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Comment Re:Let them lease, but not screw with sales (Score 1) 229

If we apply those rules to, say, phone manufacturers, we'd end up with massive, phones (as modularity takes lots of space - screws, sockets, etc.) which will be obsolete 40% of the way in to their mandated warranty period. The suppliers will have to keep massive stocks of parts, driving up the cost of each phone.

You've not really thought this one through, have you?

Comment Re:Fail. (Score 2) 229

He doesn't have to suggest an alternative - he was just making an observation. You are right, though - democracy is screwed, but it's the best option we currently have. Yes, the western world has a problem with obesity, but the #1 leader is the US.

If one doesn't understand the market they might assume all phones are built to the same standards and therefore switching manufacturers would cause them hassle.

The case is far from closed.

Comment Re:I'll let others speak for me on that account (Score 1) 101

One extension being sub-par does not make them all sub-par. That is terrible logic.

Using ADB to update your HOSTS files is ridiculous, and HOSTS protection is far from perfect. A wildcard advertising domain can not be blocked by a HOSTS file unless the HOSTS file is megabytes large just for the single wildcard domain. If you don't understand why, you really need (more) help.

Comment Re:required reading (Score 1) 212

So what do the higher classes read if not BLD?

There are plenty of other newspapers in Germany, Die Zeit, Die Welt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung being some that come to mind immediately, than plenty of other regional and topical newspapers like Hamburger Abendblatt, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Handelsblatt, die tageszeitung and many, many more.

Comment Re:What 'meaning'? (Score 1) 136

How did these clowns get everyone acting like trained fucking monkeys?

Because, for the most part, they are.

I don't think that it is about the "stuff" in general. It's about the social status of being someone who has the "stuff". The more in-demand the stuff is this season, the more social status afforded to acquiring it. Even if that status is only temporary.

Vendors want to see a repeat of customers fighting for their products. Whether it be an Elmo doll or a Cabbage Patch Kid or whatever. Be cool. Be the person with the stuff. Everyone who did not get the stuff will be so envious.

Comment Not the first full recovery from space (Score 1) 121

SpaceShip One touched space and all elements were recovered and flew to space again.

BO's demonstration is more publicity than practical rocketry. It doesn't look like the aerodynamic elements of BO's current rocket are suitable for recovery after orbital injection, just after a straight up-down space tourism flight with no potential for orbit, just like SpaceShip One (and Two). They can't put an object in space and have it stay in orbit. They can just take dudes up for a short and expensive view and a little time in zero gee.

It's going to be real history when SpaceX recovers the first stage after an orbital injection, in that it will completely change the economics of getting to space and staying there.

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