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Comment Re:Worth noting (Score 1) 34

I'm Danish, thanks. So yes, I have been there.

Have you grown up there? You seem to think the so-called Jante law is an actual written law the courts take into consideration and not just an antiquated ideal.

Have you watched Danish television in the past week leading up to the launch, all the interviews with Mogensen and his family?

Comment Re:Poor example (Score 2) 407

Not necessarily useless.

In the school zone, let's say 80% of the kids need to cross the road. They then spread out from there, and just the next road over maybe only 20% of them need to cross, if they aren't staying in the school zone to wait for a bus at which point perhaps they won't be crossing the road at all.

The school zone says that a LOT of children are likely to be present, and extra attention and lower speed becomes required.

Comment Re:Not really ... (Score 1) 41

Let's take the Facebook app as an example. If you buy a smartphone, and it has the Facebook app pre-installed, and you WANT to use the Facebook app ... what reasonable person would assume the pre-installed app is malware, and they should uninstall it then install the official one straight from Facebook?

Comment Re:Quote (Score 1) 288

Those were well-known examples.

Here's the full list of movies that vanished from Netflix' stock:

At a glance there are a LOT of titles I don't recognize, with covers that suggest they're from the 70s or 80s. I spot a recent animated movie (Alpha and Omega), a geek classic at least for a popular quote (Apocalypse Now), and a definite geek classic (A Conversation With Leonard Nimoy) - and that's just in the A section.

Please don't think Epix ONLY has control of Hunger Games and World War Z.

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