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Comment The Prophet Carlin (Score 1) 262

I paraphrase St. George:

People, in general fall into one of three categories:

Full of Shit

All three can defeat a polygraph, any day of the week. So it really doesn't matter what or why or how the results fail to express the truth. If you're stupid, crazy, or full of shit, the truth is not a matter of objectivity. It is ludicrous to assert that subjective phenomenon could quantify any measure of truth or objectivity. This might be why the FBI's reaction demonstrates the immaturity of bed wetting or a toddler's tantrum.

Truth and Lie Detection fill diapers. The is no point in eating shit to understand it really tastes bad. Truthfully Quantifiable, nuggets of truth are turds. Bubble gum may be shallow, superficial, and candy coated, but eating shit is not insightful contemplation or a very wise taste of truth detection

Comment Back handed advertisement.... (Score 1) 275

Worse still for Assange is the knowledge that this news story only acts to promote Herrods...

If you are a tourist in London and have any interest in Julian Assange, he's easy enough to find across the street from Herrod's!

Now they are using him as a commercial billboard, which really adds insult to injury.

Comment Re:He didn't take them out of the labor force (Score 1) 293

Poor health did. All he did was pick up the slack assclowns like Scott Walker left with their right wing blather so we didn't have 2 mil new homeless.


There is a difference between causing problems and ignoring them. There are those who do something and those who do nothing but blame. its a whole lot simpler to blame victims than it is to help them. Anyone can do that, even a majority - but it just won't help the situation one bit.

Comment Re:Baby Boomers have been the disaster. (Score 1) 293

If you had been born a little later we would have been much better off, but you'd lack some experience.

If it were as easy to fix as it was to point the blame the world might be perfect.

Nevertheless, I do respect anyone who can survive 86 years, in spite of their baby booming offspring.

Perhaps less is more after all.

Comment Re:Baby Boomers have been the disaster. (Score 1) 293

Half a century ago, it would have been unimaginable for an entire generation to have been given so much, yet to have turned around and systematically squandered and destroyed it. But that's exactly what we saw the Baby Boomers do!

Pot, kettle black.

Yes, its true that life as it is can be blamed on the living.

Silly mortal.

Comment Re:Meritocracy (Score 1) 293

No, the reason there is increasing unemployment while also a shortage is because to become a tech worker you just have to collect a degree. To become a useful tech worker, you have to actually have some skills.

In the alternate world of people who work in tech because they enjoy it and can actually get things done, there is a huge shortage.

A meritocracy is a great ideal, but we are nowhere close to a meritocracy. The system tries to be a meritocracy, but the fact remains that there are an abundance of talented intelligent and committed people desperately trying to find a place to devote themselves. Not just the college grads, or the qualified, but even the uneducated and unqualified people of value that will work and get done a great deal more than you might expect. The fact is that business does not give a shit about anything but dollars and cents, and so this is what it gets: incompetence, malaise, disloyalty. You can't expect some person with all of the qualifications to hang around and wait until some corporate urgency comes along to demand you one minute, and just spit you out when they're done. There is no effort to develop and retain talent because there is no corporate entity that plans beyond quarterly returns in a fickle market. In the mid nineties we had TWICE as many companies on the stock exchanges. There is less diversity. This creates a less diverse labor market because those going to college are merely responding to the perceived trends of demand on the job market. So now we have a generation of mediocre medical and technical labor that is not qualified at the highest levels, and won't ever last long enough in the trade to accomplish that in the long run. You are an idealist if you really think that all that you have to do is just become an expert in some cutting edge technology in order to get hired. Its bullshit. If there was a clear road map, then people would follow it. If not from Orange County, then from Mumbai or Riga. The fact is that in a market economy the is no shortage of anything if you are willing to pay the right price. Perhaps if the idiots running the show figured that out there would be no vacancy. But I suspect that they are well aware of it in the boardroom, and you have been lulled into a sense of indispensability in your ideal meritocratic world. Just wait and see. Your days are numbered because the situation you describe is one that occurs in firms that do not value their human resources as much as you think. They know they are a dime a dozen because they can get them cheaper than the market rate. That's what a job vacancy really represents in any productive enterprise. Market economics won't last forever, but it rules the today. Maybe when its over, a true meritocracy and fairness will prosper in this wide world. In the meantime I suppose its better to have our heads in the clouds instead of up our....

Comment Re:Making bad news out of anything (Score 1) 293

I didn't believe it when older guys said that to me, 10 or 20 yrs ago. but now, well, I'm living it.

Welcome to reality.

My single biggest revelation was how middle age totally inhibits opportunity on the job market - all other factors being constant.

Suddenly resume and experience work against you. Now that you have worked out all of the other kinks of life, due to your experience, you just don't get hired as quickly. You may get interviewed a lot, and maybe re-interviewed more, but not hired. Now you are only a baseline for HR with less experience, while new managers opt for employees that don't dress like their parents and do burning man.

Its all downhill from here, Gramps or Granny. Might as well join AARP and show up for early bird dinners and senior discounts....

Its going to be a really interesting decade as the reality of 1 billion jobs for 7.3 billion people sinks in to the American psyche.

The fact is that unemployed and underemployed are not deadbeats and there will never be enough profitable enterprise to support us all. In fact, it was the growth economy that drove the prosperity and it is and always was completely unsustainable.

Human beings are just going to have to come up with some sort of social currency because the money and profitability will never be enough to go around while still maintaining its value. That's why interest rates are in the twilight zone. Soon, macroeconomics will be eclipsed by some sort of pseudo-economics. Off the grid living is not a bad idea if its possible. Better get that solar panel...

In the meantime, McDonald's does not have a job for you, but you will find something because you are ahead of the trend and its just beginning to happen. Its hard to take the big wide view while living a truly limited mortality. The only reality is your own for sure, and its hard to do anything about the big picture. But now a little wisdom and insight may be what is needed to proceed with reality as we revise plans on our futures.

This may not be news, we've known it all along, but realization is a whole new experience for those in denial. We're all on this ship of fools and we all will find a way to cope with it. Let's try not to get desperate and try throwing anyone overboard in the process, including the old farts like us.

Comment Just wait until this is the good old days... (Score 1) 165

It could be worse, you could be vested in their pension program. The fact is that human beings are not well equipped to manage 7 billion human souls on earth today. The economics is too complex and dynamic for our mammalian lives and tribal clans to fully conceive. Even IF everyone was fair and agreed to a system, it would likely fail to function for very long before short stick ends were everywhere. Perhaps the idea that there are perhaps one billion jobs for seven billion people should be a clue. The fact that half of those are not profit driven is the next clue. There will never be enough money around for society to be smooth and steady for long. If money is what we lack, then everyone is poor. We need to learn to exchange a little more social currency, because central banks will always be hoarders. Quantitative easing is a numbers game, but its hardly sufficient at building highways or educating brain surgeons for very much longer. My point is that, yes you're absolutely right, it ain't like it was, and its not even close to how you think it might be. Its a dynamic force that is frankly getting to be too much to manage without tremendous flexibility and open mindedness, until we simply surrender to nature. Nature is, after all, where this all started. Human nature may be where it stands, for the time being. Like in Cairo, Athens, Rome - the Golden Ages come and go. The Empire must be getting a little week at the knees if they outsource IT.

Comment That's why he gets paid the big bucks (Score 1) 173

He makes sure that nobody else gets the big bucks, whenever possible, and he is accountable to the corporate entity, not to the society from which it resides.

Corporate interests care about the education of people that they need to yoke. Shareholders are the only citizens that really matter to a corporate charter.

Lawyer speak with forked tongue, as usual.

Comment Re:homeowner fail (Score 2) 536

... hm... my next home purchase might just have to have a conditional clause that if I can't get broadband, the deal is off...

You know, like how you can back out once you get an appraisal and learn that there are termites.

That's right. It's called a "contingency" - it's a rider on the contract. All contingencies must be addressed to close escrow.

Disclosure of all facts (such as no broadband available) must be clearly stated by the seller or else there are grounds for a lawsuit, should an unhappy buyer care to waste even more time and money in court.

Work expands to fill the time available. -- Cyril Northcote Parkinson, "The Economist", 1955