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+ - Robert Love Joins Google

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No Love for Novell?
No Love for Novell? writes "Although it doesn't resolve all the speculation about whether Robert Love left Novell due to the Microsoft deal, we now know where he's going. Mr. Love has announced that he will be joining Google's Open Source Program Office, which works on such things as Google's Summer of Code. Thus far, there have been no new reports of flying chairs in Redmond, WA, so I, for one, wish him well in his new venture."
Data Storage

+ - ZFS under GPLv2 already exists

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mrcgran writes "ZFS (the zettabyte filesystem) has been grabbing lots of attention lately, not only because of its technical merits, but also because of conflicts between it and Linux kernel's licensing and architecture. However, an interesting account on how ZFS has already been released under GPLv2 by making its way into GRUB last week has failed to make headlines in slashdot. What incentives can this provide to the official support of ZFS in the Linux kernel?"

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