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Comment: Re:Obligatory Discussions (Score 2) 180

by Blaskowicz (#49346351) Attached to: GNOME 3.16 Released

Funny that, Gnome 3 is kind of an improved Windows 3.1. Afterall, you manage windows (mostly full screen but sometimes not) and there's no task bar. But instead of minimizing windows to icons, you hide them somehow and you find them back by zooming out. Program Manager is replaced by going top left to open the Dash menu or whatever it's called. Top bar is a bit useless but I suppose it's here so that people do not get lost (you need a bar anyway if only to display a handful tray icons)

Comment: Re:OSX (Score 1) 180

by Blaskowicz (#49345123) Attached to: GNOME 3.16 Released

Didn't Ubuntu introduce that crap years ago too? Ubuntu 11.04, which came with both Unity and Gnome 2 out of the box.

Meanwhile, these days I'm having an always-visible scrollbar but without the up and down button. Which will only suck very slightly if some day I'm stuck without a scrollwheel.

Comment: Re:Gnome??? (Score 1) 180

by Blaskowicz (#49345021) Attached to: GNOME 3.16 Released

Indeed, Gnome 2 / MATE has little advanced configurability, yet it has basic configurability. Want to add an icon, drag'n'drop the icon to where you want it on the bar, how easy can that be.

Most visible part that gets maintained/updated : the file manager.

Applications/Places/System : corresponds to Programs, Favorites and Settings in the classic start menu from Windows 98 (and perhaps 95 + Internet Explorer shell) and XP. It's not convenient to add your own application shortcuts to the app menu though, so they go to the top bar (or bottom bar) or on the desktop.

Biggest pain in the ass is if you changed something with dconf-editor. Or did I change a start up script. I made it so caja doesn't manage the desktop anymore, but I can't manage to get the desktop back. That's customizability.

Moreover, I don't bother customizing/changing the theme! That's the fault of Gnome 3. I won't even bother or attempt anything till GTK3 is stable.

Comment: Re:More help needed (Score 1) 119

by Blaskowicz (#49337631) Attached to: GNU Nano Gets New Stable Release

That is because I never tried and assumed the buffer was destroyed every time. Stupid maybe but when editing /etc/foo.conf etc. I usually only need to change a couple values, or I use ctrl-K to delete only. Pasted text comes from some terminal or from a web browser, or is often entered with cat rather than a text editor.

Comment: More help needed (Score 3, Interesting) 119

by Blaskowicz (#49333493) Attached to: GNU Nano Gets New Stable Release

I would simply like if it explained how to cut and paste multiple lines of text at the same time. For that task I have to reach for the mouse (the block of text needs to fit on the screen) or use a graphical editor - that'd be pluma or leafpad, to be free of bullshit.

That was still easier in MS-DOS EDIT.
By the way : (shit, I put it in a pastebin because of the slashdot filter)


It has qwerty-isms. That's perhaps one of my bigger peeves with Free software. The video games in linux are worst, they're likely to be playable with a qwerty keymap only. DOS/Windows games of the 90s at least just read the raw scan codes so the keyboard acted as if it was qwerty.

Comment: What about McGyver (Score 1) 166

by Blaskowicz (#49330127) Attached to: The X-Files To Return

It was almost as long ago. Or what about Quantum Leap, or Sliders. Sorry.. 911 changed everything, they said. I'll like it if they make good anti-american episodes that deal with real conspiracy theories.. That's what changed since 15 years ago, real conspiracies rather than wanking about UFOs. Does Mulder still wank himself or what. Eight seasons and he never made out with Scully because he's either gay, or a wanker or both.

Comment: Re:enterprise use is still 7 and most drivers are (Score 1) 209

by Blaskowicz (#49311877) Attached to: For Boot Camp Users, New Macs Require Windows 8 Or Newer

Indeed, I have Windows 7 actually refusing to install on a motherboard from 2014. I did not try with the hard disk in MBR mode, but that's because I had already partitionned it in GPT with way more than four primary partitions and installed a linux dual boot (swap, linux OS, another linux OS, a home partition, a data storage partition, room for the Windows partition somewhere in there..)

I guess we're waiting for Windows 10 for that one.. or add another HDD so that Windows 7 can be installed on a MBR one. But here's hoping that we don't have to go to UEFI setup to toggle a setting everytime.

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