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Comment Re:i think it shows trends in GitHub's demographic (Score 5, Insightful) 132

And why would CSS be more than HTML? There's nobody who uses CSS without HTML, but people do use HTML without CSS. So CSS should be a subset of HTML (also neither are programming languages, but that's a separate argument). So even ignoring massive bias problems, I question their accuracy.

Comment Re:Well. (Score 1) 152

Only because company policy makes it so. If they want to fire you no reason given right now- they can. Many companies have policies they follow to CYA in case of lawsuits, as juries tend to be sympathetic to employees. But just firing you requires nothing more than marching you out of the office and sending you any accumulated pay.

Comment Re:Fat Shaming (Score 2) 206

That's the concern. Optional benefits (on campus gym, free/reduced cost gym membership, paid personal trainers, reimbursement for exercise classes, paying for home equipment) are cool. Forcing people is not. And if an employer is tracking my health, that falls into category 2 not category 1.

Comment Re:It's already happened before. (Score 2) 168

Which is absolutely stupid- Marvel has shown that they know how to do superhero movies and that they are willing to play ball to get control back (look at the deal they made with Sony for Spiderman). They'd be happy to do the same for Fantastic Four. The problem is the same studio owns XMen, and doesn't want to lose that cash cow.

Comment Re:And this is bad? (Score 1) 67

Yes. Letting them decide for themselves ends in a random decision worst case, canceling each other out. Letting Google decide for them basically gives Google their votes- which is enough to tip a close election. That's way too much power to give 1 company. Giving it to the media at least spread it out among a dozen.

Now if you want to argue that they shouldn't vote at all in that case, you have a good argument.

Comment Re:Jeremy clarkson does not approve (Score 1) 904

No, we don't. Most people are not car people. A car is a tool. We don't care about it specs, and I don't want it to make any more noise than it has to. It adds nothing to the experience and annoys anyone else around you.

Hell, i even enjoy a nice ride in low traffic- but the sound isn't part of the fun, it just detracts from the radio or the sounds of nature around me.

You're a very tiny minority.

Comment Re:He might be right on the point of law here... (Score 1) 305

Simple way to fix it- require that any H1B hired must be paid twice the highest paid domestic worker. That means they'll only be paid if they really are necessary. Any company that's found breaking this rule is not allowed to hire an H1B again- ever. And they're fined 20 times what the salary(s) were supposed to be.

We can't throw companies in jail, so breaking the law should be fucking punishing.

Comment Re:The H1-B Needs to Go (Score 1) 305

The reason IT jobs are down is a combination of things:

1)Too many people went into it, because it was seen as hot yet didn't require a degree, just certs (or nothing).
2)Improved knowledge of computers by the general public, and improved software for them to use (its not like the 90s when you had to really know Windows to set up a network). Not many people need to call helpdesk to plug in a mouse anymore.
3)Automation and improved infrastructure. It takes fewer people to manage a fleet of machines because the software is better.
4)We don't fix hardware anymore. We replace it. This is a lot lower effort. Also a lot of the hardware is more reliable.

IT jobs went away because demand decreased while supply increased. There's still a fuckton of jobs writing software, but we don't need as many people to take care of the hardware and administrate the systems. Those jobs aren't going completely away, but they'll never spike again.

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