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Comment Re:"Not in THIS Stack Exchange site!" (Score 2) 55

Usually, the questions I have aren't entirely code-related, but they don't fall on any other Stack Exchange site's purview. So I post a question

If it's not code-related, don't post it to Stack Overflow. The site owners have been very clear about what type of content they want on their site, and questions like that are not it. The response to "we don't want that type of content on our site" is not "I'll post it anyway then complain when it gets removed". That's what spammers do. Don't post stuff where it's not wanted just because it benefits you. It's selfish and spammy. You don't have the right to abuse other people's websites for your own gain. If you want a website where you can post non-code-related questions, there are plenty of them out there. Stack Overflow is not one of them. You're posting the equivalent of -1, Flamebait there.

Comment Re:the main legit use i can see (Score 1) 260

I presume that this would be integrated with some kind of app on the receiver end. When the truck is dispatched (or, if the depot is in range, when the parcel is ready for direct dispatch), you'd get a message telling you the time window when it will be available. You then signal that you're ready to receive it and give some GPS coordinates. It's then dispatched and sends another message when it's a few hundred metres away. You then go outside (or stand on a balcony) and wait for it to be delivered directly to you. Once it's very close, it can use WiFi from your phone (send your MAC address to the drone and the SSID that you're associated with - or create an ad-hoc network if you're out of range and it can home in on you) to check that it's actually landing by the correct person. Then just tap the 'delivery received' button and it will fly away.

Comment Re:How does space elevator save energy? (Score 2) 138

No space elevator designs that are even vaguely plausible include a moving cable. To understand why, consider the mass of such a cable: the energy required to accelerate it and then decelerate it for the cars to start and stop would be phenomenal. You could potentially have a loop that would continuously move in a circle, but you'd still have problems starting it. Just dropping things from the top wouldn't be enough, because you'd need to get them a fair way down before they'd stop orbiting and actually provide force in the correct direction. I don't even want to think about the lateral forces that such a structure would have to endure.

Comment Re:Hydro = from the sun (Score 1) 194

Direct solar may sound nice and work fine in small scale, but collectors would have to cover great areas to be effective

The total world energy consumption is somewhere around 100PWh/year. That's around 274TWh/day. The sunlight hitting the Earth is around 1kW/m^2, so 8kWh/m^2 assuming 8 hours of sunlight. If you assume 100% efficiency in conversion (totally impossible, but we'll start there and refine later), then that means that you need about 3.45E10 m^2 of land devoted to solar power. That's a square about 185km on each side. If you assume 10% efficiency (mass produced photovoltaics are 12-25% these days), then you need an area about 342000km^2, or about the area of Germany, to power the entire world. Now, given the efficiency of power distribution, you probably wouldn't want to put it all in one place, but you could easily fit solar panels enough that, even with transmission losses, you could power all of North America in Utah or Texas without anyone noticing. The difficulty is not the generation, it's the storage.

Comment Re:Let them lease, but not screw with sales (Score 1) 246

The real reason we see this is twofold - first, because of manufacturing and second, because of fraud.

No, you missed the third -- and most important -- reason: if the corporate oligarchy can abolish the concept of property rights (only for "consumers," of course), they can turn us all into serfs and force to rent everything from them in perpetuity.

Comment Re:Let them lease, but not screw with sales (Score 1) 246

Playing the devil's advocate... Where exactly is our "right to repair" granted? Is it in the constitution? Is it a bill signed into law?

What part of the concept of "ownership of property" do you not understand? It's been a fucking axiom of English common law since before English common law even existed!

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 3, Insightful) 594

If we would open drilling even more in the US and more publicly support fracking, we could never use another drop of middle eastern oil again.

Don't you dumbasses realize that we're using their oil so that when it runs out we'll still have ours left? Leaving our oil in the ground for as long as possible gives us a strategic advantage, and squandering that for short-term economic gain isn't "conservative," it's just goddamn fucking stupid!

Comment Re:Wait, what? You can see other peoples' wallets? (Score 4, Informative) 75


A bitcoin isn't a "thing". It's an entry in a public ledger that says "wallet X paid wallet Y 0.001BTC". All* the wallets start out at 0 and if you want to see how much money wallet Y has now, you start at the beginning and add all the payments into it and subtract all the payments out of it. Example:


has 0 BTC balance after receiving 3 payments and making 3 payments (the tiny fraction of a BTC missing each transaction is the fee paid to miners to process it).

As for anonymity, I normally have no way of telling you who 1ENYmn1eCWPa4MFD4VU9wUFqLrzPcqUgaY is. But if one of those payments there was made from an ATM that converts money to BTC (and takes a photo) or one of those debits was sent to a drug dealer who mailed the drugs to the wallet owner's home address, then got busted by the cops who got a customer list, then it could be figured out.

Comment Re:Your reply is bad and you should feel bad (Score 1) 392

Because that would harm existing operations!

Yeah! Terrorists aren't like Marvin the Martian wondering where the America-shattering kaboom they were expecting is, no, they assume that if they didn't hear about the explosion it's because Allah made all the idiots in America not notice the explosion. Imagine the harm if they realized that all the times their shit didn't blow up it was because the government stopped them!

Comment Bad choice (Score 2, Insightful) 156

Cutting Crimea off from Ukraine is only going to strengthen Russia's hold on it (especially after Russia comes in to save the day with electricity). And if these people thought they were being repressed before, well, I'd hate to be a Tatar now that they're responsible for turning off everyone's electricity.

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