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Comment: Re:Who has the market share? (Score 2) 336

by Blaskowicz (#47594839) Attached to: Windows XP Falls Below 25% Market Share, Windows 8 Drops Slightly

I think Vista is even a bit like Windows 2000 vs XP : same OS than 7 but a bit older, more traditional user interface, will be deprecated sooner but mostly does the exact same things. If I needed Windows I'd look into running it on purpose. License stickers are even sold for cheap (though I think warez versions of Windows get all updates anyway?)

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by Blaskowicz (#47587149) Attached to: How long ago did you last assemble a computer?

Intel still is innovating and perhaps aggressively at that, with an architecture update every year or two. The physical limits, down to speed of light putting a barrier on latency are strong. Funnily in the older times they could sell the same architecture for five years with minor tweaks and frequency increases (486, Pentium/Pentium MMX, Pentium Pro/II/III)

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And at first it was the "PC bus" or the "AT bus", the name ISA came because of the clone industry using it. Superficially at least, using DOS, ISA and Intel (or clones) is similar to using CP/M, S-100 and Intel. It's good we had another relatively open platform early on. S-100 died before I was born though.

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by Blaskowicz (#47583609) Attached to: AMD Launches New Higher-End Kaveri APUs A10-7800 and A6-7400K

But you can set the thing to 45 watt. You just need some airflow and very good heatsink.

Well, if you want CPU performance get a 35 watt Intel i3 ; the AMD CPU is worse and slightly hotter but will better run games (and some rare GPGPU or HSA software). That's all. And if I was building a SFF PC, I'd probably look for quad core Atom (or the same named Celeron), Kabini and successors or even Tegra K1 (but that one isn't strictly a PC)

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It's good for niches of users, like those who insist on building a small PC (to compensate for a too big penis?) or why not the family Windows PC where users only care about being able to run a game at all (either now or four years down the road).

Else, the CPU performance is sure fairly disappointing (and Windows itself is disappointing, ugly and manages to be both simplistic and complex, I miss the days you could use 2000/XP and be done)

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I always choose a motherboard with both ports. Can be very useful even if you start out with both peripherals as USB. e.g. when my USB mouse broke, I got the older PS/2 one from a drawer and it still works very fine. Likewise I broke a keyb from 2010 or 2011 and ultimately replaced it with one from 1996 (which has grease and a space bar that needs serviced but registers all keys)

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The best security in this case is if there were no PS/2 keyboard connected before, then it won't be recognised until the computer is shut down or rebooted.
If you use a Model M, you will probably even fry the PS/2 port - but an "evil" Model M would have a replacement micro-controller that wouldn't fry the port by drawing too much current, like keyboard from the 90s and 00s don't.

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by Blaskowicz (#47522359) Attached to: Raspberry Pi Gameboy

But a GBA with a little "magic" cartdrige (I mean flash / linker) will allow more uses out of it, like carrying 20 games (with the option of them being legit, though Nintendo never liked that and always pretended ripping your cartridges is wrong), running your ROM hacks on real hardware and then miscellaneous homebrew programs and media readers.

That said on the GBA SP, I think the form factor is pretty great but that the lighting is just bad, modding one to improve the lighting would be interesting if that can be done.

Comment: Can I use Mono? (Score 1) 372

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I'm asking it like it's a bad thing, because how many times I could read there that it's a cancer like flash, pdf and whatever little things. But I just checked yesterday, and it exists for Windows too. And intended for actual use, unlike something like Wine on Windows. And you can even bundle the runtime or bury it in your .exe program.
There are many "one true way" to develop things that work everywhere : java, python, web/javascript, some older things and some newer things I'm sure. But if I want to get started to do little projects, have to pick something. Web would be nice, but maybe I'll never have a smartphone to run little web apps on. My calls and positions are already tracked just by owning a dumbphone.

Back on point, one of the early posters said how he uses C#, and it would probably be a nice fallback / somewhat default language to do semi-system stuff, networking, multimedia, imperative programming.. or gasp, a GUI. What would draw me then is the F# language, and I know its parent language a bit (ML family). It would be awesome to be able to do actual useful stuff in that language (thanks to .NET libraries/infrastructure and some additions or sugar in the language) and if worst to come (i.e. something where functional programming is pointless or gets in the way) I'd use C# or whatever other language supported in the Mono CLR for those parts?
It's 2014 too and maybe Mono is better in 2014 than in 2009 or 2007.

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but do 240p, 144p and old 360p videos work? I do not know what codecs they use - and they're needeed, when 240p is the only version or the bandwith is low. And if these are re-encoded to next gen codecs, will there be CPU use increase for old systems.

About flash, Adobe is providing updates to version 11.2.x till 2017. I guess that's the deadline that I have to care about. If I can keep using flash + flashblock for the next two years I'll be more than fine with that

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