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Comment: Re:So sad ... (Score 1) 223

by Archangel Michael (#47758693) Attached to: California Passes Law Mandating Smartphone Kill Switch

Liberals voting for Liberals, hating what Liberals do but not ever changing how they vote, because they view the alternative is being worse. The reality is, both (R) and (D) are equally bad, especially when they get a Monopoly of power, like California. Hell, they voted in the loon Jerry Brown ... Again.

Comment: Re:Automated Clickbait Answers (Score 2) 61

No, they aren't doing it wrong. They are doing it right for their business model, because it works. If nobody saw that crap, click through the click bait, and didn't click the "share to see what happened next" only to be tricked into sharing their account details and not ever seeing what they came to see, their business model would fail.

But enough people fall for the bullshit that I really believe that is how we get GWB and BHO as presidents!

Comment: Re:I forced myself to watch it (Score 0) 296

by Archangel Michael (#47751961) Attached to: Put A Red Cross PSA In Front Of the ISIS Beheading Video

Logic is what is flowing from the Whitehouse at the moment. Dressed up legal process of trying to find out who killed the one guy kidnapped a couple years ago so we can arrest him and charge him for murder, giving fodder for the radical Muslims and a voice to them during trial. Logically, it all makes sense, until you realize that logic doesn't play a part in eliminating the real threat.

Meanwhile there are millions being killed all over the Muslim world and instead of uniting the world against Radical Islam, we're playing law and order. Political Correctness run amok and it is going to kill us all.

And when they hold a knife to your neck, you can recall that I warned you. It is coming, and we're too scared of being called names to stop it.

Comment: Re:I forced myself to watch it (Score 1) 296

by Archangel Michael (#47749759) Attached to: Put A Red Cross PSA In Front Of the ISIS Beheading Video

It leads to people understating the horrors of crime. I realize that some people take a personal offense when exposed to the images of horrors. THEY get offended, not because of the crime, but more because they were exposed to the crime. They would rather not have to face it, but they also don't want others to face it on their behalf.

These are like people who don't want to know where Meat comes from.

Comment: Re:I forced myself to watch it (Score 1) 296

by Archangel Michael (#47749337) Attached to: Put A Red Cross PSA In Front Of the ISIS Beheading Video

Did you have an emotional response to the video? That emotional response is what is needed. Logic is nice and fine and all that, but when facing the horrors of evil, we must summon the gut wrenching emotions needed to effectively combat the horrors we face. Not seeing the video is a form of willful apathy, IMHO.

Comment: Re:I forced myself to watch it (Score 2) 296

by Archangel Michael (#47749317) Attached to: Put A Red Cross PSA In Front Of the ISIS Beheading Video

Personally, it wouldn't offend me. I would use it as a case to humiliate the person actually thinking that was funny. Go ahead, make the video dubbing Benny Hill theme to it, as that says more about them, and those that think that is funny than anything else.

And I would use their tastelessness against them as often as I could for as long as I could. Humiliation and Shunning do work, it is too bad that we are too afraid to use them because we might offend those that we find offensive!

Comment: Re:Because of _censorship_ (Score 2) 296

by Archangel Michael (#47749253) Attached to: Put A Red Cross PSA In Front Of the ISIS Beheading Video

Personally, I think that making people face the horrors of this world are the only way to create the incentives to stop them. Hiding the horrors allows them to continue with minimal impact. Put the video, on National TV, Prime Time, not as a recruiting video, but as evidence of the barbarism we are are facing in the world and a call to action against the virulent evil permeating the Muslim World and what "Jihad" means to them.

And until Moderate Muslims take up arms against the "Jihadists", there is no such thing as "moderate muslims". Let me know when Saudi Arabia, and the Emerates and ..... help us with their religious kinfolk.

Comment: Re:The real crime here (Score 0) 455

by Archangel Michael (#47730587) Attached to: 33 Months In Prison For Recording a Movie In a Theater

This is, in a nutshell, why EVERYONE should be a Libertarian. Society cannot have an increasing Authoritarian Governance, simply because we want people to behave in ways that aren't part of the natural order of a society.

That being said, in this case, the person wasn't just sharing video, he was knowingly, and willingly AND willfully breaking the law. I have no sympathy.

Comment: Re:2 GB of RAM (Score 1) 215

by Archangel Michael (#47721827) Attached to: New HP Laptop Would Mean Windows at Chromebook Prices

The complain, specifically, I was addressing was price. $800 is not $600 is not $349. The complaint I was addressing was the inadequate specifications of the low-end Microsoft device using 2 GB ram when newer cellphones are coming with more, standard.

Chromebooks are between 200-300 for units that have 2GB ram. While the screen size is bigger, they aren't as portable or connected as Cell Phones. Trade offs for price / quality / performance.

The over all point is that Microsoft is being squeezed at both ends, out of the Windows World in to the Cloud / whocareswhatdeviceyouhave world. They cannot compete in all areas all the time, without compromising something. And right now, Microsoft is eating itself trying to compete in places it wasn't built to compete with.

The long term prospects for MS at this point are grim. They have lost market dominance of computing devices to Android and iDevices .And while they still dominate Desktop / Enterprise world, they have lost the mobile arena.

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