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Comment Re:nerd news? (Score 1) 467

I would argue against that.

People that fight for freedom have a tendency to die young, and depending on the circumstances, having their families killed in retaliation by the powers that be.

The cowards that don't fight for freedom live longer and keep their families safer, thus their genes are more likely to survive.

Comment Re:We should make a new game (Score 1) 258

Of course not. A website with no comments (can't stop people from commenting elsewhere, obviously), no text beyond possibly a transcript of what's been said, but beyond that? Pictures, video, audio. That's not harassment according to his own suggestion! Or at least in this case, a site that updates with regular intervals where he and/or his car is located.

I'm sure a politician will get really nervous if there's a website that details his location with just five minute intervals.

Comment Re:Police state San Jose (Score 1) 258

There is no proof that the ONE data point of your car's location and speed when you got the ticket is related to you.

However, a map of where your car has been every day at three different times of day for the past two years? Yeah, that's a map of where you are with 99.9% accuracy.

Comment One game, one save (Score 4, Interesting) 70

So let me get this straight.

Only one game currently uses the write function. The chip can only HOLD data for one game. And the whole problem boils down to, "But what if someone in some indeterminate future decides to use the write function as well?"

While yes, they should have thought of that during development, this currently seems kind of like a non-issue. And wouldn't the simplest solution be using the normal save space on the Wii U (I assume it has that, right?) requiring something similar to an encryption key or password from the given doll to use the data that applies to it?

Comment Re:once again: the CLOUD is NOT (Score 1) 128

NSA checks your credit card history.
NSA finds a payment to a storage unit.
NSA gets in a car.
NSA drives to a hardware store.
NSA buys a bolt cutter.
NSA drives to the storage unit.
NSA rummages through your stuff after using the 'key' they just bought.

Yep, very secure. I'd look up that XKCD comic with the five dollar wrench if I felt like it.

The more cordial the buyer's secretary, the greater the odds that the competition already has the order.