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Comment: My Contractor put a 22 foot gash in our floor! (Score 2) 182 182

I reviewed a contractor on Yelp! It was accurate and did not reflect well on the contractor for the work he did. I did give him 2-Stars because, as I explained, when he did put the 22 foot gash in the floor, he immediately owned up-to-it, and said, "I'll do whatever it takes to remedy this". And I explained in the review that the reason it wasn't a 1-star review and is a 2-star is because he admitted his mistake and contacted his insurance agent that day.

My "negative" review wasn't just about the gash made by pushing a new stove across it, it was about the way in which the work was performed. Some was good, some was a bit shoddy, and the gash was just stupid.

So, go ahead and tell the truth. Do not embellish. Generally, with contractors, there is no reason to.

Comment: I'm boycotting Disney after IT fiasco (Score 0) 177 177

Fuck Disneyland and all who go.

Disney which is iconic-ally American did an un-American act: they fired their whole IT staff and had them train their foreign replacements. Yes, in the end there was a stay of execution. But here is how it will play out... over the next few years, most of the IT staff will slowly be replaced with H1B visa staffers. Nobody will notice the frog in the water being slowly boiled.

Comment: A Nevada RV Park is My Domain Business Address (Score 1) 86 86

When I registered one particular domain, I was on vacation and I used an RV Park address. It's still set up that way. Gosh, gee-wiz, how I have been so severely punished for not using my business address.

I don't use that domain now, but for those in favor of full disclosure, an unscrupulous, but savvy, business will want to come off as legitimate as possible with an address published right there on the website (of the local homeless shelter) and a phone number (hard to fake I know).

I favor the comments here that say ICANN is "trying" to look like they're concerned about privacy. Registrars are trying to keep the fees they charge for private domains.

Follow the $$$

Comment: Double Width Exterior Walls and Ductless HVAC (Score 5, Interesting) 557 557

All the costly thermo systems or other is less important, I believe, than doing double width walls. Typical is double 2x4 walls for a width of 8-inches (okay, we know 2x4 are not really 2-in by 4-in). I did double walls in 2x6 for a wall width of 12 inches.

I had a Santa Fe style home built in 2006 with R-40 insulation with 12 inch walls in Southern Utah. My roof color was white, and the stucco walls were light-tan to reflect as much sunlight as possible. I used ductless HVAC unit in each room.

My energy costs were about $50 per month. My neighbor had bills in the $700 per month range with his AC running constantly 24/7 from April through October.

One reason our cost was so low, was that we rarely ran the AC. At night, the temps would drop to the low-60s/low-50s. We would open all the windows and by the morning the house would be around 65 degrees. Then we would close all the windows first thing in the morning. This would keep the temp. in the home very comfortable with the temperature never climbing above 73 degrees even when it was over 100 outside ALL day, and day-after-day.

Comment: Re:other people's money (Score 0) 413 413

>What they need is to gain skils and obtain a steady job or make one.

Have you TRIED to get a job without a phone number ? What century do you think this is ?

Google Voice ... free

Psst, I am not poor. I primarily use GV. My mobile phone (Moto-G for $100 off contract) bill costs me anywhere from $5/mo, typically, to $20/mo occasionally, and $50, rarely. Last year my mobile phone costs were $160. Thanks BYO Wireless!

Don't think subsidized Broadband, think subsidized Pr0n, Netfilx, and Kickasstorents

Comment: SUPER AI? WHO CARES. FEAR THE GOOD-ENUF AI (Score 1) 421 421

The Good-Enough AI and robotics is the up and coming social problem.

Within 20-25 years or less ....

"Send them back to Mexico! Damn illegals" that bigoted call will not be heard again, as "meh... AI" and robotics get good enough, the illegal immigrant worker from Mexico will no longer be needed. Illegal immigration will be "solved".

UPS and FedEx delivery person will disappear

Fast Food... no workers needed, and food quality and freshness will improve

Construction workers ... gone ... plumber's butt crack ... gone ... quality up ... costs down

on and on and ... all with "meh.. good 'nuf AI" . Think of the social problems with 40 percent unemployment.

Super - AI... never happen ... as social chaos and revolution will put a stop to it.

I have picked strawberries in the fields outside of Anaheim. Delivered packages on my bike in NYC. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Comment: Over-redaction, w/immediate posting is great (Score 3, Insightful) 161 161

The over-redaction with immediate posting (24 hours+-) is a great idea. Of course, location info, and other meta data is needed with the video too. Overall this is a great idea.

Most of the police body cam videos would be just boring moments watching cops eating donuts, watching porn on their laptops, or napping, but 1% of the time, you could see some "action" of interest. This method would provide the public with some added trust. If there is a controversial segment, the source video could enable audio, and be hand-redacted, where needed, and posted again.

Broad strokes with fast posts are a good idea.

Comment: Re:Ride hailing (Score 1) 328 328

Thanks. I was going to post nearly the exact same thing when I read the words "ride sharing" in this post's title.

This isn't about me posting an ad on Craigslist saying "I'm driving from Portland to Seattle and I have room for two more...$5 gas contrib, pls"

This is about a billion-dollar valued companies offering transportation services for profit. It should be regulated, of course, with regard to background checks, insurance, road-worthiness of the vehicle, etc. not protectionism for taxis though.

In case of injury notify your superior immediately. He'll kiss it and make it better.