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Comment Re:As long as it is not an official power rangers (Score 1) 255

That means all of the Star Trek and Star Wars fan stuff also needs to go away.
Should Disney go after the Star Wars kid?
What about the people working on finishing a 5th season of Trek?

Saban got a lot of free publicity, and nobody thinks that it is low quality enough to have been made by Saban. They should take the free publicity and do something cool with a brand they aren't doing much with.

Comment contamination? (Score 4, Interesting) 135

Aside from the huge privacy issues, I'm even more concerned that they would screw up collecting it. Everyone sheds DNA. Who is to say that the DNA they collect is actually from the person they think it is? DNA gets all mixed together after it leaves a person's body.

Yes, I know that if you are arrested for something because they screwed up, it is easy enough to give them some real DNA to clear your name, but how long until they do that on purpose in order to legitimately collect some? What legal recourse would you have?

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