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Comment: Re:Every month a new battery breakthrough, but.. (Score 2) 52

by geekoid (#47550549) Attached to: Stanford Team Creates Stable Lithium Anode Using Honeycomb Film

A) This story isn't about batteries.
B) This is a big breakthrough
C) Batteries have improved, and some og those things do make t to market. You just don't hear of them becasue they market it's impact, not the technology or science.
"20% longer! " Not "20% longer do to the tech Dr. So N So invented 5 years ago."

Nice to know aircraft carriers, 777s, and mount Rushmore dodn't exist in your wold.

Comment: Re:More Range Needed (Score 4, Interesting) 52

by geekoid (#47550133) Attached to: Stanford Team Creates Stable Lithium Anode Using Honeycomb Film

Did you know there was a time in the use when gas powered cars could only go a couple of hundred miles on a tank and people managed to go on vacation just fine? That's why roads like the 66 and 80 are littered with ghost towns and closed gas stations.

In 1973, a Plymouth station age, a station wagon got 7-16 mpg and had a 16 gallon tank. The 256 miles, BEST case.

So I think people need to get over themselves a bit and relax about having to stop for a git during long road trips when the other 80%* is a hell of a lot cleaner. Yes, electric cars are even cleaner over all in state that use old coal plants.

OF course, you could rent or buy another vehicle for the road trip.
Or take a train.**

*I'd say 95%


Comment: Re:Obama Is The Virus (Score 1) 86

by geekoid (#47549871) Attached to: Newly Discovered Virus Widespread in Human Gut

The media of AC on slashdot was created becasue people should be able to say what they want without repercussions.
I now think they where wrong and should remove AC.

People will scream about whistle blowers et. al, but that doesn't really happen on slashdot It's mostly an excuse to be an ass, and/or not think. Or troll.

Comment: Re:Time to start building more nuke plants as long (Score 1) 279

by geekoid (#47541247) Attached to: Greenpeace: Amazon Fire Burns More Coal and Gas Than It Should

"It failed to prevent a partial meltdown of the reactor core."
I succeeded on repvents a full meltdown, as designed.

"It failed to prevent a significant release of radiation to the general environment as 15 curies (560 GBq) of iodine-131 (the most concering portion due to biological uptake to the thyroid)":
According to the official figures, as compiled by the 1979 Kemeny Commission from Metropolitan Edison and NRC data, a maximum of 480 petabecquerels (13 million curies) of radioactive noble gases (primarily xenon) were released by the event.[45] However, these noble gases were considered relatively harmless,[46] and only 481–629 GBq (13–17 curies) of thyroid cancer-causing iodine-131 were released.[45] Total releases according to these figures were a relatively small proportion of the estimated 370 EBq (10 billion curies) in the reactor.[46]

i.e. Not Much.

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