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Comment: Get me one with a really short period! (Score 4, Interesting) 19

by SharpFang (#49609531) Attached to: High School Students Discover Pulsar With Widest-Known Orbit

I'd really love to see the discovery of a Quark Star.

Black Holes have two modes of creation.

One - observed and well-documented, Supernova explosion, with the core collapsing directly into a black hole.

The other is only known in theory. A neutron star obtaining enough mass through accretion to collapse either from interstellar gas or by connecting with another star (possibly also neutron). Before that happens though, there is a phase hypothesized between the neutron star and the black hole, where the matter degenerates enough that the neutron structure collapses and the star is composed of unstructured quarks. A little more and it collapses into a Black Hole.

No such star has been observed, and we don't know what other effects accompany it. The mass window is very narrow, somewhere between 3 and 4 solar masses, but the exact boundaries are not known. Dual systems with neutron stars of very short period are the candidates for this to happen. Hulse-Taylor binary binary will merge within next 300mln years, but I really hope we can observe one within our lifetimes.

Comment: Re:Must have 2 usb and Ethernet! (Score 1) 301

Sorry, but RS232 is far from obsolete in the embedded world.

Newest SBC with all modern gizmos? Boasts 6 RS-232 and 2 RS-485 ports. Initial connection over serial console, as is the industry standard. RS232 to radio for receiving traffic messages from vehicles. RS232 to a GSM module for synchronizing the clock in network-less situations. RS485 to communicate with a board providing central control connectivity. (and hey, the board doesn't even network to the central facility directly! It connects over RS232 to a Tibbo box which acts as "RS232 over IP" bridge!) RS232 debug console, RS485 bus to communicate with other devices in the area, RS232 for in-system-programming of the supervisor CPU, and optional RS232 modem, although usually we provide a GSM router with Ethernet instead.

In the embedded world RS232 is the king and nowhere near to going away. USB is far too cumbersome for developers, Ethernet still needs to be configured before you start working, WiFi is a whole pile of headaches... RS232 works whether you work with a newest I.MX6 quad core or a PIC with 1KM RAM.

Comment: Re: 1 port for a hub (Score 1) 301

I need my mouse maybe once a month, but when I need it I NEED it (really need to edit some graphics quick, and touchpad is absolutely terrible for that.) And the last thing I need then is finding the batteries died.

Oh, also, no internal Bluetooth. Need a dongle. A USB dongle.

Comment: Re:Position (Score 1) 301

If I want to do any graphics, touchpad is really a horrible input device for that. I carry a small mouse just for that purpose.
And the other port is usually occupied by the USB modem.
Yeah, I could download whatever graphics I need, unplug the modem, plug the mouse in, make the graphics and switch the devices again. But that's damn cumbersome, especially that the modem needs some 2-3 minutes to start and connect.

Comment: Re: Error in headline (Score 1) 299

It's a subject far too touchy to be critically analyzed by any scientist who wants to retain their reputation. In case the results don't fit the current political agenda, too bad for the results and the scientist who obtained them.

I'm pretty sure IQ tests that are gender and ethnic background neutral (e.g. developed by a mixed team of all backgrounds) are entirely possible. It's just a can of worms nobody wants to open, because *POSSIBLY* - similarly to how different races, nationalities and genders have different predispositions in sports (take the separation of men's and women's leagues in almost all sports) - so do human brains.

But in this case objective truth will not be known anytime soon. Any initial research is bound to contain faults, as is standard for every single domain of research. But while in other domains the faults are detected, pointed out and corrected in incremental research phases without any fuss, in this case they mean totally ruining the career of the researcher.

Comment: Re: Error in headline (Score 1) 299

I am familiar with the concept. It's a concept of trying to fit data into preconceived idea. It's bad science and it produces faulty results.

It's like you were performing drug tests with use of a test group and a control group but ditched performing any tests on the control group assuming it's 'default' and none of symptoms appearing in the test group ever happen in the control group.

Any gender bias studies are entirely fallacious if they are gender-biased.

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