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Comment: Re:Yay for Belgium (Score 5, Insightful) 72 72

who can't enter in to an agreement with a business

The commission is particularly interested in the use that Facebook makes of information about users who are not logged in to Facebook, and may not even be members.

Facebook is essentially saying you don't HAVE to enter into an agreement with them in order for them to keep track of you.

Comment: Re:Missing option (Score 1) 225 225

It should not be weighed at all.

The ability to make up a hundred different accusations (hired a hitman, fondles little boys, kicks his neighbor's puppy daily) and not prove any of them just to affect the weight of the sentence in a trial related to selling drugs is just ... It's WRONG.

Comment: Re:I did not know... (Score 1) 461 461

You think after blowing up his stuff only to find out it wasn't a bomb the police will care about his statement? His friend CLEARLY just claimed to have been the one driving to save him, so got hit with Obstruction Of Justice or something along those lines.

Don't underestimate a police officer trying to save face after screwing up big time.

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