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Comment Re:So they patented this because....? (Score 4, Insightful) 164

Probably the latter.

I'm guessing the next step in their evil plan is to convince congress to pass some law making such mechanisms mandatory in the U.S. - at which point they will license the tech and profit.

Face it, Disney loves to lobby congress, they have done so successfully for many decades.

Comment Re:US Education Defective by Design (Score 1) 335

And it's interesting to note that Democrats love to raise taxes and give money to the people who cannot support themselves.

It would seem that a party that panders to poor, uneducated, jobless people would get the most support from those very same people... so build an education system that spits out people who support your agenda, and what do you get?

Comment However.... (Score 2) 235

Paying people to find bugs and report them responsibly does give those people an incentive to not do something worse with them.

In a way, this economy takes possible would-be black hats and turns them into white hats. I suspect there are far fewer people capable of finding every last exploit than there are exploits, so if we keep those people busy and paid doing what they do best, at least they won't be doing something more nefarious.

Comment Re:Holy shit (Score 1) 467

No, but you can start by eliminating that $100/mo TV subscription, and then find some other ways to save money too

I'm constantly amazed at what people spend per month on things they think are "necessary".

I've come to realize that many people will spend every dime they make rather than save it - and then complain about it later when they have nothing saved and are still living paycheck to paycheck. I've witnessed several times people spend their "raise" after they get it, buying a new car, etc. It's pitiful.

Comment Re:Whatever you may think ... (Score 1) 447

A more fitting analogy would be that you gave your car away for free and sent in the release of liability form so that if the person who ends up with your vehicle decides to use it for a hit-and-run without registering it in their name, at least there's a record showing that you have released liability to the DMV (aka, you sold the car, and you're no longer responsible for whatever happens with it)

Comment Re:Mountain out of a molehill (Score 5, Insightful) 239

Except now pretty much every affected machine needs to have its SSL certificates and private keys revoked and trashed, and new keys/certificates issued.

In the meantime, thousands (if not millions) of sites leaked sensitive data to anyone who wanted to snoop on it.

Yeah, no big deal, none at repercussions will come of this.

Comment Re:Flu Shots are Ruining Vaccinations (Score 1) 482

I'm pretty certain all of the responses to my comment have proven the story in this article.

After reading all these righteous people claiming I'm the ignorant asshole causing the world to die, I'm pretty much dead-set against ever getting a flu shot at this point.

Maybe I'll die, maybe you'll die, but you can all go fuck yourselves for telling me what I must stick in my body.

Comment Re:Flu Shots are Ruining Vaccinations (Score 1) 482

I've had the flu - I have 3 kids, the eldest in high school. I know what the flu is like, and, yes it's miserable.

But, I choose not to get flu shots.

For those with compromised immune systems, that feel like they must have a flu shot, by all means, get one. I will still laugh at you when you complain that you feel like crap for several days after getting said shot, and you can laugh at me when when i'm incapacitated for a week after getting the flu. We'll call it even.

Comment Flu Shots are Ruining Vaccinations (Score 0) 482

Maybe if the health community spent less time pushing flu shots every year, people would begin to respect vaccinations for their useful purpose.

I refuse to get a flu shot - I'd rather my immune system had a natural chance at defending me against it, and it's not likely to kill me. And yet, doctors and nurses try their hardest to convince us that these flu shots are necessary to remain healthy. Every time I walk into a doctors office, it seems like they're asking me if I've had my flu shot yet.

I think there needs to be a clear line between vaccinations that prevent crippling and life-destroying disease, and those that just prevent a standard illness that almost everyone gets and naturally overcomes.

Comment Re:NSA (Score 1) 250

Keep in mind, bitcoin can't simply be generated all at once - it is released to the network in specific blocks at predefined times that get smaller and smaller over time.

In fact, over half of all bitcoin that will ever be created ever will be, and the rest will take another 100+ years to complete.

The only advantage of having the biggest mining operation in town is to increase your chances of getting those blocks when they're released...

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