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Comment: Complacent CIOs & CEOs (Score 3, Interesting) 106 106

Given the dozens and dozens of reported hacks against large orgs over the last 2 year, I can only conclude there is a large disregard for properly addressing security that starts right at the top of the C suite in big companies.

That is at least as troubling for smaller companies, who likely have less resources to deal with security.

Comment: Return of the Luddites (Score 1) 479 479

Trying to eliminate a set of knowledge backed up by proofs that has benefited mankind enormously under the guise of following a particular religion's ideas (not all religions mind you) is beyond just stupidity.

This sort of idea of one group trying to force all others into a false belief system is also what was behing the rise of "Kings" and "devine right" of Kings and tyrants.

Comment: Debt Solution: Get "In Demand" Schooling ! (Score 2) 1032 1032

Whether it is Texas A&M, MIT, CalTech or smaller schools like Oregon Inst. of Technology, get a degree where their graduates have high rates of employment within 6 months of graduation.

OIT claims to have 90+ % of graduates with full time jobs within 6 months of graduation. Lots of their graduates have job offers before they leave school.

If a student wants to "dabble" in the soft sciences, like History and Sociology and Psychology, do it at night school after you have a job!

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