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Comment Re:The Firefox OS project needs to be terminated. (Score 1) 61 61

Want freedom?, use a real computer with a keyboard. You want freedom on a 4" computer that can't be used for serious things anyway. In fact, go look at the requirements for Android SDK : Windows, OSX or Linux. So there's no Android SDK for Android. Likewise can you root the device from the device itself? I even read the other day that rooting mechanisms use security exploits.

About JavaScript, CSS and HTML : in fact they announced you can now edit the CSS and HTML, from the device.
You're right that it sucks, the web sucks. 1GB RAM and dual or quad core on low/mid range hardware will help with that. You will never run Crysis nor does it look like the good computer to run a ssh server or X11 server etc. but for reading text or updating a calendar it seems fine. It's that or a dumbphone, anyway.

Comment Re:The Firefox OS project needs to be terminated. (Score 1) 61 61

No, I believe that $20 smartphones and the stories of a $9 32GB memory card sold at Walmart check out (or however big it is) are a US thing. I'm from a first world country where computer hardware is rather cheap (motherboards, etc.) barring the changes in euro valuation and latest stuff is immediately available, but bottom of the barrel smarphone or memory card cost at least double that.

For a third world country it's gonna be worse, because not only they don't have the kind of maritime commerce between China and the US west coast, but they don't have dozens containers full of unsold crap waiting to be discharged at fire sale prices into their chains of Walmarts etc., going through highly developed railroad and highway infrastructure.
There's India but not many third world countries are freaking huge and have nuclear power and space launches.

Mitigating my point is that cell phones are small and are high volume in third world anyway but I don't buy that you can get a smartphone at the price of a dumbphone.

Comment High tech USSR (Score 1) 65 65

Did you know that a .su top level domain existed? I learned that recently. That's right, Soviet Russia on the Internet! Didn't last any long at all.
I wonder what would have happened if they had the time to develop 486-level chips for microcomputers. Pseudo-communists with a space station, space shuttle and same consumer high tech as the capitalist pigs.

Comment Re:because Gamers are really Graphics Snobs (Score 1) 56 56

HD textures. How very inspired. You know, if all you care about is graphics, get the fuck out of gaming. Seriously. Go into the visual arts instead. Because, you know, there's more to games than just the graphics. Oh right. You don't know. Because you're GAMERS.

I have been reading that since the nineties. It always was fairly ridiculous but I increasingly agree for a couple reasons :

- What's the gameplay difference between a game from 2000 and one from 2015? Very little. You run around gunning down people, talking to people, picking up stuff etc. Tech got you bigger terrain etc. but I will say that peaked in year 2004 (arbitrarily)

- No need to upgrade a PC. Back in the days when you upgraded for gaming you gained new non-gaming features, such as the ability to watch movies. Or enough RAM for high duty multitasking (on single core, single thread)
Nowadays most PC can do video conference, video editing (even if only in SD), 3D modeling, high res picture editing etc. but aren't powerful enough to run games.

- Where are the low budget published games? By low budget I actually mean something closer to one or a few million dollars than 100 million, and by published I mean sold in stores in a small cardboard box. I get that there are myriads of indie games but you have to buy and download them on the internet, and I'd be ok with that if they followed the old shareware model (so you can try them!). Well, even shareware often had a publisher like Apogee.
Who wants to buy a book that didn't go through a publisher? All books have a publisher (or editor), almost.
I grew up with 320x200 games and 640x480 games that had high production value, despite the low tech (2D, 3D, palettized colors, uncompressed 11KHz sound data..)

You have indie games that don't even try to look serious, they look like a 1980s game with cheesy HD graphics, you pay three dollars/euros to buy one on Steam, run it once then never again ; the money is entirely wasted, you can't even give the game away. It has negative value as it's wasting space in Steam's list (and HDD space if you don't delete it).
Or you can get the latest Call of Dooty shitfest and so on. But I don't want to spend $700 on upgrading the PC for that, don't want to play a $100 million rail shooter (made for a console controller and 60 field of view) and I don't even want to play the latest autistic Action RPG either. Oh, there's the many sandbox games too : drive in a city, get bored, shoot bystanders, kill the cops, get killed by the cops. Respawn and repeat.

Comment Re:A consortium of Cerner, Leidos and Accenture (Score 1) 177 177

There are no tables, tablespaces, or schemas. Everything in the global array is persistent and is saved directly to a disk.

So the bloody thing is NoSQL and ready for the biggest revolution in computing soon hitting the market - persistent memory such as Memristor and 3D XPoint.

Comment Re:MenuChoice and HAM (1992) (Score 1) 270 270

The start menu was very powerful though, with file management features built-in. At least from Windows 95 + Internet Explorer additions or Windows 98. Drag'n'drop (internal and external), deletion and sorting aren't found in every menu, to this day linux application menus tend to require a helper program or config file editing.

Comment Re:MenuChoice and HAM (1992) (Score 1) 270 270

Shortcuts breaking is a feature. It makes it simple to understand : just a reference to the last known location of some data.

What if it was all dynamic and even directly represented the underlying data : does that mean that if I drag them to trash, then my data is deleted? Crap.

Please keep things simple. Windows 95 shortcuts are simple. Auto-fixing dynamic indexed (whatever) things with special casing to guard me against disasters, that's complex and that sucks. Even command line *nix is a bit bad : how come rm symlink_name deletes the symlink not the file? Yes it's nice that the file wasn't deleted, and the symlink feature is sometimes useful but it's weird. Kind like Apple's dragging a floppy disk icon to the trash.

Comment Re:MenuChoice and HAM (1992) (Score 1) 270 270

Under Windows you can create shortcuts to bat files. Thus e.g. a shortcut to glquake, with Quake guy icon that changes gamma to 1.2, launches the game at 1024x768 etc., changes gamma to 1.0 (back to desktop)

So you can do whatever and it's easy! (at least until and including XP)

Under linux you can create a .desktop that runs a shell script too, but it feels more like admin work than everyday user job. It's also limited (why can the file manager create them on the desktop but not in a file manager window? What about that other file manager that can't create them whatsoever? How to get rid of that annoying choice dialog when launching a shell script from the GUI? Do I need to run gnome-terminal -c, gnome-terminal -e or gnome-terminal, with or without quoiting, or /path/ bash

Comment Re:4K h.265 and 1080 h.264 (Score 1) 98 98

I believe editing is done with compressed video, but it's compressed frame by frame. The old MJPEG was used for this in the 90s, then it's a mode in MPEG-4 video, H264 and H265.
For fun I've considered 4096x2160 video at 60 fps, encoded in RGB with 12 bits per pixel. (however unlikely using RGB might be)
That's 2278 MiB per second of video, camera wouldn't even be able to write that to its storage.

Comment Re:CPU power is no longer relevant for general use (Score 1) 98 98

You can also add controller cards. PCIe 4x 2.0 card - goes in either 4x slot or 16x slot - has 2GB/s to play with, which is enough for the newer stuff.

Cheap PCIe 1x 2.0 card with an ASMedia SATA 6 Gbps controller (two ports) is good enough, even if the bus limits it to a theoretical 500MB/s.

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