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Comment: Tired of Consensus = Fact (Score 4, Informative) 236

by BoRegardless (#49366215) Attached to: Experts: Aim of 2 Degrees Climate Goal Insufficient

These stories are tiring as there is no chance for "settled science fact" in climate change.

All of these estimates are based on elaborate math models and yet the Earth's long term climate ON ITS OWN, has swung widely over recorded history.

And from the geologic history, we know we will again go into another ice age based on the history of the change in the Earth-Sun orbit & precession changes on a regular 110,000 year cycle. And without human intervention, the ice age ends.

Comment: Ultimate Security Risk: Carry PW in your pocket! (Score 1) 257

by BoRegardless (#49349673) Attached to: Generate Memorizable Passphrases That Even the NSA Can't Guess

"You should write your new passphrase down on a piece of paper and carry it with you "

Boy, that is NOT a security risk, is it? Of course, you always hide your hands under a towel when you enter the PW, right?

That keeps your screen's 'selfie' camera from allowing reading the key clicks off of the reflection on your cornea. Good, right?

Pick the start of the sentence or book title you have on your shelf all the time to serve as a reminder and PW source or a short sentence on a card in your wallet.

Comment: Re:Kill dogs, why not people??? (Score 1) 179

by BoRegardless (#49314539) Attached to: WHO Report Links Weed Killer Ingredient To Cancer Risk

Anything that kills a living organism is potentially a problem for humans. Only a small % of man-made chemicals have been rigorously tested for causing cancer; but then would you volunteer for such a study. I thought so.

Lead, asbestos, formaldihyde, weird solvents and reactive chemicals have been mostly eliminated from consumer goods with good reason.

Just stay away from as many chemicals as you can. Drink from glass cups/glasses. Wax coated paper cups, no. "Slug bait," no. Fast food, well virtually all fast foods have an anti-bacterial agent (calcium probinate) in them and it can muck up peoples digestion if they are sensitive and who knows what else.

Comment: Re:Evolution-De-Population of Rural America (Score 1) 110

The most obvious are those associated with medical insurance, automobile & fuel requirements, electricity costs and added costs to electronics & devices for Energy Star & trace & potentially hazardous metals, like lead.

The increases are insidious in that most are built into requirements that the retailer, distributor and user never see as an individual cost. Some are indeed needed, like eliminating lead paint and asbestos. Others like using coal in power plants are questionable, but dozens of coal plants are due to be forced to close prior to the summer heat wave period of this year. That is punitive on the population for questionable benefit.

When you look at the decrease in dollar income over the last six years, coupled with now about 90 million adults not in the labor force (highest since early 70s), the effect is understood more, since it is factually true that % of population working and average income is down.

Comment: Re:Morality Wizards (Score 1) 299

"if we had not allowed abortions." was solved with allowing anyone to jump the borders. Almost all new jobs since year 2000 were reported to have been taken by recent immigrants of all types. Guess what that did to downtrodden minorities in the US with minimal education and skills?

Comment: Evolution-De-Population of Rural America (Score 1) 110

Technology changes are making the mega-city areas more desirable. Is rural America going to be slowly boarded up?

Given the wholesale changes since 2000, it is easy to see that the mega-suppliers/dealers, Amazon, Walmart, drug dealers, etc, are only efficiently available in the denser areas, but now the (Un)Affordable Care Act is decimating smaller town hospitals along with the increasing difficulty of making small retail businesses profitable given everything from increasing regulations, taxes and lack of (easily) repairable products. UPS & Fedex for small towns are the only saving grace.

The only given is change, and cities have been abandoned before the time of Christ.

Today, technology is the mover and shaker, but will it reinvigorate the small town?

Comment: Different Programs - Different Needs (Score 1) 385

by BoRegardless (#49286141) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Choosing a Laptop To Support Physics Research?

Physics can be huge data sets and FEA type programs, in which case you get the highest end laptop you can afford. Otherwise, pick a laptop known for reliability with quick service when something goes wrong.

Me, I would rather have a MacBook Pro which I can run Window, Mac, Linux, etc. Yup, Dell's workstation class laptops, the M2800 to M6800 systems, but they are MacBook Pro type prices.

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