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Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 674

It is a desktop OS, although made by a company that doesn't sell or want you to run a traditional desktop computer. You know, those with cards, hard drives and memory DIMMs.

Silly me though, I should order the Macbook with the maximum memory configuration, use a monitor on USB, sound over bluetooth and the hard drive over wifi :-). That will be $2000 well spent to replace outmoded wires and local storage.

Comment Re:This is a nonsequitur (Score 1) 441

When you find yourself with ten people competing for two chargers at work's parking lot that's a problem, along with need and ethics of having to interrupt what you're doing, go back to the parking lot and unplug/move your car so that someone else can use the charger.

There was an article about that very situation happening in the Silicon Valley or a similar Californian setting.
Similarly there's irony in the electric car requiring you to have you own garage (with power that runs to it), thus likely requiring you to live in suburbs thus likely requiring you to commute by car, possibly a moderately long commute. Thus you need an electric car because you need an electric car. Same deal anyway If the car is electric or not : you pay for your car so you can go to work so you can pay for your car. (Take that as a bit of humor if you can or wish!)

I agree with your assessment of the technical problem : the technical problem can be dealt with but there are the social, behavioral, urbanistic problems. In theory catering to the electric cars ought to be easy : it was probably harder or more expensive to take care of horses.

A more complicated option would be the car connecting a charger itself. Doable, but somewhat more work.

So I'm picturing a car moving to the charger on its own, like you left your horse in a stable and the horse drinks and eats what he finds there or what the workers staffing the stables bring him. Maybe some robotic solution would be used and/or the parking lot is supervised by someone who is guarding the lot, guides the cars, manages the chargers. I like that idea but too bad such an occupation might be considered too expensive, if considering a min wage full time employee (or more) is quite a cost to man a parking lot for a few dozen cars (or less, or more). But why not :-).
That may work in some countries (I'm thinking developing ones, or Japan). In African countries or really poor areas you can have someone dusting off solar panels (and doing whatever basic, unfrequent maintenance) whereas in the first world it's not worth paying someone to go clean them...

Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 1) 351

It used to be known as the "interoperable" format.
Also carries a connotation of being lightweight (in a sense), simple or braindead. I thought it was unchanged since the early 90s and apparently that's not true.

Comment Re:In Soviet Russia, TV watches YOU! (Score 1) 213

Use the customer's processing resources to run computer vision algorithms etc., then send very short pseudo real-time reports and perhaps more detailed daily/weekly ones. This has the added benefit that the customer's hardware wastes a few watt and not your own megawatts and hardware, so not only you reduced the network bandwidth and storage use by orders of magnitude, but you've exported most of the processing costs as well.

Comment ALSA sound drivers for DOS (Score 1) 491

I would want ALSA of some sort to run under MS-DOS (or FreeDOS), in extended memory and emulating Sound Blaster 16/Pro/Vanilla, Adlib etc. so we can play the good old games without DRM, slowdowns and sound glitches, or Windows.

I like PCs too, so what about putting a PC in my PC.. 300MHz 486 on a PCIe 1x card that beams VGA and sound output (SB compatible) over the PCIe bus to my main PC, my PC gives it input and block devices. Nerds can get GPIO and serial on the card, and total cost low.
That stuff was boring 20 years ago (Mac Performa DOS compatible, Amiga before that and Z80 add-ons for 6502 computers etc. before that)

Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 2) 351

To be fair, I had pain with word processors that warn you that "warning, you will lose important information blah-blah because you're saving in .rtf".
Fine, but the only complicated thing was a table with two columns and some "underlining". Single page document with nothing really going on.
Now, why the hell couldn't it interoperate cleanly between AbiWord and Libreoffice or Word and Libreoffice? Or seemingly, LibreOffice with itself?
Now I still have at least one version of the RTF document that mattered, but it is mangled (slightly, but I would have to study the underlying structure or install and try several word processors)

Lesson learned : only use the native file format (likely .odt) or don't use a word processor in the first place.

Comment Re:That's not their problem (Score 1) 313

I restarted it a while ago, using the "Restartless restart" extension.
All it takes is a few pages opened from news web sites to peg firefox around 100% to 110% CPU use (per top where one core used is 100%)

I don't use Chrome-ium because it will use up all my memory + swap and when all swap is used, the mouse cursor doesn't respond. It takes minutes to ctrl-alt-f1 into a shell and kill it. If I get a laptop running as a serial console for the desktop I might have a try at running Chromium so I can kill it faster in that case.

Comment Re: That's not their problem (Score 1) 313

I blame the web sites. It's like the age old competition between the shield and the sword. It's unwinnable : every time a new browser version runs 5% faster, the web developers will make their crap 10% heavier or slower. And even if they run laptops, a few-year-old Intel CPU in a laptop is incredibly fast so if your PC's single-threaded performance doesn't keep up with that you will suffer.

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