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Comment A "condom" fixes all serious problems (Score 1) 193

If you put any thought into it, a 'condom' will fix all serious issues facing people on Earth. In less than 200 years, if people had just one child, the Earth's population would be around 700 million. An environmentally stable population, and people could then have two children per family.

Will it happen? No F**KING WAY.

Comment Re:Backup camera (Score 1) 379

True. You can get the basics for about $50. Then pay $150 for installation. Or you have to wire it up... correctly.

I never would have bought one and spent the time for one. It came with my 2015 Subaru Crosstrek (same price as 2014 model without the camera). I love that thing in so many situations. Wasn't sold before I had it. I am now.

Comment Re:You've clearly never been to Seattle (Score 3, Informative) 396

I live in Seattle. I am now looking out my window at a beat-up RV. People are living in that RV. They move the RV every three days in order to stay compliant with the 72 hour parking rule (technically, a vehicle over seven feet is not allowed to park overnight in residential neighborhoods, but ...).

This scene is repeated throughout the city.

I have seen crap RVs littering the streets (yes, literally) in doubling numbers for the past few years. I don't have a problem with the people across the street from my home. They are being clean, obeying the city ordinance for parking (height restriction be damned), and are NOT bothering anybody to my knowledge. I feel sorry for them and the others like them. They had homes here, but thanks in large part to Amazon (and Seattle's permitting give-away), people are being forced out of their affordable housing.

Comment It was a stupid judgement call on his part (Score 4, Insightful) 152

Don't ever talk about anything from where you work. Discussing a "process" can be considered "trade secret".

I filed a bunch of patents for where I worked. Only a few made it through to being filed. The rest were held as "trade secret". Sometimes a company wants to keep things quiet.

Comment Add an Amendment to the US Constitution (Score 1) 392

To the US Government:

You are not allowed to ignore and bypass the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution.

Simple solution: pass an amendment that revokes the 4th Amendment. Make your case, and sit back and watch just how quickly each State will ratify it. That is the proper course of action. It's clear you can make a good case, right? Then make it. If it fails, then, I guess, people actually like their freedom.

By this time next year, you will have all the safeguards in place, including compelling people to use a Government issued password manager to work-around phone encryption problems. It's just that easy.

Comment I hired ZERO African Americans because .... (Score 2) 337

I hired ZERO African Americans because I had no applicants who were African American.

I worked for a major chip mfg. As a hiring manager for 7 years, I did not have ONE applicant the was African American. I had hired women, and a world-range of ethnic backgrounds. I could care less what somebody's gender or ethnic background was. I wanted productive people. Top performers were an Egyptian male, Indian male, a Chinese female, and a Caucasian female. Bottom performers were some white-guys, an Japanese american, and a Caucasian female.

I wanted a strong team, and to hell with picking people for ethnic diversity. It was a diverse group, but I picked people solely on their proven abilities and their ability to work well.

Comment Re:Bigger Danger: AI to Deliver packages (Score 1) 262

The problem, as you say, in the next couple of decades will be the shift to a "smart" automated economy. First, conservatives will say something like, "people have been complaining about automation for centuries, and most in the 20th Century. But more jobs have always been created."

That will "sell" for a few years, but when we have smart robots, like the ones depicted in the movie iRobot, that can do expert level tasks at a great many jobs from driving a car, delivering packages, serving drinks, and making a pie, that represents a dramatic reduction in jobs for humans. That will definitely lead to a new order of social change.

The social disorder and revolution to come will put "the brakes" on a Super-AI, I think. At least until that STTNG Utopian society emerges. The STTNG society does seem like the destination for people, or the "Terminator" world. Something in-between? I don't think so.

Comment Bigger Danger: AI to Deliver packages (Score 3, Informative) 262

The bigger AI problems of more immediate concern are

* Machines to deliver mail/packages
* pick fruit
* flip burgers
* install drywall
* dig trenches
* wash and fold clothes
* etc.

All of the above have machines already doing various degrees of the task assigned. But in the not too distant future, "smart-enough" machines, with a specific "talent", will replace more and more people doing that work. Why bother with debating calls to increase the minimum wage, when I can hire a "robot" that can work 24x7, not call in sick, not take maternity leave, not show up late or leave early, not slack off, ... not now... but soon enough.

In 20-30 years, people will begin looking back at 2015 as "the good ol' days" never to be seen again as unemployment and civil unrest grow.

No Super-AI needed.

Comment Range. Recharge Time. Recharge Stations, ... (Score 0) 904

Who keeps posting this crap?

When I can have ..
* the recharge in the same time as filling up with gas
* the 450 mile+ range as my car
* the frequency and competition to my gas stations (particularly remote areas)
* have 4x4 for access to my mountain trails
* cost per mile (total ownership cost) must be BETTER than gas

Tipping Point? Jesus H. Tap-Dancing Christ! We're not even close!

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