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Comment Re: What's the viable alternative? (Score 1) 132

I left HS in 1975, boys in my HS were not allowed to learn typing, cooking or dressmaking. Girls were not allowed to learn woodwork, metalwork or mechanical drawing. I also thought typewriters were "cool" but never so much as touched one until I bought a second hand Apple ][ (a decade after leaving HS). I have been a degree qualified software developer for 25yrs now. I don't give a flying fuck if you are 'embarrassed' by my inability to touch type because it has had exactly zero impact on my career.

Comment Re:Amazing (Score 1) 309

in the hope that it will in turn discourage similar behaviour towards real women

Cortana's programming might help solve the GIFT issue where otherwise normal people act like assholes when they are unable to see the people they are acting out at, but since humans behave differently when presented with a computer and with a live human, it will probably do very little for actual human interaction.

Comment Re:Batteries just don't store enough energy... (Score 2) 216

Interesting idea. I wonder, at least for a relatively short hop, how the energy costs factor between the stages of a flight. I mean, taxing over to the runway or back to the terminal is probably not very much. You could actually be recovering energy during a landing.

So how much fuel is used during takeoff vs gaining cruise altitude?

How much energy could you save if you, say, had a plane with electric engines and you launched it using a catapult/cable/power line that provided all energy needed for the engines until it hits 1k or so feet in altitude?

That's before you get into crazy thoughts like ground-based wireless energy transmission by laser or microwave.

Comment Re:Sick (Score 1) 34

I have friends who get nauseous simply from the head bobbing in minecraft.

There are a lot of people who get nauseous from VR.
There are a lot of people who get headaches from VR.

It's still a very real thing

Unless you are a person that gets sick from VR or have formally studied it, I don't think you can speak to that with even as a good a basis in reality as the parent poster.

Comment are you so clueless? (Score 0) 248

Get a clue MR.

Setup a persistent connection .


Btw, slashdot "Slashdot requires you to wait between each successful posting of a comment to allow everyone a fair chance at posting a comment.
It's been 4 minutes since you last successfully posted a comment"

Really means.

How perl code is so shit, we can only handle 50 posts per minute worldwide, please slow down.

Comment Re:Boat still hasn't left port (Score 2) 256

First let me say I agree with your post, rapid deflation is as bad or worse as rapid inflation. Stability is desirable however it also has problems, "growth" is in many ways just another way of saying "increased efficiency. So today's widget should be cheaper than yesterday's because it's cheaper and easier to make than yesterday's widget. This may in turn spur more growth since you would expect the number of widgets sold to increase as their price decreases. In this way society as a whole benefits from growth, stopping that "natural" deflation means that those who control production reap ALL the benefits of growth. This is what people are currently pissed off about, the last three decades have seen little or no real wage growth, all that growth has gone into the pockets of those few who control production. Sure they helped create that growth, but no more than the people who clean the executive bathroom who gave them the time to do so.

Comment Re:sunfire / in my stellerator / makes me... happy (Score 1) 98

The Wendelstein was only built to investigate how well stellarators can confine plasma over a long period of time. No fusion will actually happen in this facility.

Incorrect. The Wendelstein will reach pressures and temperatures necessary for fusion. Fusion will occur in it unless something seriously goes wrong. What won't happen is electricity generation.

You are correct on the 50 years though - the director of the Wendelstein mentioned that there will need to be another generation of test systems before power generation will be able to be seriously considered.

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