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Comment: Re:thoughts (Score 1) 8

by Marxist Hacker 42 (#49180875) Attached to: I owe Bill Dog continuation, Prius Hack ideas

Yes. Of course, I bought mine second hand- I let the first owner pay for their "clever programming".

I do note that many of my wished for hacks *did* eventually appear, in the 2012 model year, with a variety of body types.

And that we're now down to about $3000 for the plug in and additional battery capacity modification. Parts anyway, labor extra.

Comment: Re:Show me the money (Score 1) 191

by dave420 (#49180311) Attached to: The US's First Offshore Wind Farm Will Cut Local Power Prices By 40%
You should see how expensive it is to run diesel generators to produce the electricity, especially when you have to literally ship the diesel in first. Having a line back to the mainland also means the windfarm can sell excess production, and the islanders are free to buy energy from the mainland as well. Or you can just go with your gut and ignore what's actually happening. I'm sure that'll work out really well for you. Really well.

Comment: Re:Comparing Nonsense (Score 4, Informative) 191

by Rei (#49179093) Attached to: The US's First Offshore Wind Farm Will Cut Local Power Prices By 40%

Wow, way to not link to a study, but rather a Smithsonian blog talking about a Wordpress blog talking about a study. You clearly love your primary sources!

FYI, the study is just one of many. The study itself cites others, including:

20,000 birds/yr (Sovacool, 2012)
10,000–40,000 birds/yr (Erickson et al., 2001 and Manville, 2005)
20,000–40,000 birds/yr (Erickson et al., 2005)
440,000 (Manville, 2009)
573,000 (Smallwood, 2013).

The latter two include lattice towers, which are largely being decommissioned as unsafe to birds.

But hey, having varied numbers clearly means that if you can find a blog linking to another blog linking to a study that shows high numbers (among many different studies), then clearly the GP is "plain wrong", right?

And yes, even if we go with your choice study's mean of 234,012 annual bird deaths, that's still orders of magnitude less than many other types of human activities.

Comment: Re:Yes, I agree, but no shortage of stupid GUI (Score 1) 503

by TapeCutter (#49176627) Attached to: Why We Should Stop Hiding File-Name Extensions
My biggest beef is they changed how default file search operates in explorer on win7, old search just looked at filenames, new one looks inside files. Complete pain in the arse, I'm the gate keeper for a large cvs repository, I don't want a list of 5000 .c files when I'm searching for a particular .h file, I want a list with just the .h file in it. If they must try and compete with grep then a simple "look inside files" checkbox on the old dialog would have been better. Or better still put the search feature from Visual Studio into explorer as a separate "search in files" right click option.

Personally I think MS's tendency to kill useful stable features and move the carcass to a different UI location is a 'plot' to sell more MS training courses for non-technical staff.

If you analyse anything, you destroy it. -- Arthur Miller