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Comment Re:Done to _gouge_ the customer better (Score 1) 379

You, as a customer, can take this information (its free) and use it to find a better alternative.

What about all the information about companies worldwide those businesses spend millions of dollars to hide? How can customers use information to find better alternatives when companies move heaven and earth to make sure customers never get that information and keep them in the dark? Right now, the law gives businesses nearly carte blanche to lie to customers (anything outside of a direct lie is allowed); do you really think this total imbalance between trading partners is reasonable?

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 396

I, too was born into a poor family - but no grades, no matter how good, could make college affordable to me, and no degree will ever make me acceptable to employers, no matter no good I program. You don't know how lucky you are not to be the subject of prejudice.

Comment Re:But this is California, so of course it's stupi (Score 1) 135

So, not only are you suggesting that people who through no fault of their own develop an allergy should accept an economic punishment they did nothing to deserve, but then you add insult to economic injury by suggesting that businessmen should exploit those people and their handicap for personal gain, doubling the economic burden they face. This is what's wrong with the world today; instead of helping each other succeed, we seek out the weak to bleed them out - and when we run out of the weak, we actively weaken innocent bystanders to prey on them.

Comment Re:some bosses are sociopaths (Score 1) 396

That will make him really mad, but eventually he'll calm down.

Spoken like someone who has never spoken to an entitled asshole all his life.

People like that have staff whose sole job is to ruin the lives of those who "talk back" to the spoiled. I know this personally - I was blacklisted from my industry for five years when I calmly suggested that a particular course of action was bad. I learned the hard way while eating out of garbage cans never to do that again.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 2, Insightful) 396

No, you are lucky because you have that much money to begin with. Millions of people work harder than you and want to save as you do, but can't - no fault of their own; they aren't born into the right upper-class mob of people to have access to those opportunities.

Of course, I won't change your mind about your superiority; - you have an attitude, all right, but it's not "middle-class" - I'd go so far to say it's lacking in class entirely.

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