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Comment: Re:The over-65's swung it for No (Score 1) 465

by Calydor (#47947557) Attached to: Scotland Votes No To Independence

You missed my point.

The point is that being part of the UK does not - at least to the extent of my knowledge - leave the Scots oppressed, with no rights or luxuries. They are not an ostracized minority in their own country. Yes, of course they would have basic necessities and luxuries whether they were in the UK or not, but if leaving at this point means a portion of the citizens face financial ruin, then of COURSE they will vote no to leaving.

Comment: Re:Maybe (Score 1) 264

by Calydor (#47873087) Attached to: Using Wearable Tech To Track Gun Use

When the next President( who will be the one who promises to castrate the NSA)

So you're saying the US won't elect a new president in 2016? Or just the one who promises it?

decommissions the server farm storage they have with our records on, they can be used to store police footage in perpetuity

No, it seems you actually think he would promise it AND follow through.

Comment: Re:how about .... (Score 1) 131

by Calydor (#47828127) Attached to: Facebook Blamed For Driving Up Cellphone Bills, But It's Not Alone

OK, so what's the realistic way to use an app that uses more bandwidth than your plan includes?

If you want to use an app that plays video (and you want to use it outside of your wifi) you need a way to get those videos to your phone.

Maybe grab a still image of the video from about ten seconds in along with a, "Click here to view this video" link? You know, so you only download a ~20 KB image instead of a 10 MB video of something you have absolutely no interest in?

Facebook's problem is they think that EVERYTHING with no exceptions that appears on your wall is going to have your unending interest.

Comment: Re:Enough World of Warcraft already (Score 1) 146

by Calydor (#47678195) Attached to: World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Launches Nov. 13th

With the timing of Titan getting scrapped and the massive gameplay changes in Draenor (such as disabling any and all non-NPC flight until 'later') I can't help but get the feeling that Titan was WoW2, set sometime in the past of Draenor before the Legion appeared, and now large parts of it have been ported over to WoW.

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