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Comment The Senate Should Reject (Score -1) 730

any Obama appointee. The President has used his pen and phone far too offen to wreck the future course of this country. Let the next (Republican) President appoint a rock-ribbed conservative justice and set th is country back on the right course. A centrist candidate would shift the balance of the court. The GOP Senate must reject that.

Comment Re:In North Korea ... (Score 1) 195

For all we know it's yet another general that has retired and since South Koreans have noticed he's not around anymore, here is a canned news story that he was executed. The guy will spend the next 20 years with his wife, somewhere far enough from the camera field. Sometimes you can just fire somebody, rather than fire anti-tank rounds at somebody.

News story : Apple spies report that Microsoft had Steve Ballmer executed.

Comment Re:Let's get real (Score 2) 256

The Taepodong-2 was not an ICBM. It's the space launch vehicle and Taepodong-1 was an earlier, clearly failed attempt. I believe someone made the Taepodong names up, and a decade or more ago we all assumed these were long range missiles rather than something to launch a satellite from.

True the line between space launch and ICBM seems really thin but this is really a rocket that needs weeks of launch preparation, can be fired from a single place and would only be usable as a really weak single shot, suicide first-strike.
Thus the immediate military value is zero. What works and is what US and Russia did is the other way around : you can use an ICBM for space launches.

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