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Comment Re:Not really (Score 1) 289 289

> "I'll buy anything that doesn't have sugar or HFCS in it" leads
> companies to come up with "evaporated cane juice" and "brown
> rice syrup" and all this other BS.

you are still blaming the victim.

it's exactly the same as saying that investors who are only willing to invest in legitimate businesses leads to con-men pretending to be legitimate.

this is not the investors' fault, any more than it is the consumers fault that scumbag con-men try to con them.

> ... and flocking to buy stuff that has meaningless labels saying
> something is "all natural," ...

you do realise that "all natural" and similar crap has NOTHING to do with mandatory labeling and everything to do with marketing (aka professional lying), right?

and that part of the reason for mandatory labelling laws is to partially undo some of the bullshit of marketing, to give consumers facts rather than feelgood slogans like "natural" (meaningless) or "99% fat-free!" (means 20+% sugar)

> They are DRIVING businesses to try this crap.

no, advertising weasels are trying (and mostly succeeding) to fool the public into buying their shit. again, you are blaming the victim.

> That doesn't mean they are to blame for deceptive business
> practices

then stop blaming them

> but they are partially to blame for what they eat when they
> mindlessly support that business model.

and here you go again. once more blaming the victims who have no ability to control what corporate lobbyists do to ensure that labels have only worthless crap on them so that they can't be used for informed decision-making - in your world, that's entirely the consumers' fault.

Comment Re:"...the same as trespassing." (Score 1) 1163 1163

> If a guy is stealing your car, would you just watch him and let
> him do it?
you know what would be far more useful in that situation than a gun?

any reasonably modern phone with a camera. take a picture of the thief and call the police. the thief will probably give up and try to run away before the cops arrive.

> There will always be some people who fail to grasp that concept,
> and they can legally be exterminated.

fucking gun nuts always make up stupid excuses to "justify" their fantasy desire to murder other people.

creep back to your basement and masturbate over your gun-porn stash.

Comment Re:Cue the Malthus Worshippers! (Score 0) 289 289

> 1. How unsafe GMOs are.

most GMOs themselves are probably harmless. what is extremely harmful is patenting the food supply so that it's entirely fucking owned by one or a handful of corporations.

GM food would, in general, be a good thing if patenting GM was banned world-wide.

> 2. How there are too many humans on earth.

well, that's both true and obvious. the world needs less people, negative (or at least zero) population growth.

> 3. How the farmers will be paid less...

almost certainly. supermarket corporations squeeze farmers for every fucking cent, and seed-supplying corporations like monsanto do the same, so the farmers get squeezed on both ends.

Comment Re:Not really (Score 1, Insightful) 289 289

> And no -- to those natural foods wackos

typical fucking american.

when there's a corporation that's lying to and conning consumers, you blame the victim ("those natural foods wackos") rather than the perpetrators.

you yanks need to learn that "caveat emptor" is supposed to be a warning, not a fucking business model.

and quit admiring con-men. they're scumbags. they deserve gaol, not praise.

> Moral of the story: Labels frequently don't work to tell people
> what's actually better.

this is not the fault of the victims, the consumers, the "natural foods wackos". this is the fault of the perpetrators and their lobbyists and spin-doctors who expend large amounts of time and money to ensure that labelling isn't accurate or useful to consumers.

Comment Re:wrong wrong wrong about copyleft (Score 1) 250 250

> and only to those to whom you distribute.

in the GPL this is true ONLY if you choose the option of distributing the (modified) source with the binary at the same time.

if you choose one of the other methods of meeting your source code obligations (e.g. put it up for download on the net, or mailing a source-CD on request) then you MUST give the source to "ANY third-party" that asks for it, i.e. whether you gave/sold them a binary or not.

Comment Re:There is no cure for absolute fucking stupidity (Score 2) 231 231

prominent gun control advocates probably need bodyguards because there are gun nuts who want to kill them for daring to suggest that private citizens don't need and/or shouldn't have certain kinds of weapons, or that purchase should be subject to stringent background checks.

apparently, to a gun nut, their right to bear arms is greater than the right to free speech or the right to live and this somehow entitles them to murder people they disagree with.

Comment Re: Is this important? (Score 1) 76 76

yeah, reform your country so that it not only has universal health care (incl. mental health) but also has universal unemployment benefits and disability pensions so that people who would be broke as well as homeless, unemployed and/or crazy in your current system would have a small income on which to feed, clothe, and house themselves and therefore wouldn't be so desperate they had no choice but to mug strangers for a living.

it sounds like it would be expensive but it's much cheaper than prison and much cheaper than the cost of theft-related murders, and the cost of street crime in general.

WTF do you think countries like australia or the UK or much of europe don't have rates of begging or mugging even a tiny fraction of that in the US? we have a tiny handful of real crazies doing it, you have the crazies and all the desperate poor doing it as well. you also have a gang culture because neighbourhood gangs take the place of a social safety net in a country without welfare entitlements for all.

also, you need to restrict gun ownership, especially hand-guns - start with the obvious things like serious background checks and require owners to demonstrate a *real* need to have a gun (not just "i'm scared of black/poor people").

fuck it, you also need a revolution. send all corporate fat-cats and lobbyists and corrupt politicians to the guillotine. that's about as likely as the US doing any of the other things above.

Comment Re:The Dark Age returns (Score 2) 479 479

uh, no. the point of evolution is that it's not miraculous.

evolutionary changes occur as a species adapts to its environment, either because the environment has changed or simply because the species is becoming better adapted to an unchanged environment.

if a random variation (as occurs all the time due to sexual reproduction and mixing of genes) or even a mutation (e.g. due to radiation or exposure to mutagenic chemicals - but note that most such mutations are fatal, not beneficial) provides a greater chance of surviving and reproducing then that trait will, over time, become more common in the population. and, at the same time, if a trait reduces an individuals chance of surviving and reproducing then that trait will gradually disappear from the population.

evolution is the result. natural selection is the mechanism.

Comment Re:The Dark Age returns (Score 1) 479 479

> You are an idiot, and your mother dresses you funny. There.
> Now that was an ad hominem attack.

not quite. you forgot to say "and because of those things, your argument is wrong"

without that, it's just a personal attack (or it could just be an observation of fact). an ad-hominem argument is when you use personal attacks or observations about irrelevant personal details to try to discredit an argument.

Comment how much longer will jet fighters be relevant? (Score 1, Interesting) 217 217

when nations or even non-state groups can put up swarms of, say, 1000 drones for $1M. or 10,000 drones for $10M.

aside from the economics (using $1M+ missiles to shoot down $1000 drones) can a jet fighter even cope with swarms of cheap drones ramming its jet intakes, with or without small explosive charges?

can jet fighters even shoot other targets if there's a huge swarm of drones in the way, programmed to intercept missiles and blow them up before they hit?

and as they get smaller, can a jet and/or its pilot even detect a single drone reliably if its disguised as a bird? a bird with a payload of quarter to half a kilo of C4 to be delivered to the jet engine?

Comment boring (Score 1) 126 126

watching e-sports is just as boring as watching other sports - i fast-forward over it when watching Good Game just as i fast-forward over sports during the news. fortunately, GG only wastes a minute or two on it every few weeks, while the news wastes 10-20 minutes on it every night.

playing sport and video games can be fun. watching other people play is fucking tedious.

Comment use multiple browsers (Score 1) 208 208

why do you have to use just one browser for everything?

there's nothing stopping you from using chrome for most sites, and firefox (or whatever) for the handful of sites that require java.

in fact, IMO, you're better off using multiple browsers to minimise the tracking that can be done of you. e.g. i have one browser (midori) that i use ONLY for facebook and nothing else; my main general purpose browser is iceweasel with adblock plus and noscript and other privacy-enhancing plugins; i use chrome to view youtube and other videos; and iceape gets used solely for my online banking and nothing else (usually in a separate login session unless i'm being lazy or in a hurry - ctrl-alt-Fn to get to a new tty, login and startx, run the browser, do my banking, quit the browser and logout).

Comment Re:wow (Score 1) 234 234

you really shouldn't complain about your false perception of other people's comprehension when you suffer enormous comprehension difficulties yourself.

i didn't say that's what Musk said.

my comment was a parody prediction of what the more retarded libertarian fuckwits were certain to say. and i know they're certain to say it because they've said the same moronic fucking thing every time there's an article about some rich prick setting up or supporting a charter school or similar for a handful of very lucky or very privileged kids.

the nature of my comment would have been obvious to anyone who wasn't a complete drooling cretin.


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