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by gauauu (#47425685) Attached to: Microsoft Settles With No-IP After Malware Takedown

Not really. They got away with it at no real cost. Chances are our "small Nevada hosting provider" was cooperating fully with Microsoft, and playing the victim card helps avoid bad press. Or it could be covering up a National Security Letter.

I don't know, the message from No-IP includes the statement: "While we are extremely pleased with the settlement terms, we are outraged by Microsoft’s tactics and that we were not able to completely and immediately restore services to the majority of our valuable customers that had been affected." This sounds an awful lot like code for "Microsoft paid us a metric crap-ton of money, but part of the agreement is that we wouldn't tell how much."

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Hangouts (and by extension the Helpouts service since it uses Hangouts) works just fine in FireFox.

Source: I'm a Helpouts service provider. I use FF, not Chrome.

See my statement above. I apologize for spreading false information, but I DID get that false information from an error message on Google's web page.

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This is coming from the company that recently decided that Hangouts only works in their Chrome browser.

According to this help section on Google Hangout, this is not currently true.

You say this is a "recent" decision, so I may have missed it. Please give us a citation.

Looks like you're right. Although, today, when I tried to install it in firefox (version 29), I got this error message, which told me that I needed to download Chrome (it did NOT tell me that my browser was too old).

So I stand corrected, I apologize, but I do cast some of that blame onto their own error message.

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Why not just let the users do the job? Cheaper, faster and easier...

I recently read an article (I wish I could find it again) that describes how and why Netflix does this. Basically, they train their viewers to watch for many certain qualities and attributes of movies, which are then tagged and categorized to set up their recommendation and category systems.

For example, they might use a few movies as a baseline for a ratings system so their viewer/ranker staff are on the same page ("on a scale of 1-10, how sweet and sappy is this movie? Does it have a strong female lead? Does it feature cute animals?"), then the viewers watch the film and fill out extensive and standardized tagging information about it, which they build their ratings from.

The article describes it in much better detail, but it's clear that the level of standardization and depth in their tagging and categorizing is beyond what you'd be able to get from the general public.

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Ah, your post reminds me that I forgot an argument:

5. The pebble already does this!

I'd like it to not be bigger than a regular watch, to have looks closer to some jewelry than some nerdy toy thingy (i.e., no plastic, not rectangular), to be waterproof (at least to the extent as regular waterproof watches are), and the battery to last at least 24 hours straight

Ok, the pebble fails at your couple requirements (while it's not much bigger overall than a regular watch, the rectangular corners and whatnot make it more cumbersome. It always get caught in my long sleeves. And it's cheesy-looking), it is waterproof and the battery lasts almost a week.

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Here we go again. Let's just skip ahead to the arguments made every time there's a story about smart watches. Please note that the exclamation point at the end of each argument is the indicator that THIS argument is right, and everyone else is a moron.

1. Nobody wears watches anymore, they are just jewelry!
  1a. These are too cheap and ugly to count as jewelry. I only wear a $180000 dollar watch to show off how awesome I am!
  1b. I wear a watch, because I hate pulling my cell phone out of my pocket!

2. These are dumb, the charge doesn't last long enough to be useful.
  2a. My $5 watch from 1993 never needs to be charged!
  2b. My $180000 watch doesn't have a battery, it is wound by a servant that comes into my room every night to care for the watch!

3. They aren't rugged/waterproof enough!
  3a. Neither is your $1800000 jewelry watch!
  3b. I don't care what happens to my $5 watch, but it keeps on working, what about these?
  3c. I regularly go scuba diving, parachuting, race car driving, and enjoying fine wine on my yacht. That's when I'm not busy having great sex twice a day. This watch won't work for me!

4. I don't want to be MORE plugged in! What happened to just getting away from all your notifications and enjoying life?

Ok, now that we've gotten those out of the way, is there any NEW discussion about these things, or should we just move on?

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Well for those long distance trips catch a sleeper on a train and rent on location, hell with high speed rail, oh wait the Republicans killed those, I was going to say you wouldn't even need the sleeper, just a seat and luggage space and quicker than the car without all of the fuss of a plane.

And unfortunately, with a family, it's still more expensive than driving.

I live a half-mile from an amTrak station, so I almost always check amTrak before a trip to see if it would save me money or time or both. So far, it's never been cheaper OR faster for any trip that I've investigated. If you're traveling alone, the price is comparable to driving. Once you get to 2 or 3 people (let alone a family of 5), driving is significantly cheaper. And you get to go directly to your destination, as opposed to ending at a train station. And you have a car when you get there. I keep hoping that the train makes sense someday, but today is not that day.

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I disagree. There has never been a time when you could not write software for your personal device (at least since Apple provided a compiler for IOS). You may still complain about file system accessibility, but you can write personal software for your IOS device.

You can't write personal software for your iOS device without paying a $100/year subscription. (Well, you can write it, but you can't run it) I'm sorry, I don't want to have to pay a subscription to write software for my own device.

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Please tell me what apps you sideload that are must haves that you cant get on the play store. because everyone I know that is huge fans of side-loading are simply pirates that are too cheap to actually pay for their software. I would love to find this source of apps that are must have but not available on the play store.

I have yet to find a software repository of legitimate and great apps for side loading. the only time I use it is for my own junk I compile for dinking around with arduinos.

Well, first, as you answered yourself, "my own junk I compile" is enough for me, and the reason I switched from iOS to Android. Beyond that, in my limited experience, there's an excellent SNES emulator (Snes9x EX+) which, when I first got it, was available directly from the developer but not on the Play Store. (He's since been able to get it into the play store, so that is not longer a great example. Other than the fact that iOS won't allow you to use emulators at all). Those may be minor examples, but they're just the ones I could think of based on my own anecdotal use.

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Same thing goes for all that other "human touch" crap. Why would anyone go to a restaurant where the food is made manually, rather than in a replicator, if they can't tell the difference? Are they going to go in the kitchen and verify no replicators are being used?

Answer: hipsters.

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Syncs images and videos to a SMB share whenever you are connected to your LAN:

Simple and works for me.

This used to be great. But it doesn't work quite right on Jelly Bean and up*, and the author has stopped updating and supporting it. I used to highly recommend it, but not any longer.

* You can still sort of make it work, but it always complains that it's not connected to wifi, and you can't manually start syncs.

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