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Comment Let NSA spy on us all.. wont stop terrorism (Score 2) 259

If you open the back doors to standard encryption services, it will not stop terrorists from secure communications. There are endless numbers of ways to encrypt messages and send them via the Internet.

Having access to encryption backdoors is not about terrorists, it is about busting normal domestic crimes where "average" people use off-the-shelf apps to send "secure" messages.

Comment I have run marathons, utltras: use a Flip Phone. (Score 1) 169

A Verizon Flip-Phone.

I have run marathons, utltras, and crazy trail running courses like the Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim, the only thing I have with me is a reliable Verizon flip phone. It has plenty of battery, plays, MP3s with a micro-SD card. I mostly listen to audio books. For me, since I do a lot of trail running in Central Oregon, and other remote places, Verizon has the best service. The flip phone is super lightweight and has weeks of standby time, and will play my MP3s all day long with plenty to spare (psst, bring along a 0.5oz extra battery too,if you're worried about running out of juice -- remember when you could replace a phone's battery?)

But forget all the gadgets. Just get out there and work a training program. When she's running and wants to know her heart-rate, she can stop time her pulse for 10 seconds, and viola! heart-rate monitor for the price of a Casio watch.

Comment Google is not the problem. It's non-open HW. (Score 1) 151

The IBM PC. Then the clones. Then the x86 boxes. Call it what you want. Put in a disk an boot whatever OS you wanted. There was a time you could actually by a PC without any OS on it.

Android devices (and dare I say Apple devices) should ALL, and simply, be allowed to boot whatever you want. Just like your classic PC.

If you don't like Android, well, install Ubuntu (and good luck with that). How about Windows-10 or whatever you want. A phone or a tablet should be allowed to put whatever you want on it. Even a version of MS-DOS on an Atom based tablet, and as easily as with the classic PC.

Comment A "condom" fixes all serious problems (Score 1) 203

If you put any thought into it, a 'condom' will fix all serious issues facing people on Earth. In less than 200 years, if people had just one child, the Earth's population would be around 700 million. An environmentally stable population, and people could then have two children per family.

Will it happen? No F**KING WAY.

Those who claim the dead never return to life haven't ever been around here at quitting time.