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Comment G-Man with Geek Crush Justifies Salary (Score 3, Interesting) 282

I think this FBI informant had a geek crush on Ray Bradbury. He wanted to stalk him at all costs. He invented this elaborate "Communist-angle" ruse to justify to his superiors the inordinate amount of time he used obsessing over Bradbury's every move, admiring him from afar. I imagine it's easier to maintain this fib than do actual work of any value.

This would make a good comedy sketch, actually! Like a variant of The Tailor of Panama.

Submission + - Hell and Heaven (allaboutbible.com)

jasminemehta writes: Hell (Sheol) and Heaven at all times have been an uncertain secrecy for the human race. Ever since decades human civilization are in explore of Hell and Heaven. Even though numerous religious conviction educate about the extinction of Hell and Heaven but inquisitive human mind is incapable to absorb the reality of their existence

Comment Re:wait, what? (Score 4, Interesting) 82

I actually invested money into the now dissolved Canadian company, Nexia Biotechnologies, which was the first to do the spider-goats. You are entirely correctly. Spinning the silk is the harder second part. The gains in reducing cost per meter couldn't keep the pace with similar gains in carbon nanotubes, which competed for many of the same practical applications. Nexia's first path to market was to be superstrong medical sutures. At first, the FDA promised expensive human trials would not be needed since the proteins were naturally occurring. When the FDA later about-faced, it was Game Over for Nexia, who sold the IP rights to a company in Virginia. They also sold the IP behind their proven anti-chemical warfare agents. But the tyrants of the world never used chemical warfare against the US military, so that was (thankfully) also a financial bust.

Nexia was also trying to GMO a plant crop that could grow the silk protein in their leaves. After harvesting, the leaves would be grinded and sifted. However, you're still back to the same Spinning Problem that you highlighted.

Comment Bad Analogy (Score 2) 64

This is not like Minority Report at all. It predicts which locations at which times have a higher probability of a crime committing. It does not predict the particular crime, transgressor, or victim. It won't actually stop any crime from happening. The best it can do is allow a police force to more intelligently deploy their forces. They will be more able to rapidly respond to crimes after they happen, since statistically, they will more often have officers already dispatched to the nearby crime area.

It is easier to change the specification to fit the program than vice versa.