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Comment: Who Loses Their Executive IT Position? (Score 2) 99

by BoRegardless (#48330795) Attached to: Home Depot Says Hackers Grabbed 53 Million Email Addresses

Seems like one of the jobs of IT departments for the last 10 years should have been to have their own surveillance software to be watching for activities that indicate software changes, moving of data, and added code that should be detectable so they can verify what is happening to their systems in near real time.

Comment: Tidal Current versus Deep Water Turbines (Score 2) 216

by BoRegardless (#48303019) Attached to: Scotland Builds Power Farms of the Future Under the Sea

You can pick a shallower water area for its higher tidal flow speed, but that increases stresses and chance for damage.

But there are deep water currents that are consistent at 5-6 knots which avoid almost all marine life in some places down 5-6000 feet deep. A few are in close to shorelines.

Comment: Protecting What? (Score 1) 73

by BoRegardless (#48191689) Attached to: Rumor: Lenovo In Talks To Buy BlackBerry

Over 100 car companies disappeared by WWII.

Now in 2014 a half dozen former "cell phone" makers have sort of slipped out of sight; Palm, BB, Moto, Win, Nokia, Dell & HP something.

The world contracts to a few super usable designs but instead of taking 50 years for cars, now it took only about 5 years with "the smartphone."

Is this the scenario for the future; Be right, Be first, Be best or else?

Comment: Re:Baby steps (Score 1) 352

Step 0: Put men & women into space for 3-5 years and see if anyone is left functionally able to continue doing work at the end of that time. It is already highly suspect that people would be able to see by the end of 3-5 years. We have one heck of a lot to learn yet.
                                    If people can't stay alive for 3 years, then figure out how to do it before you continue further.

Comment: Re:His argument boils down to: (Score 1) 284

by BoRegardless (#48164197) Attached to: FBI Director Continues His Campaign Against Encryption

Your "effects" are what give your work value and that you build up over time, if you are a professional.

If you are a consultant and can't protect your 'effects', meaning your customer lists, fee schedules, solutions and such, then someone will likely get it and use it for free, or start taking your customers away.

The FBI director needs to take a new line of work. As a lawyer, by the way, he needs to protect his "effects" or his clients could sue him for allowing their information to become public.

Truth is free, but information costs.