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Yes, I happened to believe it, because I can see it in places like Afghanistan and Iran, where the people vote for tyranny. And have you listened to Gweneth Paltrow saying we should give Obama all the power he needs? These people exist.

And I suppose you'd rather have power vacuums than the US involved in anything, just like Obama. It is great to see how that is working out in places like Ukraine (where the US hasn't really been involved).

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by Archangel Michael (#48169423) Attached to: How Nigeria Stopped Ebola

Okay, so which is it? People are dying OMG .. or ... One person has died ... yawn.

Either way, the GP is a troll and got caught. Why didn't you say the same thing to the liberal troll? Because you're another liberal troll?

Meanwhile, liberals are afraid of losing the Senate in a month and are lying their asses off with "Republicans want to kill people" by cutting the CDC funding (never mind the republicans gave the CDC more money than Obama's own budget did)

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I always counter this. Name one country that has had a tyranny when the people were well armed?

1) Everyone is spying on everyone. Don't think that the US is alone on this, we just do it more and better than most

2) That is because Europe is bankrupting itself with socialist policies. Why we want to follow after Europe is beyond me.

3) We haven't "lost" wars. Our problem is that we don't have the stomach to leave petty dictators in place to rule the untamed. We remove them, and something worse comes along and really fucks things up. This has been going on so fucking long, most kids these days have no idea how this shit started. The Shah of Iran was an asshole, no doubt, but he was our asshole. We helped remove him (thanks Jimmy Carter) and now, what is in Iran is much worse. Same with Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria

It doesn't take much to realize that some places aren't ready for freedom and democracy. The culture simply doesn't permit it. One can change culture, but it usually takes several generations to do so. The thing about freedom is, the people MUST want it more than anything else, or they are destined to be slaves to tyranny.

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The American Revolution started for less than what is going on now. We just have a bunch of pussies and wusses who are too afraid that they might have to give up their iPhones. The same people are hell bent on making sure that if and when it gets "bad enough" to revolt, we are completely disarmed and cannot.

The worst part, is both the (D) and (R) people are slow walking us towards the tyranny we all see coming, in the name of "protecting freedom".

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This is because we (society as a whole) don't view cyber crime as a threat. Cyber Crime doesn't hurt anyone (except the victims). Cyber Criminals are in hard to reach places like Russia. There is nothing we can do. So, it exists.

IF and WHEN we view Cyber crime properly, the laws for ID theft will change to put the pressure on those extending credit, safe guarding our banks and otherwise those in charge of data collection for the purposes of commerce. When those changes are made, we'll sacrifice a little bit of convenience for a little bit security.

Proper security is not convenient.

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by Archangel Michael (#48159139) Attached to: How Nigeria Stopped Ebola

Tell that to the two Dallas Nurses that now have Ebola. "Wider Population" in the early stages of a pandemic always looks treatable. The problem is, when it isn't contained because we're too PC to do the right thing out of fear of offending someone. Fear kills, whether it is PC fear of offending, or rabid fear of Ebola. Being level headed in such a conversation looks crazy at the time.

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