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Comment: Re:'Regardless of... income and education level' ? (Score 1) 402

by Sir_Eptishous (#48186339) Attached to: Soda Pop Damages Your Cells' Telomeres

I suspect that income and education level could be relevant here as a proxy for other dietary trends. People with higher incomes tend to eat better quality food overall than poor people. People with higher education levels also tend to make different dietary choices (and are probably more likely to seek out more "natural" foods or whatever the current research is pointing toward).

You can always tell a dingbat by how much Mountain Dew they drink.

I've been telling my friends that drink it(in large quantities) that they are better off drinking coffee for their stim fix(caffeine) than that disgustingly over-sugared green goo. It's common knowledge that sugar in large quantities(and sugar is pretty much every processed food in the US) is really the reason for most First World health problems.

Sugar, in all it's forms(HFCS. et al) is the post Tobacco Tobacco...

The real question is whether the health community will be able to unseat Big Sugar from it's control over the American Diet.

Comment: Re:Ahhhh.... (Score -1, Troll) 457

by flyneye (#48183295) Attached to: In UK, Internet Trolls Could Face Two Years In Jail

Yeah, whatever. Chris Grayling needs to brush the goo out of his teeth before appearing in a news article looking like an inbred version of James Spader yodeling behavior modification for the world, into the tiny microphone between his legs. He just needs to stick his head right back up his ass , and not come out 'till his teeth are properly brushed.
            I'll troll queenie till he cries, what's he gonna do, write a strong letter of protest?

+ - The Guardian reveals that Whisper app tracks 'anonymous' users->

Submitted by qqod
qqod (799432) writes "After visiting the offices of Whisper to discuss future journalistic collaborations, from the article:

"The practice of monitoring the whereabouts of Whisper users â" including those who have expressly opted out of geolocation services â" will alarm users, who are encouraged to disclose intimate details about their private and professional lives.

Whisper is also sharing information with the US Department of Defense gleaned from smartphones it knows are used from military bases, and developing a version of its app to conform with Chinese censorship laws.""

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+ - Trans-Pacific Partnership May Endanger World Health, Newly Leaked Chapter Shows

Submitted by blottsie
blottsie (3618811) writes "WikiLeaks has released an updated version of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) chapter on intellectual property. The new version of the texts, dated May 2014, show that little improvement has been made to sections critics say would hurt free speech online. Further, some of the TPP's stipulations could have dire consequences for healthcare in developing nations. The Daily Dot reports:

Nearly all of the changes proposed by the U.S. advantage corporate entities by expanding monopolies on knowledge goods, such as drug patents, and impose restrictive copyright policies worldwide. If it came into force, TPP would even allow pharmaceutical companies to sue the U.S. whenever changes to regulatory standards or judicial decisions affected their profits.

Professor Brook K. Baker of Northeastern U. School of Law [said] that the latest version of the TPP will do nothing less than lengthen, broaden, and strengthen patent monopolies on vital medications.


+ - White House wants ideas for 'bootstrapping a solar system civilization'->

Submitted by MarkWhittington
MarkWhittington (1084047) writes "Tom Kalil, the Deputy Director for Policy for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and Senior Advisor for Science, Technology and Innovation for the National Economic Council, has an intriguing Tuesday post on the OSTP blog. Kalil is soliciting ideas for “bootstrapping a solar system civilization.” Anyone interested in offering ideas along those lines to the Obama administration can contact a special email address that has been set up for that purpose.

The ideas that Kalil muses about in his post are not new for people who have studied the question of how to settle space at length. The ideas consist of sending autonomous robots to various locations in space to create infrastructure using local resources with advanced manufacturing technology, such as 3D printing. The new aspect is that someone in the White House is publicly discussing these concepts."

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Comment: Re:I don't get it... (Score 1) 186

by Sir_Eptishous (#48163927) Attached to: Warner Brothers Announces 10 New DC Comics Movies

However, the authors you refer to (Niven, Asimov, Bradbury) appeal mainly to a crowd of Poindexters. It's no surprise that people on a News for Nerds site would clamor for film adaptations, but please try to remember that everything isn't you, and this kind of literature scares a lot of your fellow Americans away, both because of its obtuse themes and because of the Aspie readership is associated with.

I think you're on the wrong website... How did you end up here?

Comment: I don't get it... (Score 5, Interesting) 186

by Sir_Eptishous (#48163679) Attached to: Warner Brothers Announces 10 New DC Comics Movies
I never read comics when I was a kid.(well, thats not true, I read Heavy Metal)
I read sci-fi(Niven, Asimov, Bradbury, etc) and fantasy(Tolkien, Lovecraft, Howard, etc).
I don't get this thing with comics. Most of the comic book based films are ok at best...
Are they really going to make that many comic book based films?
That is just sad.

There are so many good sci-fi and fantasy books/stories out there.
It would be nice if something not ending in "man" was made into a film.

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