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Comment Re:Major change? No. (Score 1) 121 121

Windows 3.1 had "Main", "Acessories", "Games", "Start up", "Application" and then any folders you made up. Kind of like an iOS or Android but better.

Damn, I kind of miss it! Add either a Windows 7-like taskbar on the bottom, or window changing similar to Gnome 3 to make up for the shortcomings.
Also, good old times when you didn't need a GTK2/GTK3 theme expert to create a theme for you, instead you changed the color scheme and wallpaper (or wallpaper "motif"!)
Good freeware games and "multimedia" games like Myst. You double clicked on a game icon and it launched within two seconds and without fears of the computing crashing or the screen blinking. Under linux it still don't know if a game will blow up at me, if I'll need to do ctrl-alt-f1 to kill something and if *that* method will still work after a crash, and there's no stable userspace ABI for freeware, shareware and commercial games to target anyway.

Comment Re:Efficiency (Score 1) 748 748

Fast charging is nice but can be limited by the charging cable or power supply. Very nice though if you can top off your low energy/high power system on the cheap and for not much time (the small flywheel, or perhaps supercapacitors, or even some lowish battery capacity)

You still need at least a high energy/low power system on the side. External combustion engines seem great (can burn any fuel, somewhat cleanly) but free-piston engine is another possibility there.
I'll also stress that total cost absolutely can't be overlooked, and that it is a good proxy for the environmental costs. If you have a $10000 car that runs an ICE on gasoline and gets 50mpg, and the alternative is a $30000 hybrid car that gets 60mpg, sorry but I would take the first one, even as a hard-line environmentalist.

Comment Re:Efficiency (Score 1) 748 748

Stirling engines have their fans but if you're burning stuff anyway, why not just make a steam engine? No doubt you can make a small, powerful enough and strong one. Stirling engines were promising but lost to steam 150 years ago because they broke down.
It's an engineering problem whichever you chose, Stirling or steam. With late-20th-century or early-21st-century tech, you can probably make a very good steam engine and on the cheap (simplicity, low cost). Weight, cost, power density and practical efficiency all matter. Perhaps it's down to particular implementations and needs.

Comment Need the new AMD low end GPU to be released (Score 1) 77 77

As you may know AMD has a few little half-gens of GPU released : GCN 1.0 (7750, 7970, 280X, 240, 250, 270, 370) ; GCN 1.1 (7790, 260, 360, Kaveri APU), GCN 1.2 (only R9 285 and 380 for now, Carrizo APU later)

The new driver architecture will only support GCN 1.2.
There's an AMD GPU in the works, codenamed Iceland, to replace the R7 240 (Oland) which has older tech. But AMD won't release it yet, probably because of internal competition and inventory build up of the similar but older GPU.

So if you're looking for a GPU to buy, beware what you do.

Comment Hardware H264 encoder on your PC (Score 1) 115 115

Make sure your graphics card has an H264 encoder built-in (the likes of geforce GTX 660 and up, Radeon I-don't-know-which-ones).
This is what allows streaming of video games (nvidia feature, Valve's Steam feature) over the network. GTX 960, 970 and 980 even have a H265 encoder but you will have trouble finding something on the receiving end, as of yet. It might make using wireless more realistic but not that much.. good old 100BaseT would feel more reliable.

For other PC use (desktop, even video) I don't know what you need to use (at worst, some VNC or Teamviewer thing). I think the best stuff is enterprise grade (Microsoft RemoteFX, nvidia GRID, Citrix whatever or something else) meant for multi-user systems and big $ licensing.

I agree a PC on the receiving end is probably more flexible (NUC, Intel stick, older PC or a new ITX one)

Comment Re:Video Games (Score 1) 312 312

Are scripts part of game content? the likes of QuakeC, UnrealScript and lua etc., especially if they're tied into maps or game campaigns.
If so, is it reasonable to cover certain of these scripts under a proprietary license or copyright, while keeping the rest of the code entirely free? Or objectionable, but acceptable for matters of practicality?

Comment Re:The power button (Score 1) 669 669

"Properties menu key" is semi-unnecessary if you know that shift-F10 always does the same thing, but you have to know that.
It's nice to have for keyboard navigation sometimes. Else it's a very good key for Virtualbox's "get focus out of the VM" key.

Comment Re:The power button (Score 1) 669 669

I now have a keyboard with power button, sleep and "alarm clock" (don't know what this one is for).

The placement is not too bad (if they were immediately above del, home, page up I would have junked the keyboard)
I disabled the power key, but now use the sleep key. One press and one second or two later the PC is in S3-mode stand by! Pretty useful.
The PC does wake up by wildly clicking the left mouse button (I already used that feature, works after shutdown too). That depends too much on the particular BIOS ; good for now. Wish the power key on keyboard could wake the PC up.

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