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Comment Re:Suckers (Score 1) 59

That's a neat trick there were you chose the most expensive installation. A few posts here have already said it only cost them 200$ (presumably the "no-complications" price.) 200$ one-time + 45$ a month is a drop in the bucket for AirBnB houses than regularly make 4k+ a month. Explain to me how that's not worth it on the whim alone. And that's 45$ on somebody who probably favored renting your place because of the charger if it's being used. If nobody bites, 200$. That's peanuts.

Comment Western bias in consciousness threshold (Score 1) 244

There is a pretty heavy conceptual bias in defining what counts as consciousness, and as these borderline experiments continue it will only become more obvious. Outside of "the West" a much larger circle of reality is defined as conscious. That may include sacred elements of the landscape, celestial bodies, plants etc. The radical psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich held that everything in the universe was suffused with what he called "orgone" energy that tended to pulse and potentially spontaneously organize into more complex forms. By this logic planets and stars are also alive, the universe is not a dead object, even though they don't usually reproduce, they seem to have other features shared with what we conventionally understand is alive and/or conscious. The Indian scientist Jagadish Chandra Bose also didn't draw such a hard line between dead and living matter, much to the chagrin of the UK Royal Society.

We still struggle to understand what happens at the energy threshold of activity in our neurons, and what is coming and going from the dirac ocean. The different behaviors of observed particles suggests that consciousness, or perception, is some kind of loop that can reach down to the atomic level in an experiment and back up to our human scale again. Perhaps these researchers can determine if that brain can "observe" a quantum experiment somehow, I think that'd be pretty interesting.

I honestly wonder how many people that make all these blanket assurances about how various things aren't conscious have ever hung out with some ferns while on something like psilocybin mushrooms, an experience which arguably discards a lot of ordinary perception filters - the very filters that tell you 'no, that plant is not conscious right now' etc etc. How many of these people also tend to say that animals don't have emotions, which is pretty obviously a false claim.

Comment reverse: impending graceful failures of government (Score 1) 264

I think it would be great if people could just shut down federal agencies because they can be predictively judged to continue being shady balls of fail in the future. Sorry FBI and DEA, we the people predict you will gracefully fail to notice any banksters laundering drug money again in 2016 and 2017 so your appropriations have been pulled. Later!

Comment Alternative tech: Greensock and WebRTC (Score 1) 220

WebRTC is maturing quickly with good vendor support for creating direct audio, video and data connections among browsers with many peer-to-peer possibilities including for example a sort of BitTorrent client: . Already WebRTC is the data conveyor for the Facebook Messenger app for example. I have been lucky to attend a couple talks in recent months about this. Be sure to check out Red5 if you are interested in video superpowers:

For flash-like HTML5/Javascript controls I have been impressed with Greensock - see - it even has a lot of 3D capabilities. Greensock started as a Flash toolkit and moved into HTML5 later, as I understand it.

We are getting to the point where even Unreal Engine can roughly compile for the browser so I think most of the unique capabilities of Flash are finally becoming supplanted in better and more open ways.

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