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Comment: If you want to write an article on medium (Score 1) 22

by Blaskowicz (#48930571) Attached to: The Big Bang By Balloon

How can you make it? By asking rhetorical questions, and ending your sentence with bangs! What if your readers already heard of balloons to map the microwaves over a decade ago? Didn't a balloon go up in the skies? We got some partial results before the WMAP probe picture!, improved from the ealier coarse picture made thanks to the earlier space-based COBE! But hold your breath, we're gonna write new articles and they will end up on slashdot! Bang!

Comment: Re: Simple solution (Score 1) 458

by Blaskowicz (#48930533) Attached to: Police Organization Wants Cop-Spotting Dropped From Waze App

Can you have a neighbour pick them up on foot?

I'm speechless. Kids already suffer spending all their lives in cars and in front of the television and other displays, which makes them socially inept and then eventually unemployed (the US is only transitioning now from full employment to mass unemployment, I bet this will be seen in the coming years/decades)
It's already bad enough. Legislating that kids are denied access to the streets (also called "outdoor") is insane.

Comment: Re:Oh Boy! (Score 1) 82

by Blaskowicz (#48921835) Attached to: Modular Smartphones Could Be Reused As Computer Clusters

Bottom-of-the-barrel 'HDMI stick computer' might be it. You're saving on the HDMI cable at that point. Or even the software built into a low end TV with an unkwnown brand : a very recent one might come with a USB port and video playback / music playback / picture gallery functions. Seen a low end 32" like that, as weird as "low end" and "32\"" belonging in the same sentence may sound.

Comment: Counter-Strike servers please (Score 1, Offtopic) 321

That is some unexpected news, as I was reading an interview of a French economic newspaper with this guy.
Let me chime in for a personal revendication which might be useful for the working or modest or youth classes. Counterstrike 1.x is lacking servers both in quantity and quality, a small few are nice but it is a pain to suffer 24/7 dust2, zombie mods (wtf?) and too many gun game servers. We should organize to provide community servers with good map rotations, good map voting (but servers without voting as in the good old times too) and ensure popular education with such classics as cs_militia, de_aztec (CS 1.5 version), de_prodigy, de_nuke (old version where you can climb on roof), de_ccble you name it. Even a hundred servers ought to require not many hardware resources these days, they probably could run on one box.

Counter-Strike 1.6 also allows anyone to compete as it will run on a modest PC and even with a really crappy OpenGL driver (linux) at high framerates, actually a low end CRT monitor at 85Hz is plenty fine there. Counter-Strike 1.5 is even less demanding, doesn't need Steam and can still be run though there's the little aspect of no CD key checking on the network (everyone gets 2^32 - 1 as the CD key)

No need to get in debt to buy recent PC parts!

Comment: Re:Oh Boy! (Score 1) 82

by Blaskowicz (#48914383) Attached to: Modular Smartphones Could Be Reused As Computer Clusters

It sure is.
For stationary images best would be for a "USB graphics card" to work (that's how I call a USB to HDMI adapter)
If an SBC comes with USB 3.0 then it's even better. Weirdly my googling turns up cheaper USB 3.0 adapters than 2.0 ones, like newer tech is more viable, newer, higher volume, cheaper.

But while the hardware is less overkill that way, cost of SBC + USB adapter gets nearer to the cheapest dual output PC (NUC, new fit-PC). Bigger hurdle : I have no clear idea of CPU, GPU and OS requirements.

Comment: Encryption, encryption, encryption (Score 1) 279

by Blaskowicz (#48912265) Attached to: EFF Unveils Plan For Ending Mass Surveillance

I will guess :
- certificate errors that people will have to click through ten times a day
- people lock themselves out, accidentally lose their data (lost keys, lost cellphone needed to receive an SMS)
- interoperabiliy problems of old versions and unpatched browsers, libraries, software
- encrypted ads and encrypted malware will infect your encrypted browser and mess with your encrypted data.
after non-root computing and port 80 computing, meet encrypted computing, same crap one more layer down
- bad guys will still mess with it
- in the end, you're still fucked because you used failbook, skype etc. or you posted public content in comment threads, forums, IRC etc.

Comment: Re:The solution is obvious (Score 1) 574

Phones use little energy and possibly newer phones use more energy than older ones (bigger screen, more features, bigger battery, more games, more spyware apps)

To charge the true cost of energy, see carbon tax.
Sometimes energy efficiency is very questionable (hybrid cars's complexity and batteries, or a TV more efficient but bigger), there even may be surprises such as the fabrication of a LCD monitor costs more energy than that of a CRT one.

Comment: Re:The solution is obvious (Score 1) 574

lol that phone has a 720p screen, 1GB RAM, dual cortex A9, dual camera, 16GB flash. It might be "old" but still better than low end phones. That's getting ridiculous, it is a bit like arguing an Xbox One is old and tired so it's no big deal if people can attack it at will to steal your microsoft accounts and whatever.

Now I have to inform my friend who uses a Galaxy Note that his data and mail accounts may be at risk unless we fuck with the OS and bootloader, or maybe take countermeasures such as install firefox and uninstalling every app. What a pain in the butt. No, he spent big bucks on it when it was new and it isn't damaged. Getting a new one is unreasonable.

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