two things worked together. Or given this started back in 2009, there's probably been some turnover, no one in charge knew anymore this was happening and had to be kept secret, and one person was given full access to the code to add a few new snippets - and HE realized what it was actually doing.

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