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Comment: Re:linux hard to install and use for desktop users (Score 2) 158 158

It does work wonderfully, especially for the common random hardware that's two or three to nine year-old. But you still get some shit like editing the grub line for the first couple boots if you have some video card. Or the state of your alsa + pulseaudio depends a lot on what sound card or distro you're using : if I change one or the other I get a different set up - and if my music player isn't pleased by the result it decides that its volume slider will control the master volume.

Comment: Re:Win7 is likely to be my last Windows (Score 1) 299 299

Thanks :)

Sure we have EWMH, and simply X11 or Xorg stuff so if I really wanted to do some of the stuff it'd be possible. Perhaps I can find a way to query pulseaudio volume and change it (for example). It's just not easy to figure out what is easily done, and some fear to miss out on something because I'm not running KDE, or FVWM2, or fluxbox, openbox etc.

Btw I simply have an applet for hotkeys in "Control Center" with which I've just added a few bindings to change gamma (such as xgamma -gamma 1.09). Can't do win+n kind of shortcuts and had to use ctrl-alt-t, but the basic feature is there.

Comment: Re:Assumptions are the mother of all ... (Score 1) 158 158

Laptops from taiwanese motherboard brands may offer the option too (MSI, Asus, Gigabyte) and are interesting on their own right too (thick enough laptop so there's cooling, VGA + HDMI + ethernet instead of just HDMI, no stickers..)

Comment: Re:Win7 is likely to be my last Windows (Score 1) 299 299

Under Windows you have Autohotkey, which I used for a number of things in the XP days such as hotkeys to change display gamma, sound volume, instantly launch a terminal etc.

Windows is ridiculously crippled for some things but it can have its own very powerful things. Another example was a freeware to minimize windows to the system tray, it could be configured so that a middle click on the minimize button does it. Under linux this will be impossible, funnily, or non trivial to do and it's certainly desktop or WM specific.

Comment: Re: Aaah, I fucking LoL'd. Seriously! (Score 2) 339 339

To the "Muzzy" mind associated to those people that go on rampage and maim, kill and do convert-or-die etc. it's also Iran that is crazy, as well as Shia Arabs, for following teachings and rituals coming from the wrong bunch of 1300-year-old dead men.

Comment: Heaviest workload on Earth (Score 0) 23 23

It's funny to install windows updates if you have a somewhat slow (in modern terms) computer. Go get a torrented Windows 7 with updates rolled in till a few monthes ago. Install Windows.. with the custom stuff (updates + script that installs IE and .Net) it takes about two hours to install.
Then it takes about an hour to boot, reboot, install Firefox (downloaded with ftp.exe), change wallpaper etc., install some shit and an AV (this is a single core low power PC with 1GB and old HDD)
Then it takes a shit lot of time to find Windows updates. Two days later, it's still not finding them!
I give up. PC's getting a pain to use, I go for upgrading it to 1.5GB or 2GB. cool, turns out I've plugged a 2GB module in, it now has 3GB. The PC still is miserable but has a lot of ram just like my everyday beast!
Wait.. Now the fucking "windows updates" software that was stuck at "checking for updates" now finds updates (about 63 of them). WTF? (I had tried some .bat file found on the net to "unstuck" it, but dunno if the RAM ugprade did something or it wanted just one more reboot..)

So, in conclusion (tl;dr) there's some dark ugly voodoo that determines if Windows Updates will actually work. If it does, it's of course extremely CPU and memory intensive : if you have 1GB RAM or perhaps even 2GB RAM (which runs very low if you use programs) the PC could be so much fucking slow at installing updates that you run the risk of getting infected. I mean, two days of running Windows with unpatched old zero-days and what not! It makes me feels really dirty. Also, it's self evident that Windows 7 is about as bad as Vista on resources use.

But it was not like that time with XP + IE6 where I got obviously infected before I was even done setting it up.
Not sure if the Windows 7 PC is infected or not. Got to 98% memory use and swap hell with only windows (indexing etc. disabled), avast and firefox running (and task manager) ; firefox was only taking less than 20%. Had to kill firefox and disable the antivirus (killing firefox through task manager didn't go so well : not working, and "firefox is not responding" message not coming because of swap hell. Firefox got killed just when I had opened a command prompt which would have served me to kill it)
Got enough RAM to run, you guess it.. Windows Update! I installed that one critical update available and rebooted.

Comment: Re:Hardly anything new (Score 1) 328 328

How would it work?
Yahoo is just a default search setting (if it's like yahoo when you sometimes see it as default in firefox), Ask.com I believe that's malware that hijacks the search setting no matter if you try to change it back. In layperson's words we might as well call it a virus or in old fashioned computer speak, a trojan.

The Ask.com trojan would run and set "Ask" as the search provider, thus pushing Yahoo search out of the way. It would be a rather lousy deal for Yahoo.

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