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Comment Re:Describes mediocre and bad engineers well (Score 1) 493

A lot of not very good engineers like these absolute answers and like things to be black or white. I run into them frequently. The worst is probably the IT security field, where things are often viewed as secure or not, with nothing in between.

To be fair, either you are dead or not... or the favorite from years ago, you are not just a little bit pregnant. You either are pregnant or you are not.

That being said, managing risk is a numbers game which is where the black and white people fail miserably. Which is essentially what you said. I am just trying to nuance the situation here a bit and point out why the infosec folks that are weak actually are weak.

Disclaimer, I work in infosec.

Comment Re:The dark matter between their ears (Score 1) 165

Why is it that astrophysicists "believe" in time dilation but do not "believe" in space dilation? Time and space is a continuum. They are inseparable as concepts. Energy is composed of spacetime and mass. When creating mass out of energy, spacetime is also created. The amount of mass determines how much spacetime there is; and therefore how much energy was used to create it.

"Length" is not a hardcoded value just as time is not a hardcoded value. There is less "space" at the edge of a galaxy. A flat galaxy that is rotating only appears to be flat due to the interplay of time and space. It is not actually so... from the perspective that we live in.

Comment Re:The dark matter between their ears (Score 1) 165

Correct. The facts don't match the theory. Galaxies could not hang together the way they do if all they consist of is the things we've already observed in the laboratory unless we change the law of gravity [to something enormously more complex - c.f. epicycles] or postulate the existence of something that interacts gravitationally but doesn't interact with light.

Spacetime is a continuum. Yes? Speed changes the perspective of time. Mass changes the perspective of space. No modification of gravity needed and no dark matter needed.

Put simply, there is less space where there is less matter. If you can wrap your brain around time dilation, wrapping your brain around space dilation should be simple.

Comment Re:Back door (Score 1) 137

"Lawful interception for devices, but no backdoors"

Interception is a fucking back door! It's an alternative way to make encryption useless. It's like having a heavy duty front door and deadbolt but leaving the key under the welcome mat.

More like leaving the key in the lock with a PLB (personal locator beacon for emergency) a flashing strobe light with a 120 decibel siren as a fob.

Comment Re:Companies trying to help is the myth (Score 1) 242

Trump recently stated he wanted to build a database of Muslims.

Look, I would vote for Trump just to say "fuck you" to the American political system, which means I think Trump is an absolute joke; however, Trump did NOT say that. That headline was crafted from him being asked about such things and not directly responding so the "journalist" (aka professional liar) wrote their article as "Trump did not say no so that means that "Trump recently stated he wanted to build a database of Muslims.".

My god. Research your facts. I saw that headline and just about had a cow. After reading what actually happened, I just puked and noted that this is par for the course. There can never be any sane discussion about politics. Of course, when you include Trump as a "real" candidate, you have already tossed out any semblance of seriousness and reality... but that is not the point.

Comment Re:It's even worse than that now. (Score 1) 366

Ummm. I know this is a VERY expensive idea, but you know that turn that planes make just before entering onto the runway? Yeah, that one. Why not have that section be a scale? There could even be some sort of giant electronic billboard that could show the weight... in kilograms if you are uncivilized. ;)

Comment Re:r u srs (Score 1) 519

In Western media we never actually get to hear the other side of the story and I certainly don't speak Arabic or Farsi and so even if I had access to the other side I wouldn't be able to understand their message.

I do have access to other media and translations. Their view (that they project but only the lower ranks believe) is that they are doing God's (Allah's) work. They are cleansing the world for the believers to live in a paradise ruled by Sharia law.

Ultimately, I judge people by their actions. Burning people alive, cutting off heads (especially of truly innocent people), throwing homosexuals off of tall buildings... These are not things that anyone should be doing regardless of the why and wherefore. Sure, cleansing the world of perceived evil seems to be a great and altruistic thing, but those are just words. The actions are clear and unambiguous.

Da'esh and all "movements" like it must be opposed strongly. The weird thing is that fighting them is likely the worst possible way to oppose them. Fixing the corruption so that the "regular people" can trust and support their government is the best way to fix all of this. Their is less corruption in the administration of Da'esh than there is in the governments of Iraq, Syria, etc. which is why despite their horridly evil actions, they still find continuing support amongst the populations they have invaded.

Comment Let NSA spy on us all.. wont stop terrorism (Score 2) 259

If you open the back doors to standard encryption services, it will not stop terrorists from secure communications. There are endless numbers of ways to encrypt messages and send them via the Internet.

Having access to encryption backdoors is not about terrorists, it is about busting normal domestic crimes where "average" people use off-the-shelf apps to send "secure" messages.

Submission + - 4 star veterans charaties to consider

Anomalyst writes: If you are considering a charitable donation on this Veterans Day, please be cautious and do your research:
Here is the list below for easy forwarding:

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

Hope For The Warriors®

Homes for Our Troops

Hire Heroes USA

Fisher House Foundation

AMVETS National Service Foundation

New England Center for Homeless Veterans

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

Operation Support Our Troops — America

Operation Homefront

Comment Interesting point, but meaningless to most (Score 1) 166

When I run out of games to play on my Samsung, I still won't consider Apple because I think their interface and control-freak issues mostly suck the big one. My company forced me to have one for awhile, so I had two phones. I just recently gave it back because a 'free' phone is worth exactly that; I'd rather pay for my Android than use a free iPhone.

Fortunately, I'm not one of those people who just have to have the latest game or phone so I can be part of the 'in' crowd. I'm happy waiting until my old phone breaks before getting a new one and playing the few games I have for the few minutes a day I play them because I'm not addicted to my fucking phone.