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Comment DNR ignored. $300,000 win. (Score 2) 285

My 92 year old mother-in-law passed last year. She had a DNR that was ignored. She suffered for another week and a half on total life support in intensive care before she passed. The hospital collected more than $300,000 in that time from Medicare. They had several specialists "stop by" (literally walking up to the door of the room, peaking in, and continuing.... ding... another $2500).

This system is so fucking broken in the US.

Comment Sherlock on BBC iPlayer (Score 1) 172

I watched the latest Sherlock on the BBC iPlayer connected via my VPN provider. Then I discovered the BBC mini-series "And then there were none" (really good, btw). I love my VPN service! BTW, I see no notification whatsoever on the BBC site that says I'm not allowed to watch from the US.

My VPN is the best $2.50 a month for my entertainment dollar. And that's all I spend per month to watch videos other than my $35/mo. Internet bill.

Comment Re:Douchebag move (Score 0) 85

Krauss has moved from "scientist" to attention seeking "I want some too" media whore. He saw how well Richard Dawkins was personally benefiting from being an atheist "evangelist"; now, he too, is on the same "debate" panels as Dawkins and Sam Harris.

He promotes his book a "Universe from Nothing" which is a BS title too, because he admits that his "nothing" is a "particle soup", which, to me, sounds like "something".

I still have respect for Krauss, but this is another strike against him, IMHO.

Comment LMAO! @ Flog Intel for a bug! (Score 1) 122

The complexity of Intel processor, chipsets, and board-sets is, I believe, the most complicated and difficult engineering in the world. Once every 20 years, Intel drops a bad-bug-bomb that gets some public notice. Even the FDIV bug was already fixed in-house when the public discovered it under the most non-real-world conditions. It was even discovered before the first R0 went out the door. However, because of the FDIV bad publicity, Intel worked in microcode patch mechanism. And that legacy will fix this "problem".

But, Microsoft, Google, Apple, ... whatever software... just gets away with bugs upon bugs upon... "we'll issue a patch".

Yes, Intel spends BILLIONS a year making sure shit works. And with BILLIONS of parts, some slip through, and, in the real-world, don't cause any problems whatsovever, unlike the SW companies heretofore mentioned. We just expect shlockware from software companies.

Comment Re:Remember when (Score 1) 139

1st Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Notice the first word. It does't say "Congress, or any government agency"

Comment Lawsuit is because of Simon Pegg (Score 3, Funny) 228

Paramount got the script from Simon Pegg for the next Trek movie and now they're worried:

Uhura: Spock?
Spock: Yeah?
Uhura: You see what I'm saying?
Spock: Yep, totally.
Uhura: I know he's your best friend, but you do live with him.
Spock: I know.
Uhura: It's not that I don't like Kirk.
[Uhura looks over at Kirk who is playing an arcade game]
Uhura: Kirk, it's not that I don't like you.
Kirk: It's all right.
Uhura: It would just be nice if we could...
Kirk: [talking to the arcade machine] Fuck!
Uhura: ...spend a bit more time together...

Comment Re:Breakin' the law, breakin' the law (Score 1) 410

You know what I find amusing? For a country that enjoys a lot of freedom, American citizens complain a lot of about ...

First, I get what you are saying and I agree. Secondly, the U.S.A is essentially two basic countries under one banner: A) a critically thinking informed population who are informed by gathering and understanding information and believe in science; and, B) the uneducated who are more influenced by patriotism, God, and fear (AKA, tea-party type people).

Personally, I wish our Constitution could be amended to have one-vote for people with a Graduate Degree; 3/4 vote for Bachelor Degree, 1/2 vote for High School. and 1/4 vote for those with less than a high school degree.

IMHO, Conservatives "go after" God-fearing people because if you believe in that Christian crap, you can be made to believe in about anything.... God is an American, first ... no global warming... guns are good ... abortion is bad (except after the 48th trimester for African Americans)...

Comment String Theory is Science (Score 1) 288

It is currently not testable. That means that this hypothesis remains open. The same is true with the Multiverse.

The Higgs Boson wasn't testable untily recently. This did not mean the theoretical hypothesis was invalid.

Personally, I believe that the Universe will explode at the speed of light if anybody actually figures out what its purpose is, and that when it happens it will be instantly replaced with something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There are others that believe that this in fact has already happened. HHGTTG.

Comment Re:Enough! Stop the PHP "hack language" stuff (Score 1) 39

His program performed extremely well and 99% bug free (but that last one percent was never fixed!). He worked as a paid consultant for Data General for two more years trying to get the last of his bugs fixed. He asked me if I wanted the $50/hour (mid-80s dollars) contract. That's when I said I need to see the code first. It was hideous and I declined.

In the end, DG ate the million+ dollars they paid for it and scuttled it. This programmer originally had great success with one of the best word processing programs in the 70s with Jacquard Systems. He attempted to get on the IBM PC bandwagon but ultimately failed (although he got his money from DG and retired).

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