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Comment: Re:I'm all for recreational drone use but... (Score 1) 44 44

And that is the problem. You dont have to have any IQ at all to own and operate a quadracopter like that. Only need a checkbook or credit card.

Honestly, I think they need undercover cops to walk around and just taze the hell out of drone owners that do that crap. No warning, just a tazer to the balls for 5 minutes and then say, "Stop being an asshole, have a nice day."

Comment: Re:It is a vicious cycle (Score 1) 326 326

Facebook's alive and well. Hell, tghey make more money than ever, mostly because:
1. Users have no control over the narrative (to anything outside their social group)
2. Everyone and their dog (but not me) uses it
3. You can send each other useless (fb monetized) links to crap nobody cares about
4. Its an amazing diversion for people with no lives (don't forget pinterest / buzzfeed / instagram)
5. Its an amazing way to post how cool you are by posting all the amazing things you do, and like the amazing spread on the toast you just bought in Paris or something

Comment: Re:Its because she refused to censor a question (Score 2) 326 326

Yes, because you know, rampent speculation is much more interesting than just hearing it from sources. The sad thing is, the Internet has manifested MOB justice just like we had hundreds of years before from uninformed emotion driven people. How many corpses will the internet leave in its wake before people can act sensibly? Oh well, good luck with -whatever new site- you depend on to spring up and be your nmew sounding board. But hell, it'll go the same way as this one beacuse people too busy tearing down others for a living rarely make enough money to pay the bills..

Comment: Have to do this all the time. (Score 2) 241 241

In ham radio command and control over remote digital ground stations all have clear text passwords because it's against the law to encrypt on ham radio bands. So every password is a single use.

Today, if I connect to the digipeater that is near me I will use the password S4tA12fDg
and it will work once and only for a certain window for that single login to happen.

Any company worth anything would do the same. Here is your link, here is your one time use password, you had better get the file in the next 20 minutes or that password will not work.

Perfectly secure for simple crap that really has zero value like a school transcript.

Comment: High Priced Meh. (Score 1) 76 76

Sorry but these are going to be USB 3.0 monitors, so they will not be 1920X1080 or higher and not impressive. They need to be displayport to leverage 2 displays at full high resolution. THEN be a high quality enough panel to not have defects.

I'll stick with the ASUS usb panel I carry with my laptop for when I actually need an extra screen. It's very low res (1366X768) but it's useful for having a PDF up or other very low framerate app up while I am at a customers site.

Comment: Re:Modularity (Score 1) 79 79

38MB sounds only a bit larger than just ICU (31MB on my machine), so Qt isn't adding much there. ICU is used by most GUI frameworks (Microsoft has their own version, but OS X ships it as part of the standard install) and includes things like fast unicode collation (locale-aware sorting is hard!) and fast unicode regular expressions. Most apps that need to work in places that aren't just the English(ish)-speaking parts of North America need most of that functionality.

Comment: Re: i switched back from chrome to safari (Score 1) 306 306

WebKit != Safari

This is true, but it's also completely irrelevant. Safari uses WebKit, including WebCore and JavaScriptCore. All of the Safari features that are not part of WebCore and JavaScriptCore are entirely user-facing and irrelevant to web developers. If you look at what's actually included in the WebKit nightly builds, you'll see that it's a build of Safari.

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