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Comment: Re:Unions protect jobs just fine (Score 1) 510

by AtariEric (#42298039) Attached to: Automation Is Making Unions Irrelevant

Your argument boils down to "No they can't, corruption!" Lawyers can work probono, public defenders do this. Not to mention that never before has it been easier to document things and distribute them to a world wide audience. Sounds like a conflict of interest and there are mechanisms to deal with that as well.

There's not going to be nearly enough pro-bono lawyers to cover the massive amount of abuses there will be - and the abusers know it.

Um, yeah, I work in an industry that doesn't have a union, software never has, and we're not subject to beatings.

Only because the blacklist is as effective, but harder to photograph.

If this is timesharing, give me my share right now.