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Comment Re:Are you trolling or just boring? (Score 1) 258

I would guess that the car will be traveling at the posted speed limit meaning it will likely have time to slow down, and if it absolutely doesn't have time to slow down, it won't. Furthermore, the automated car behind it will be traveling at a safe distance behind it, not tailgating as asshole humans are known to do, so it will have plenty of time to slow down as well.

The point is, cars should never have to make that kind of decision because they aren't shitty drivers to begin with.

Comment Re:Dump them as fast as you can (Score 1) 177

That depends on the complexity of the system and how specialized it is for the business. Some things can and should be outsourced. Email? Easily outsourced, it's a commodity. Security? Chances are it should be outsourced for your typical organization, who isn't going have qualified staff and therefore poses a risk not only to themselves to but the whole internet. That custom application at the core of the business? Not so much.

Comment This line of thought is self defeating (Score 1) 696

I recently realized (I'm ashamed it took me this long) that this line of thought is self defeating. Social justice demands equality in numbers. The benefit, they tell us, is diversity in thought. That a more diverse workplace results in a better product or service due to the diversity of those that contributed their ideas.

But these are the same people who also tell us that women are exactly like men and that any difference is a false social construct. That being the case, then once [oppressed minority] reaches parity with the awful cishet white male, then won't any benefit from having diversity vanish, assuming if ever actually existed in the first place?

In short, if we're all the same except for superficial traits, diversity based on superficial traits CANNOT create a different environment.

Comment Re:There's an easy solution to this problem. (Score 1) 214

Also, it's funny that you feel sorry for people who consider transportation to be functional rather than exciting?

Maybe it's a sad commentary on YOU that the most exciting thing in your life is a car. Try getting out more. Travel. Experience new things. I feel sorry for YOU if your entire life's pleasure comes from the rather mundane task of getting to the grocery store.

Comment Re:There's an easy solution to this problem. (Score 1) 214

I've often wondered if the people who find every 3 minute car ride an "adventure" are trying to justify to themselves the amount of money they spend on vehicles.

There's nothing wrong with enjoying driving. I'm a motorcyclist, I love the feeling it provides. But not every trip to the store is white knuckle adventure.

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