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Comment Re:This is why we can't have nice things (Score 1) 277

If they were called the Washington Negro's would we be having this discussion? No, they would've been pressured into changing their name decades ago. The point being that the "redskin's" are a marginalized group that nobody seems to give a fuck about it which is the issue.

Comment Re:Management structure and meritocracy (Score 1) 273

I'm sorry, are these people workers / managers at github or did you just cherry pick some posts by people who happen to use GitHub and welcome gender equality (to whatever scale YOU find repugnant).

Did you ever wake up at night sweating and say: "Damn, I'm on the wrong side of history!"?

Comment Re:Hmmm... (Score 1) 250

"This guy had nothing to do with what happened in the past so why must he be made to suffer for it?"

Why not wait until the lawsuit's been judged/settled before considering guilt please? For that matter, please take out the value judgement 'wrongs' out of a law story entirely. Either the company colluded against men to suppress equally capable male counterparts or they didn't. The only thing we can say for sure is that definitively is that people who get fired almost always feel like they got dumped on by management when they didn't deserve it. Sometimes they're right.

Comment The new boss (Score 2) 69

Just like the old boss. People voted for a party who's interests have been well known to side with big business, so there's zero surprise here. For the uninformed, the 'party' rules the individual representatives much tighter than say the US where its common to vote against/abstain from voting on ballot measures against one's personal (or representative) interests.

Comment Phone Numbers (Score 5, Insightful) 289

- Universally Ubiquitous
- Nationalized
- Lowest Common Denominator
- (for POTS anyway) Pretty damn rock solid in most of the world

Did Facebook kill Email? No.
Did Google kill the address bar? No.
Did Apple kill the PC? No.
Did solar panels (insert any other energy technology) kill the grid? No.
Will Facebook messenger (or any company-centric IM system) kill telephones? No.

Next flamebait topic please.

Comment Re:a simple but short lived advantage may explain (Score 1) 208

Well, open hardware is pretty crippled. When you consider patents, almost across the board hardware innovation patents are a non-started for a small-ish open hardware company trying to cook their own gear. If you're successful enough, someone will sue you into the ground. Software on the other hand can be served from countries which don't have software patents and still get downloaded everywhere. Would x264/ffmpeg exist today if purely developed under US laws? Probably not, but who's to say...

Its hard to shut down an individual sending a scrap of code over the web vs. a small hardware shop shipping their devices through the mail. If anywhere 'open' hardware flourishes, it'll be China which has historically been more or less indifferent of patents in general.

Comment Re:I'm somewhat (Score 1) 105

Not to forget the abhorrent performance loss of adding at least a round trip per row. If you're running a typical poorly performing CRUD app, that gets multiplied for every item in a batch of insert/update's that you'd like to process. Assuming the data was guaranteed to be identical, it was faster to delete all / insert all vs. the alternative which would be manually verifying each row's existence sequentially. This certainly speeds up a lot of natural key table interactions.

Comment Re:Bad "news" (Score 2) 122

"the metric doesn't measure deployed instances, or usage, or even active interest", Yes nobody publishes this, so why are you so shocked that this study doesn't? Wouldn't you be more shocked and tin foil if someone actually was measuring backoffice service usage universally?

Your second paragraph is rank with hyperbole without any quantifiable links for verification, so... At least the article source actually tells us their methodology instead of just spewing crap assumptions.

This is how you could have quantified results:

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