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Comment: Re:Have Both (Score 1) 567

by gauauu (#48576175) Attached to: The Case For Flipping Your Monitor From Landscape to Portrait

Seriously, most of todays screens are so big that you can fit 2 pages side-by-side, which is a lot more convenient than one page at a time in portrait mode. Ditto for individual windows. Rotating them into portrait mode will cause neck strain as you have to tilt your head back to properly see the top.

Have you tried it? I have two 24" monitors, one portrait, one landscape. I use it for writing code, where having more vertical space is really helpful. My eyes are even with the center of the portrait monitor, and I don't get neck strain at all. Things on the very top and very bottom of the screen aren't quite as comfortable to look at, but general those are things that only require occasional glances (IDE menus, status bar, etc). Overall, I find it incredibly useful, and quite comfortable.

Sure, it may not be for everyone, but why state negative assumptions about something that you haven't tried?

Comment: Re:iMessage isn't bad... (Score 1) 136

by gauauu (#48359867) Attached to: Apple Releases iMessage Deregistration Utility

GoogleTalk is deprecated and its XMPP federation is broken. Hangouts does not support XMPP, the protocol is proprietary. This is the reason I use neither, I stopped using GT when federation stopped working and I refuse to use Hangouts unless I can use my own client. I never stopped using IRC and it is the only IM service I use today.

I receive all my hangouts messages in pidgin using XMPP, so somehow it works.

(I'm not saying they have it all working correctly. I've never completely understood the mess that is voice/hangouts/google talk/etc. But I do know that when I get a hangouts message, it appears both on my phone and in pidgin via XMPP)

Comment: Re:Go to church? (Score 1) 447

by gauauu (#48130783) Attached to: Statisticians Uncover What Makes For a Stable Marriage

But there was another study where atheist couples are less likely to divorce (if they get married) than Christian - does this mean that Christian couples that don't go to church are most likely doomed?

Yeah, that wouldn't surprise me. While there can be valid reasons for Christians to not attend church, I'd guess that the vast majority of that class of people are folks who claim to have a faith, but either haven't really thought through if they REALLY believe what their faith suggests, or are just too lazy/uncommitted to actually take any sort of action based on their beliefs. Both of which would point towards character traits that could be detrimental to surviving the challenges associated with marriage.

Comment: No More Bennett (Score 5, Interesting) 253

by gauauu (#47816419) Attached to: Why Phone Stores Should Stockpile Replacements

Why, slashdot, why, do you let this guy post this nonsense? It almost makes me miss John Katz.

Ok, time for an off-topic side story. Feel free to mod me off-topic, but I can't resist.

My kids (6 years old) came home with a book list of books they were supposed to get from the library and read. One of them was about some Dogs from some farm. So my wife comes home with the book from the library. As I start reading it, I notice the author's name: John Katz. That can't be the same John Katz can it? Turns out, yes. John Katz, after moving on from posting drivel on slashdot, is now writing children's books. And my school district was making my children read them. There's no escape!

So I'm pretty sure, once slashdot finally gets the message that nobody here cares a lick about what Bennett Hassleton thinks, he'll turn up somewhere else equally miserable.

Comment: Muting Spam (redelm) (Score 1) 232

by gauauu (#47768803) Attached to: How Red Hat Can Recapture Developer Interest

To any newbies that don't know how to do it, you can hide all of redelm's spam crap. Click his name, then click the little orb by his name, and make him a foe.

Then go the comments preferences page, scroll down, and set a -5 (or whatever) modifier to your foes. You won't have to see his crap again.

Comment: Re:Left or Right? (Score 1) 475

by gauauu (#47706073) Attached to: Google's Driverless Cars Capable of Exceeding Speed Limit

You jest, but that's a prety big deal in places like Thailand, which's a left-handed, but borders right-handed countries. How will an autonomous vehicle handle crossing the border?

Same fror French Guiana in South America.

If my cell phone can understand the intricacies of all the time zone rules of the world, I think we can manage for a computerized car to obey differing traffic laws.

Comment: Re:Uh? (Score 1) 147

by gauauu (#47665285) Attached to: T-Mobile To Throttle Customers Who Use Unlimited LTE Data For Torrents/P2P

On a similar note, I don't know that T-Mobile's music streaming policy is terribly unfair, since they're whitelisting all the major streaming music providers. If they made Pandora free while Slacker had to pay, that's not 'net neutral'. Since everyone who streams audio is included, it's a blurry area for net neutrality.

While I mostly agree with you, it's not all of them. Google Play Music (which is the music streaming service that I primarily use) isn't included. (That being said, I regularly go over my 500mb quota, and I've NEVER been penalized or noticeably throttled when I do. So I can't complain at all)

Comment: Website Design (Score 1) 209

by gauauu (#47648019) Attached to: Elementary OS "Freya" Beta Released

If their website's design is anything like their OS design, count me out. I'm not sure how that's supposed to be usable and elegant.

To see a sample screenshot of the desktop, I click on a tiny thumbnail of a seashell? Or a pink feathery-looking thing? Why are those icons the only way to see screenshots of the thing? And the majority of the text on the page is nothing more than flowery text explaining that it's open-source. Where's any actual description of what makes it different from other distributions?

Not that there's anything horribly wrong about all that, but for an OS that's supposed to be all about design, usability and elegance, their website looks like a fluff PR piece. It sure doesn't inspire me to want to try it.

(Although, to be honest, I'm happy that the main page of their project actually tells what the project is, instead a list of bullets about news items, which seems to be the case with most open-source projects)

Comment: Re:I must be the outlier (Score 1) 234

by gauauu (#47566043) Attached to: Comcast Confessions

You're not an outlier, but you did do exactly the right thing. You cancelled in person, instead of over the phone.

In my town, there's a perpetual 45-minute line of people at the comcast office. Even though the lady that works there is helpful and friendly, I'd rather talk to an idiot on the phone for 20 minutes than waste an hour or more driving to the office, waiting in line, and dealing with the issue in person.

Is the line shorter in other towns?

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