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+ - What next for a programming career? 2

Submitted by AuMatar
AuMatar (183847) writes "I've been a professional programmer for 10 years. The startup I work for was recently bought, and while I was offered a full time job I opted to accept only a 6 month contract. At my most recent job I was lead developer for a platform that shipped tens of millions of units, leading a team that spanned up to 3 geographical areas, I've done everything from maintenance to brand new apps. About the only thing I haven't done is been lead architect on a large system. What else is there to look for in the next job so it won't just feel like the same challenges all over again?

Oh, and since I know slashdot all too well- I'm not interested in starting my own company. I don't want to deal with sales and marketing, and I have no desire to do a consultant type role. I'd consider technical cofounder of a startup, but I have no ideas I want to pursue at the moment. So I'm looking for suggestions assuming I'll be working for someone else."

+ - Non-kindle eink devices?

Submitted by AuMatar
AuMatar (183847) writes "I'm in the market for my first ebook reader. I like the battery life of the eInk devices, but I don't want to be locked into only buying from Amazon. Are there devices out there which support both Amazon and Barnes and Noble? Any hints as to removing the DRM from downloaded ebooks also appreciated."

+ - Swype 3.0 enters beta->

Submitted by AuMatar
AuMatar (183847) writes "Swype, the keyboard for Android and other OSes that allows you to enter text by gliding your finger across the keyboard, has released a beta of their new version 3.0. New features include a predictive tap algorithm, tablet support, resizable keyboards, and better dictionary management."
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+ - WA election to try online voting->

Submitted by AuMatar
AuMatar (183847) writes "According to the Seattle Times, the King Conservation District is going to allow online voting to combat chronic low turnouts. The voting portal is found here. As a citizen of WA seriously concerned with politics, anything that completely removes a paper trail like this scares me. Luckily this is probably the least important election in the state. Anyone want to hack the election so 300% of voters vote for Firefly or Stephen Colbert or something?"
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