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Comment: Re:And no one will go to jail (Score 2) 216

One of the many problems with our Constitution is the simple fact that many laws, particularly about government, have no penalties. Pass a law that establishes a religion? No punishment. Ignore a Supreme Court ruling? No punishment (just ask President Jackson) You are an on duty police officer, illegally engaged in electioneering (i.e. supporting a politician). No punishment.

+ - Is there an app that ignores stupid headlines 1

Submitted by gurps_npc
gurps_npc (621217) writes "You know the ones I mean "This one trick...", "You won't believe...", ANY headline that asks a question (and you know the answer is 'no' because it always is), anything headline that tells you to 'never' do something, any headline that describes someone that invented something using a family word (dad, mother, son, etc.)

Yes, we know that humans are attracted to these headlines and pay attention to them.

Similarly, we pay attention when someone yells "FIRE" in our face. That doesn't mean it is ever appropriate to do so.

If we can't outlaw the idiots using this 'one genius trick — that I never believe', is there an addon that blocks these crap-lines from google news and other aggregators?"

Comment: Incredibally useful (Score 5, Insightful) 30

by gurps_npc (#47574933) Attached to: NASA's JPL Develops Multi-Metal 3D Printing Process
And not just for "gradient" bonding. You can use non-gradient, sharp boundaries to create parts that touch but are NOT bonded. Want to create a machine with two interlocking gears? Make one gear out of steel and the other out of titanium. They won't bond even though they are touching each other.

Right now, you basically can't build a machine that can build itself, because almost all machines need multiple metals AND needs parts that touch but are not bonded. A simple motor for example needs metals that are magnetic and non-magnetic and also needs something that can spin.

With this technology, a machine may actually be able to create a copy of itself that does not need any other parts added, nor will it need human assembly.

Comment: Re:11% fuel efficiency improvement (Score 1) 138

by gurps_npc (#47574069) Attached to: Will Your Next Car Be Covered In Morphing Dimples?
True, but my point is that 'ugly' is not and never has been a reason not to make or sell a product that has an efficiency advantage over another product.

Pretty/Ugly only affects otherwise equal products.

Or are you telling me that you do don't think an ugly computer would sell, if people had the chance to buy a pretty version with half the RAM? (all other things being equal)

Comment: A random freebie with comparison program (Score 1) 235

by gurps_npc (#47569851) Attached to: Is the App Store Broken?
That is, if you already own app A that does (x) then you can sign up to randomly get a random app B that also does x.

If you agree to rate and compare both of them, then at the end of one week, you can if you desire, trade in app A for app B for free if A costs more than B (or the price differential if B costs more than A.)

When buying apps, these ratings would be shown next to the regular ones, and be sortable.

The app creators (and the app store) would have to agree to this program, giving up their products for free in exchange for this rating system.

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by gurps_npc (#47566333) Attached to: The Milky Way Is Much Less Massive Than Previous Thought
It's not just the visible spectrum, it's all radiations levels.

Different amounts of mass result in different star types which give up different types of light. non-star objects - dust, planets, etc. block light and radiate out the energy they absorb as heat.

So by looking at any point, we can tell how much mass it has by the amount and type of light it gives off, including the non-visible spectrum, i.e. heat.

There are a few assumptions made, but it makes a lot of sense, mathematically.

None of it would have been possible before we understood the formulas behind fusion.

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by gurps_npc (#47560953) Attached to: What percentage of your media consumption is streamed?
Percentage is the worst one. It is at heart a simple mathematical concept that way too many people don't understand. X percent of Y - Divide Y into 100s, and the number of hundred's you are talking about is X.

Sometimes I think that should be the one question every job interview above minimum wage should ask. If you fail, you shouldn't be allowed to be paid anything more than minimum wage.

If they complain, tell them they will get a 100% pay raise in one year automatically, but there might be a 50% pay cut across the board after that.

Comment: It's a Trap! (Score 2) 175

by rossz (#47560097) Attached to: Senate Bill Would Ban Most Bulk Surveillance

Given that the executive branch, that being the POTUS, has never seen a surveillance law it didn't like, I seriously doubt this law would actually impede the government's lust for any and all information on the People.

Besides, the actual implmentation of any law is always the exact opposite of the bill name. My guess, "The USA Freedom Act" means "freedom for the government to do whatever the fuck they want."

Comment: Re:Hilarious (Score 3, Insightful) 159

Property Rights? Trespass to Chattels? No abuse of state powers for private gain? How easily the mask slips when a few cold pounds are involved.

But the people I feel really sorry for are the victims of crime in London, whose cases go unsolved due to precious police resources being wasted on internet nonsense like this.

Comment: Re:When I was born... (Score 1) 114

by gurps_npc (#47557147) Attached to: SpaceX Executive Calls For $22-25 Billion NASA Budget
You are correct about the specifics. I did make a bad comparison. (Note we are budgeted for 11 carriers active at any time - the 11th is the new Ford class, Electric powered catapult sitting in Newport, expected to be finished next year. ) That said, we do spend far more money on maintaining our military than we do on scientific research.

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by gurps_npc (#47549485) Attached to: How Bird Flocks Resemble Liquid Helium
Ever hear of the "jinx" tradition? It is when you say something at the exact same time you have to do "x". X is irrelevant (sorry math teacher). The point is that if two or more creatures are intent on doing the exact same thing - say eating grass while looking out for predators, they are very likely to spot something strange at the exact same time, both reacting at the exact same time. It is not telepathy, because the creatures are not reacting to each other.

The same thing often happens in flocks. All the creatures sense and react in the exact same way (herd animals are not noted for their individuality), at the exact same time. Even if the herd is large, they see, or hear/

Now, if they smell the creature, or if the herd is so large that some creatures can not see or hear the stimulus, then the herd starts to react to itself. But quite a lot of the time, an entire herd will become aware of the stimulus at the exact same time and react at the exact same time.

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