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Comment Perhaps there is no time for brains to map (Score 1) 79

Physicists and philosophers have not been any more successful, really

  "most scientists assume this mechanism is distributed throughout the brain, with different regions using different monitors to keep track of time according to their needs"

Or maybe this mechanism is distributed throughout everything, all at once, and keeping track of time is just a perceived phenomenological need. ...or whatever that means.... string cheese, anyone?

Comment Re:A Child's Garden of Grass (Score 1) 296

Amen, Brother!

  This is a great recording that is seared onto my brain from the late 70's and early 80's and I still don't know who made the darned thing. I heard it the same day I first listened to Dire Straits, "The Sultan of Swing" and Leo Kotke's "If Shrimps Could Whistle" back in 1979 or so...give or take a year.

It was an interesting album cover back in the days of vinyl records for $2.97 at the Record Cove. The first thing I went looking for on "the internet" was this baby and it finally surfaced about ten years ago but would vanish again. "A Child's Garden of Grass: A Pre-Legalization Comedy" was not only prophetic, its an early example of audio (video) "mashups" now created on you tube. Truly creative multimedia like this is funny, on the radio or the tube. For those of us in a Ford over looking a pacific sunset on "top of the world" it was the perfect way to spend time with friends. Especially if you are in high school, or just high, or have sophomoric humor, or are just a little bit too stoned to go home to the parental units. Having departed an era of "Refer Madness" and "War on Drugs" military-industrial complex propaganda, its good to see some classic media that expresses the fond experience many Americans enjoyed with pot and our culture. We can be a culture of tolerance, if stoners, (or good natured folk with great stereos and the munchies) are a little goofy on grass. Thanks for the reminder of common culture, nearly forgotten under a pile of new media, friend. This was a masterpiece in its day, in my view. We're older, but we're not dead yet!

Submission + - PaaS is the Tight End of Cloud Computing – Part 2 of 3 ( 1

rsmithstrato writes: The Dallas Cowboys have a 1st ballot NFL Hall of Fame tight end playing on their team today. If you could create a perfect NFL tight end with a 3-D printer, Jason Witten would be the final product. Jason is mentally and physically rugged because he’s required to be strong like an offensive lineman but agile enough to advance the football down the field.

Tight ends are asked to block just like the lineman providing the infrastructure for the “Glamour Boys” to run or throw touchdown passes. Additionally, when the “Glamour Boys” need a “woobie” security blanket, tight ends are asked to matriculate their large frames over and around faster more athletic players and catch passes.

Submission + - DHS Drone Boondoggle (

schwit1 writes: Spoofing is far from the only problem facing Department of Homeland Security and the way it gets drones to the border. In addition to giving grants to law enforcement agencies to purchase UAVs, DHS also has many of its own. Last year, the department's own inspector general declared that DHS drone purchasing program, which had spent $360 million since 2005 — $62 million in 2013 alone — was largely a failure.

DHS had taken delivery of 11 MQ-9 Reaper drones, unarmed but otherwise similar to the ones used by the military in Iraq and Afghanistan. DHS anticipated that the cost per flight hour would be $2,468, far lower than the actual $12,225. The agency was using accounting tricks to move the costs of pilots, equipment, and overhead off the books. Even the actual flights hours — 5,102 — were a fraction of the promised 23,296.

Comment FTC isn't paid to settle everything with fines (Score 1) 33

The FTC's job is to protect the consumer, not be on the corporate kickback payroll.

FTC fines are a perverse incentive that creates predictable costs to the profitable bottom line of the bottom feeders in a corporate plutocracy.

Its like Oracle's performance in the America Cup: unethical, admonished, but ultimately victorious.

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