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Comment: Re:It's all about me. (Score 1) 813

by Calydor (#48881135) Attached to: Fake Engine Noise Is the Auto Industry's Dirty Little Secret

If visual clues are so important, why aren't cars mandated to all be in the most visible colors possible, rather than lots of silver or black cars that vanish against the background?

If engine noise gets mandated, so help me I will lobby to have it mandated that ALL cars be neon orange with large green dots.

Comment: Re:Not sure how this is necessary (Score 2) 322

Suspicion of mass bullying:

1) Ask bullied kid to log into Facebook and show THEIR logs.
2) Ask other bullied kids if you know of any.
3) If bullying actually took place, and it is illegal, file a subpoena for the full logs.

No need to reveal passwords on suspicion.

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