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Comment Re:This is *SO* unethical ! (Score 2) 166

Most EULAs have a clause stating that they can change the terms in the future; most don't say that these changes will be retro-active.

Imagine if contracts worked like this (hint, EULAs are generally treated like contracts). After years of paying, say, ten dollars a month the contract gets changed retro-actively to 100 dollars a month, and you're stuck owing thousands of dollars.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 161

I live really far from any airfields, and several times a year I have military cargo planes flying so low overhead the first several times I thought they were gonna crash. That is NOT an amusing experience by any means.

If a cargo plane is so low you can read the serial number (or whatever that unique letter-and-number code on planes is called) then it is TOO low.

Comment Re:Get a grip! (Score 1) 607


Scholarship or bust.


Toll roads, various internet speed/cost issues.


Weekly stories of police shooting innocent civilians.

material ... abundance

Jobs being outsourced left and right.

that make you the envy of the rest of the planet

Citation needed. I know large portions of Europe look to America and think, "WTF happened?"

Comment Re:Home for refugees? (Score 0) 109

If that was their goal they wouldn't be throwing fits about being put in cities that aren't 'big enough', they would have sold their fancy smartphones to get another family member with them, and they would basically be behaving like people grateful to not live in fear for their lives rather than bratty teenagers that get a BLACK Ferrari instead of a RED one.

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