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Comment What experiences? (Score 1) 139

The car is the result of "extensive" surveys with the younger generation that came to the conclusion that, according to Nissan, young people "feel that time spent in a car should be time for connecting and sharing experiences with friends."

When all you're doing is sharing and connecting, when do you have time for experiencing?

Comment Re:Endlessly Increasing Budgets (Score 1) 203

It really is amazing that you even have to explain that.

I could associate that sort of ignorance to a certain demographic, a certain political mind-set...
The ignorance and "black and white" worldview that clouds any sort of nuanced discussion about things like the Federal Budget process.

Comment Re:Who is going to use it? (Score 1) 90

There really isn't a market for IT Pros as much any more... everybody is turning more and more into a developer, and that's what will be needed to manage this type of stuff; DevOps and Developers. IT Admins are now a commodity.

I think it depends on the type of business. I'm a SysAdmin and I've been involved in a very specific, "niche" industry for over ten years, which in hindsight was a GodSend... I would completely agree regarding IT in traditional Enterprise Operations where it's an AD/Exchange environment with all the usual departments doing the traditional tasks. I would assume that is about 80% of the market.

In reality, managing O365 is much more of a PITA and time consuming, from a "hand holding" perspective than local Exchange ever was. And don't get me started on the migration...

Comment Re:Who cares (Score 1) 576

I think the mistake many who "poo-poo" this situation make is not recognizing the magnitude of the situation. The numbers of refugees are astounding, and will indeed be a unprecedented managerial and logistical challenge for the governments tasked with absorbing the refugees.

The real question is how much of this can Europe, and the EU handle?

Comment Re:Who cares (Score 2, Interesting) 576

You make some good points, and I'm very surprised your post hasn't been modded down.

In my opinion this migration will be a massive drain on the EU and especially on the countries that support the immigrants. Perhaps countries like Germany and Sweden can afford to house, feed and support these(almost) millions, all while maintaining their current expenditures for citizens and pensioners already there. Time will tell.

However, I can imagine one thing is for sure, the internal security services tasked with maintaining watch over "islamic terrorists", etc; are going to be over burdened with all the new "persons of interest". They already know there are many who have piggy backed onto the mainly Syrian population trying to get into Europe. It really is quite a mess.

Yes, I would imagine the vast majority of immigrants didn't want to leave their homeland and only want a normal life for their families. But at the same time, it would be quite naive to not acknowledge, especially in light of where the migrants originated, that there wouldn't be those whose goal is to cause harm to "The West" or "The Great Satan".

The really interesting thing watching this debacle unfold is how the EU is straining to keep their solidarity in line. Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Austria, etc; have all gone about managing this differently, which is really to be expected. Europe had no gameplan in place for something of this magnitude and is really unprecedented.

Also, a bit of disclosure, I live in the US, in a neighborhood with a very high percentage of immigrants, from all over the world. I am around lots of people from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America on a daily basis, because I use Public Transit a lot. I actually enjoy the sort of cosmopolitan environment. The US is actually setup fairly well to absorb immigrants from refugee status countries, as opposed to economic refugees(yes, this is a sensitive topic I know).

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