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Comment Who measured in pre-industrial times? (Score 0) 735

& who indeed measured broadly enough to be statistically good measurement?

& who determined that it was not one of many long term cyclical changes that have occurred for millions of years.

& who will pay the cost of all the government activity? Every reader of Slashdot along with everyone else.

& what if their efforts do not work?

All these stories seem to be part of the pattern to blame industrialized society, when in fact industrialized society is what has allowed worldwide societies to thrive in the last 150 years.

Comment Patricia is Fair Warning to the US West Coast (Score 1) 273

When you search "Pineapple Express" in Wikipedia, you realize we are only a few years away from a repeat due on the 160 year cycle of mega storms hitting the West Coast.

Geologists studying the California valley sediments know these groups of storms over a month's time will dump around 10 feet of water on California in a month.

NOAA has been studying the size of the warm water buildup in the Eastern Pacific that feeds these storms for decades, so we know it is coming.

Patricia is likely only the first one.

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