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Comment Re:Option 1) (Score 1) 233

If he's still there, that guy probably wasn't much of an employee to begin with. Taking a 6 month break from your career doesn't prevent you from moving out of your WalMart job for 14 years. I've taken several breaks during my career, raning from 6-month to 2-year sabbaticals, and I keep moving up and making more money every time I go back to work.

Comment Re:If AdBlocking is freedom-hating... (Score 1) 539

Stop reading into things. I never defended all of those incredibly annoying ads. I block them myself. But a blanket statement saying that "Ads are immoral. Ban the fuckers" is dumber than dumb.

Ads are not immoral. There's nothing immoral about just displaying a simple picture saying "Hey, look at my product". What's immoral are the things you referred to, essentially turning ads from annoying-at-worst pictures of your product into a trojan attack to spy on people far beyond what the user sees.

Comment Re:If AdBlocking is freedom-hating... (Score 1) 539

I'm not disagreeing with that. I use ad blockers too. I didn't until ads became horribly intrusive videos and other Flash abominations that use tons of bandwidth and hog my CPU.

I only disagreed with the assertion that marketing is somehow inherently immoral. That's as stupid an opinion as the idiot claiming that blocking ads is immoral.

Comment Re:If AdBlocking is freedom-hating... (Score 1) 539

It's one thing to dislike ads and choose to ignore/block them. But saying that ads are somehow inherently immoral just makes you sound crazy.

Without advertising, we'd all still be living in caves. Even John Smith, the town blacksmith, would hang a horseshoe sign out in front of his shop so you'd know that's where you get your horse shoed. Can you imagine how long it would take to build any kind of economy if the only way anything could ever be sold was by word of mouth?

Comment Re:Which protects us best, ignorance or knowledge? (Score 3, Insightful) 208

That SHOULD be the way things are done, but increasingly the message isn't how to protect yourself. That's considered "victim blaming." Don't teach women self defense, we need to teach boys not to rape. Don't teach kids how to defend themselves, we need to teach kids not to be bullies. We can't teach people not to listen to radicals, we need to make sure they never speak from radicals to begin with.

It's all about keeping people's heads in the sand, not taking care of themselves but depending on [Government/Organization/Corporation] to project them from every ill in life. Because if bad things happen, it's not your fault, somebody else is to blame.

Comment Re:I get it, but it's stupid. (Score 1) 187

Believe it or not, a friend of mine can and does make clothes from pelts. Hunts with a bow he made from natural materials. Dude is a true badass of the highest order.

He does wear regular clothes to his job as a software developer. But if anybody is going to survive the zombie apocalypse, it's the Urban Aboriginal.

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