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Comment Re:Authoritarians will always rule. (Score 1) 456

but the libertarian attitude should be that the little parasite should survive on its own and stop leeching off its mother. and if, through its own inadequacy and careless failure to provide for itself, it can't survive on its own, then fuck it it - it deserves to die. fetuses, babies, the poor, they have only themselves to blame for their circumstances.

Comment stop! (Score 1) 57

stop trying to turn safe, inert data into unsafe executable code.

it's bad enough that large portions of the web have transformed into executable spyware and crapware with excessive use of mandatory but unneccesary javascript (js for what should be A HREF links FFS!) - ebooks don't need to go the same route.

there's no need for anti-features like serves only the company pushing it, and actively harms the customer.

Comment Re:Calibre (Score 3, Informative) 148

you need to keep up-to-date, too.

Sigil 0.92 was released on Dec 18 2015.

here's what the latest entry on says:

Sigil-0.9.2 Released
December 18, 2015 ~ kevinbhendricks

Sigil 0.9.2 is a bug fix and stability improvement release of the stable Sigil-0.9.X series. It includes all of the changes and improvements so far and it has shown itself to be very stable in testing. Most of the changes from our last release Sigil-0.9.1 are bug fixes:

Bug Fixes:

      . Update BuildingOnLinux docs
      . Update Building on Mac OS X docs
      . Fix example clips/searches loading on Linux
      . Simplify UseBundledInterpreter Logic
      . Fix bug when adding existing html links to stylesheets not being updated
      . Fix bug in Well-Formed error messages due to bug inside gumboâ(TM)s error.c
      . Add xmlns=â attribute to html tag if missing
      . Fix lost DOCTYPE info when splitting or merging
      . Completely rework pretty printing via gumbo to be much more robust
      . Make identification and storage of page-map.xml more robust
      . Restore Sigilâ(TM)s update checker thatâ(TM)s been broken for a while
      . Update sigil_bs4 prettyprint_xhtml and serialize_xhtml routines to use logic of code in GumboInterface
      . Update sigil_bs4 to use numeric entities when faced with nbsp so they do not get lost later in Sigil
      . Fix bugs in sigil_bs4/prettyprint_xhtml and serialize_xhtml routines that failed to handle some void tags properly
      . Fix out of date error message referencing Tidy
      . Coerce missing or bad doctypes to meet either epub2 or epub3 standard
      . Inject empty title tag if missing from head
      . Html escape Index entry text used to create index.html


      . Include Pull Request 161 by pinotree âoeSwitch TempFolder to QTemporaryDirâ to improve safety
      . Preliminary Linux binary installer support added
      . Add ability to change Sigilâ(TM)s user preferences directory by specifying a new path via the SIGIL_PREFS_DIR environment variable (path must be user-writable).

User Interface Changes:

      . Add some keyboard accelerators to the Spell Check dialogue see Sigil Issue# 164
      . Completely revamp Cleaning to use âoeMend Codeâ and remove PrettyPrintGumbo as on option
      . Rename PrettyPrintGumbo to âoeMend and Prettifyâ and move to CodeView Right-click menu and Tools Menu
      . Rename âoeSanity Checkâ to âoeWell-Formed Check EPUBâ and remove check icon people confused with FlightCrew
      . Change ToValidXHTML by using serialize not prettyprint

It is hoped this release will provide a stable and up-to-date version of Sigil while development work continues on adding some additional epub3 support features.

Comment Re: HTML (Score 5, Informative) 148

epub is HTML + CSS + images + some metadata files (e.g. the table of contents) in a .zip file (with filename 'extension' .epub rather than .zip).

Libreoffice can export to HTML, which will get the bulk of the job done. Then the OP could use Sigil ( - packaged for several linux distros including Debian) to edit the HTML into shape as an epub book.

I've never written a book using Sigil, but I have used it many times to fix problems with bought epubs - hard-coded tiny crappy fonts, missing or broken Table of Contents and other suckage.


Zooming images etc is something that is not the OP's responsibility - that task (and all other presentation tasks) are handled by the reader's epub viewer program - e.g. whatever the default is on Kindle, plus FBReader, Moon Reader, Cool Reader and many more on Android, and whatever epub viewers run on ipads etc.

FBReader and Calibre and others on Linux PCs, and Windows and Mac too (plus they probably have many more).

Comment Re:i don't want a fucking on-going relationship (Score 1) 440

i do. i run my own domain and make up new email addresses for every web site, without having to involve some potentially untrustworthy third party.

It still doesn't stop the fuckers, even one spam is too much even if i immediately delete the email address on receipt - and spam isn't just email, it's also phone calls (i don't provide my phone number unless it's absolutely necessary - and enter 000, Australia's 911 number, on forms that require a phone number), and snail mail.

i once had a marketing arsehole at some online shop insist that they had a right to spam me with a survey about my purchases even though i had a) opted out of any contact and b) included several paragraphs in the delivery instructions telling them not to spam me or contact me for any purpose not directly related to the delivery of my purchase and that i automatically and permanently boycott any company that ignores my instructions.

Comment Re:i don't want a fucking on-going relationship (Score 2) 440

In australia, there's presumed consent if there's an existing business relationship (e.g. you bought something) unless you opt out.

Which is completely fucked up, especially since there's little or no observable enforcement of opt-out rules.

my "solution" is to just buy very little from online shops. this sucks, because apart from the anonymity and privacy issue, online shopping is very convenient. I'd shop online a lot more often if there was a ruthlessly enforced legally required "don't fucking spam me for any reason or store my details in a database for any longer than the absolute minimum required to deliver my purchase" option with mandatory fines and compensation for any breaches.

And it would have to be ruthlessly enforced, otherwise the fuckers would know that they can get away with ignoring it, and think of the handful of complainants willing to take it to court as a small cost of doing business.

Comment i don't want a fucking on-going relationship (Score 5, Insightful) 440

i just want to buy stuff - anonymously, without the shop-keeper knowing my name and other personal details just because i bought a fucking coffee or a hamburger or something.

lack of privacy and anonymity are the main reasons i dislike online shopping and use it only very rarely - delivery of the purchased goods requires that i give the vendor my personal details which they then immediately assume they are entitled to store in a database, use to spam me, and sell, trade, or give to third-parties.

even when they have a checkbox option saying "don't spam me" or similar, some arsehole in their marketing department will take it upon themselves to decide that i didn't really mean that, or make some exception for their super-important spam (spammers always say "my spam isn't spam") or their database will frequently have that field "accidentally" cleared.

Comment Re:WGAF (Score 1) 146

it's you who doesn't understand - if the 2nd factor (e.g. the thing you have rather than the thing you know) is inherently compromised and insecure then it's worse than useless.

and no, you have to be a fucking moron to trust something inherently untrustworthy like a mobile phone for 2FA.

this is doubly true if you are stupid enough to also use a browser on your phone to perform the login - actual compromise is more difficult without that, but locking someone out of their account is trivial with phone-based 2FA, all an attacker has to do is intercept and change or delete the code SMS.

Comment WGAF (Score 1) 146

2-factor auth by mobile phone (or tablet) is fucking cretinous. mobile phones aren't in the least bit secure, they're even worse than Microsoft Windows - and that includes both Android and Apple.

Anyone who trusts their phone for anything where security is important - like banking, or as a credit card substitute or other payment system, or even just to login to a web site - is a fucking moron.

they are inherently compromised by spyware and malware - even if you're extremely careful about the apps you install (99.99% of which are crap that exist solely to spy on you in one way or another), the OS itself spies on you on behalf of their REAL owners, Apple and Google.

Comment social welfare, education, medical care, and (Score 1) 519

the other important factor is food, or the shit that passes for food.

Your poor eat McDonalds and similar shit on a regular, daily basis. They also drink Coke and other soft-drinks routinely, and consume vast amounts of sugar. Poor food is sugary food is shit food.

This shit is a *normal* diet for your poor - but is not the normal diet of the poor in other countries.

Comment Re:social safety nets WORK, vs cowboy attitudes (Score 0) 519

yeah, like all of northern europe, the UK, Australia, and (to a lesser extent because it's closer to and more infected by USA-ian thought) Canada.

All of those countries needed to be rescued from their democratic socialist and/or social welfare policies by the enlightened American attitude of "fuck you jack, i've got mine".

in actual fact, your corporations - supported enthusiastically by your government - are exporting your shit attitudes and fucking up our countries, chipping away at our laws and institutions with their evil lobbying, trying to destroy our superior way of life because it's inconvenient to their program of profit maximalisation and corporate overlordship and sovereignty.

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