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Comment Re:extracting "fuel" from the very fabric of space (Score 1) 470 470

If we could accelerate to relativistic velocity, the only other things stopping us might be relativistic dust specks, each and every one of which is now a bomb. For reference, see what could have been a deadly ding to the window of the Space Shuttle. If the object was larger, it might have penetrated. IIRC, it was thought to be caused by a paint chip. Velocity? Nowhere near relativistic.

Comment Magic Software Enterprises... (Score 1) 617 617

The first thing I thought of was the Magic software that ran support when I was there. This was the late 90s and it was already considered old.

After I looked up that link, I realized that I had written some FORTRAN during an internship. That was in the mid 80s, and the install may have been a few years old for all I knew.

Comment Re:nothing new under the sun (Score 5, Informative) 446 446

Heard on NPR this morning that they think it's an inside job, and has all the hallmarks of it being so.

Apparently someone got tired of the all unethical behavior. Something about an account being free to create, but $20 to delete (and then not really being removed, or something like that)

Comment Re:Tidal? (Score 1) 573 573

If I had anything that could reliably produce a sweep up there, I'd work on creating a graph for you. Sadly, I don't :|

Not bad for a cheap recorder, though. Even the battery life is nice. The -only- problem I have with it is the chassis is 'noisy' - I have a bit of paper towel wedged between the battery and the battery access panel, to keep it from rattling. If you're not handling it actively, it's quiet.

Comment Re:No Free Speech (Score 1) 581 581

I'm not sure how parent got moderated Informative. Reddit does a pretty good job of not allowing offensive subs to pollute non-offensive ones. If you log on with the default set of subs, it's mostly non-offensive stuff with NSFW tags working pretty well to prevent you from following porn links and stuff. Yes, people talk about and/or link to offensive ones; but the offensive content itself is not in the stock subs. If you follow those links, you can find yourself in some truly bizarre and/or offensive places; but it's not in your face day-to-day unless you *choose* to go there.

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