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Comment Re:I don't think it will mean much (Score 1) 177

But the fanboys keep telling us that all the human drivers will be gone in five years because Google.

No they don't. That's shorter than the normal life of the cars already on the road.

They may well say that autonomous cars will be in consumers hands within 5 years. And they may well be right.

As to whether the fully autonomous approach or the gradually add more automation to existing cars approach is better, we'll find out. American companies are generally trying the former. European companies the latter. Results, not theoretical arguments will provide the winner.

Why would I want a 'driverless car' if I can't sit in the back drinking whiskey because the car might expect me to take over at any second? What's the point?

What's the point of automatic transmission? Cruise control? Automatic braking before collision? They are all steps on the way to partially automated cars. And they are increasingly popular. And at the top end automatic lane following is already available to the consumer.

Comment Re:Why do they need ANY info? (Score 1) 412

And you can delete that log easily.

First you have to know about it. Most people they are collecting data on don't know. Then you have ot find out how to turn it off.

If a series of checkboxes is too complex for you, perhaps Google is a bit beyond your comprehension. It's probably for the best that you stopped using their services.

Even before checkboxes you have to find the fucking page, moron.

Funny, they do and I'm not.

They don't and you just DID attack them by lying. Apple is the most protective company of user's rights to their own data. Obviously you'll post to an edge case of some user centric feature, and call that spying. But it's not. Spying on users is Google's business model, not Apple's. Apple's customers are users, Google's are advertisers.

Comment Re:Dashboards (Score 1) 412

I used to use a Garmin. But their capabilities have long since been outdone by phones. A phone will have compass and accelerometer. Between that and the knowledge you are very likely to be on a road, it should be able to give a pretty good estimate of your position through dead reckoning.

In fact the phone probably has better access to travel information too, and so will be better able to give you an ETA for your whole journey.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 412

Uhh...what iOS permissions model? If you install an app on iOS, you give it access to everything, including the kitchen sink. Apple mandates that the app ask for certain things, like location, but the app doesn't actually have to comply with what you ask.

Lying does nothing to further your point of view. The OS asks for the permissions, such as location. If the user denies it, the app gets no data back from the API. The app can't do anything with data it doesn't have.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 412

best is to allow all privs and feed the apps JUNK FAKE DATA

You're out of date. That was the Android Fanboy's talking point back in the day when Android didn't have the ability to deny individual permissions.

The reason that it's not a good idea is pretty obvious. Why would I want an app presenting FALSE data, or functioning according to FALSE data. For example I don't want a map to be presented centred on Easter Island, because that's the particular lie the FAKE DATA engine came up with. I want the app to know that it doesn't have my current location, so it can do something more appropriate.

Comment Re:Why do they need ANY info? (Score 1) 412

Your Google fanboyism has blinded you to reality. I stopped using any Google services the day I found that they'd kept a log of every single search I'd done for at least 2 years without ever asking me.

Whether or not they have complex UIs for turning off some features after the fact, if you ever find out about it, does not excuse their ever increasing forcible collection of your data. They are a despicable company.

If Apple was doing this you'd be attacking them.

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